Look Young in Your 40s (5 tips for your face) | Anti-Aging Over 40

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everyone thanks for watching this video

is going to be 5 anti-aging tips for

your face now most of these tips are

actually pretty inexpensive or they're

free so I hope that this video helps you

out I have been using these tips for

myself and I am three years old and I

it's really hard to know whether or

nothing works but I feel like they have

been helping or working pretty well for

me so let's go ahead and get started the

first one is to wear sunscreen now I

know that you've probably heard this


and I swear it does help I started

wearing sunscreen around 10 years ago

maybe a little bit more I do have a

favorite sunscreen that I wear it's

tinted but I think any sunscreen that

you wear will work I find that I have

acne prone skin in general I always have

and so finding a sunscreen that works

was challenging for me but in general

wearing sunscreen definitely helps your

face age more slowly number 2 I wear

sunglasses religiously when I'm outside

to avoid squinting squinting is going to

just help you develop those fine lines a

lot faster in fact any facial expression

is going to cause you to develop lines

all over your face some of them are

unavoidable but some of them are

avoidable things like squinting in the

Sun so wear sunglasses as often as

possible when you're outside even if

it's just overcast if you notice that

you're squinting put your sunglasses on

don't worry about what people think

because in the end you won't end up with

fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes

or it will at least prevent you from

getting them as quickly all right the

next tip is eyebrows I've noticed that

many people tend to overlook their

eyebrows and I'm definitely not saying

that I have perfect eyebrows by any

means but the trends for eyebrows seem

to change every decade or so so you

don't need to keep updating your look or

your face that often the time period

that I see a lot of my peers in my same

age group

sporting further eyebrows are very very

thin line eyebrows back in the 90s it

was really popular to heavily over

tweeze and have really thin sharp angles

or thin round circles so our semi

circles surrounding your eye and I'm not

saying does or doesn't look good but if

you're looking for anti-aging

ivenna staying current in with respect

to your face is going to help you look

younger okay so the next one is kind of

an obvious one but that is too dire

roots if you have gray hairs or if

you're graying that is a sign of aging

unfortunately I'm going naturally great

although if you like the way that looks

then go ahead and do it but it will aid

you gray hair is just associated with

being older because it's something that

happens as you get older it happens to

most people for some people it happens

much later than others but for me

personally if I started to get gray hair

very early on in my mid-20s I started

seeing a gray hair here and there pop up

and they slowly increase and I'm not at

all fully gray but I definitely have

gray hairs that show up and I do cover

them up and I think that that definitely

helps as far as looking in there it's

also relatively inexpensive I only touch

up my roots

I don't process my hair in a way to make

it a different color I just try to match

my natural hair color which is a dark

brown so I dye my roots once a month and

I only use half the box of hair dye to

do my roots and I have a lot of hair but

I'm only dying the roots so it's really

only covering like an inch worth of hair

on my head so I don't have to go through

boxes and boxes of dye and it helps that

I'm not actually dying the length of my

hair I only died the roots to cover it

up to match my natural hair color so one

box lasts me for two months and you can

get the boxes when they go on sale

there's all price ranges when it comes

to hair dye and I do it myself so it's

relatively in

positive and it does help you to look

younger and the last tip I'm going to

give is to tie your hair up putting your

hair up has an instant anti-aging enough

government so I'm going to go ahead and



actually there was actually very good




so there you have it I I did a really

rough ponytail I could not I can't

really see that clearly but I'm not sure

if you can tell it has kind of a lifting

effect on your face when you put your

hair up in a ponytail and if you look at

it from all angles it is kind of a more

youthful look you can also put your hair

up in a bun anything that pulls your

hair up also pulls the skin on your face

up and it gives you a naturally

anti-aging effect I'm planning on doing

another related video that is anti-aging

for your body and tips on that so if you

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