5 Secrets to Look Older in your 20s and 30s – *Life-Changing*

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hi guys hope you're having an awesome

day today I want to talk about something

that has been on my mind my heart for

years it's not just me who has

experience I literally get so many

comments and especially private messages

direct messages emails that are about

this topic that you guys have

specifically asked me to help solve I

want to talk about something that's kind

of a great unspoken which is petites

generally look younger than they

actually are

if you're in your 20s and 30s you know

those pivotal moments in your career

that really matter or it doesn't even

have to be career-wise it could be maybe

you're buying or selling a car or a

house moments where you have to be taken

seriously that usually involve a

handshake with mutual respect and then

somebody says oh I thought that you were

fill in the blank on what age but it's

significantly younger than you were and

it's sort of in my opinion discounts

whatever credibility that I had walking

into that situation it's insanely

frustrating because it feels sort of

helpless like I can't change the way

that I look it can even cost you

financially when you didn't get that job

that someone didn't think you were

credible enough for or you didn't nail

that sale that you were going for it or

whatever else it is and at the end of

the day it's not like we have full

control over other people's perceptions

of us all we can do is try to walk into

those situations feeling confident and

ready to take on that environment and I

think that that has a lot to do in my

experience with how I dress and how I

portrayed myself and sort of how I took

the reins on that situation so that's

what I want to talk about today I have

five tips that can really help with

those moments in life where I've felt

like I need to be taken more seriously

and so let's just get started with the

first one I am all for trying things

like edgy hairstyles and something that

would involve sort of headbands and

clips but anything that is too adorable

or cute or edgy are things to do with

your hair that

might age you younger so examples of

this headbands clips anything that has

sort of ribbons in it anything that

either a young teenager might try or

else somebody who's you know a little

girl might put in their hair even if

it's a little bit more upscale it could

age me younger you guys know I I've even

tried the clips trend and it was really

fun but I wouldn't walk into an

interview with that so be mindful of

that how something might age you young

in your hair one note about haircuts

though if I want to look more mature I

might try something like a shorter

haircut I say this as I'm currently

growing my hair out but if you have long

hair and you love it and it works for

you one thing that you could do is pull

it back into something that looks a

little bit neater and then that could

work really well for those moments as

for hair color the same could be true

about if you went some with a hair color

that's more natural versus something

that is a little bit more loud or

unnatural so if you had sort of like the

Pink's greens purple hair colors those

my age you younger and of course this is

all with the umbrella of where whatever

hair color you want but if you're trying

to fight the frustration of those

moments where you need to be taken more

seriously just evaluate that for

yourself tip number two has to do with

wardrobe purchases so by this I mean

when I was a lot younger I would have

several of the same items but it was

more of like a throwaway type of thing

like I would didn't invest properly in

the item to begin with so I would have

multiples and a lot of that has to do

with like bargains too right so if I'm

shopping really affordably and I can buy

ten of the same shirt what is the deal

there is it that it was so cheaply made

that it's not going to stand the test of

time or is it so trendy that it's just

not gonna last in your closet anyways so

the deal is more with the trend and not

necessarily thinking timeless and

long-term so if I was in a career where

I had to be taking more seriously I

might opt for more sensible timeless

options like instead of a very

very trendy heeled I might opt for

something like a kitten heel that is a

little bit more sensible a little bit

less distracting and more appropriate

for the environment the goal here is to

have clean lines and more structure to

my outfit and more sensibility in the

pieces that I'm trying to wear next is

the idea of quality so what I want to

talk about here today is the idea of

perception and what one or two quality

pieces could really do with your outfit

it doesn't mean head-to-toe you're

dressed in Chanel instead it could mean

maybe you have like a good watch I love

wearing this watch and it can really

dress up the most basic outfit so how I

would tackle quality is how I honestly

did it from the start three years ago

there's still pieces today that I own

that I started with back then and this

takes time it's a process that needs a

lot of patience but overall if I can

have one or two pieces that aren't going

to break down on me that's going to help

me in the long run with my whole

wardrobe with things being timeless and

that will stand the test of time next

let's do with color choice when I'm

thinking about that timeless piece

colors like pastels and also bold colors

will age me younger and so for me it's

been a conscious choice to choose

neutral and muted tones in my outfits

that will then look more mature and more

elegant if you feel like neutrals might

be a little bit boring the way that you

want to dress that up is through

accessories so that's my tip I might

wear something that is more muted or

basic as the base of my outfit but if I

could imagine the perfect outfit for me

that would mean something that I could

wear mix-and-match and be very versatile

but then adding jewelry or outerwear to

that that would dress up an outfit

that's my goal for my outfits because

it'll look more mature and more put

together I can wear it at any age if I

could imagine myself from 15 to 90 I

could wear that outfit like it's

timeless you can't guess my age or put

me in a box as to how old you think I am

this next topic is really interesting to

me the more I thought of it which is


down for comfort and what that does a

lot of people ask me for outfit ideas

involving sweatpants and pajamas and

that type of thing and I'm all about

some sweatpants but in those moments

when I need to look more mature to be

taken more seriously even to go to the

grocery store you won't see me in

sweatpants that's been a conscious

choice because any time that I've

dressed down I get that same line about

how old they thought I was to you

Petit's out there I know that you feel

me at that because I've gotten again so

many people saying how completely

obnoxious it is to hear those words you

know discouraging to and so when I go to

the grocery store for instance or if I'm

running errands I just simply make the

choice to wear usually something like

jeans and it might be a tea but I'll

dress it up with a bag and a belt and a

good pair of shoes but the interesting

thing about this to me is that if you

think of someone who is dressed down

like in virtually pajamas in a store

let's just go with that or in an airport

then someone who naturally looks younger

than they are will look even younger or

someone who looks naturally older than

they are will age them older and this

middle ground of you know this euphoric

age that we all want to be it won't

exist in sweat pants so that is just

kind of an interesting observation in my

opinion next is a bonus tip for you guys

finally I want to talk about the idea of

confidence exuding confidence is the one

way to make you age appropriately I

think it's just being ready for

whatever's next in life right so let's

say that you're in high school what are

you looking forward to is it college

then dress for someone who is in college

already or maybe you're in college maybe

dress for grad school maybe you're in

grad school or you're ready to go into

your career you totally didn't go to

college and that's awesome and you're

ready to go in your career and you want

to look like you're ready for that job

think about those things what kind of

confidence do they have how would they

dress maybe you're already into your

career what does your next step look

like those are things to dress for those

are things to exude confidence in the

main way to do that before you even say

your name is through a handshake and a

lot of times when I shake their hand I

will go in for something that is like a

firm handshake but not like gripping too

tight but definitely not like a con

you know that's one way to exude

confidence is all through body language

also if I felt uncomfortable in a

situation I would in the past not be

mindful about how my voice sounded so I

would do something that's even more

high-pitched than I already was or I

would kind of like close off my chest

and like kind of clutch or be closed off

in general that is not how you exude

confidence in those moments that matter

if you think of the oldest version of

yourself that you possibly could think

of how confident would you be a lot of

older people that I know they are so

ready to tell you their opinion because

they've had years of well-earned wisdom

they also know who they are and so

that's kind of who I want to be like at

the end of the day that's who I want to

impress I want to impress my

five-year-old self I want to impress my

85 year old self and those are the only

people that really matter so when you

walk into maybe a scary job interview

you want to walk in with those moments

feeling confident body language is

everything so do some extra research on

proper body language and what you're

telling the world through what your eyes

are saying about you or how closed off

you might be or in my case how

high-pitched I would put my voice and so

now I'm more mindful about those things

and in the end it makes me look or sound

older and that's it so if you like this

video be sure to give it a thumbs up and

I'll see you guys next time

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