TRYING TO LOOK 21 *dramatic transformation*

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today I'm going to be trying to make

myself look 21 this one is also very

definitely grown-up and now what I'm

doing is I'm doing my makeup for this


hey guys a while back I did a video I

tried to make myself look 18 and the

result was well I definitely made myself

look older how old I made myself look is

you guys are gonna have to watch that

video and see the result I definitely

recommend watching that one definitely

before this one because this is kind of

gonna be like a follow up on it so today

I'm going to be making myself look older

but I actually have a different goal

today today I'm going to be trying to

make myself look 21 so I feel like that

is definitely a big difference between

18 and 21 I feel like at 18 because you

still technically a teenager I feel like

you're probably still gonna be a bit

like I don't know my 18 look was very

over-the-top now this 21 look is still

gonna be over-the-top but I'm gonna try

and make it a little bit more 21 ish or

I'm gonna attempt that so this is my

current look this is just my everyday

outfit and makeup look I feel like I'm

14 and I feel like I kind of look my age

I like about 13 14 and I mean

considering that I'm 15 this month I'm

15 this year I'm actually like not too

bothered by it but I would like to see

if I can make myself look 21 because

I've always looked younger and I really

get tired of like fun to try and have an

experiment and see how old you can Accu

make yourself look so I feel like the

first step that we need to do is my

outfit so this is my current outfit just

some leggings and a t-shirt I definitely

feel like this needs changing cuz this

just screams 14 so what I feel like I'm

gonna have to do is I'm gonna have to go

out shopping and try and find an outfit

that looks like something that 21 year

old would work

there's top definitely makes me look

grown-up and I think you would look

quite nice on the pair of jeans this is

a benefit this one is also very

definitely grown up this one is quite

good however I feel like because it's

sparkly it kind of makes me look a bit

younger because it looks like I'm going

to like a birthday fight or something

like the design of the dress is good go

like the sparkles I'm not sure if it's

really going to do what I want it to hey

we are calm so it is now the next day it

ended up getting really late when we

came back from the shopping mall and it

was actually dark so I've decided that

I'm gonna start the challenge today so

ready go in my outfit and now what I'm

doing is I'm doing my makeup for this

challenge and I've already done my face

so I did kind of like a high coverage

base but it's not like too much I feel

like it looks pretty good

and I definitely feel like this is gonna

make me look older but as you can see

I've already started my eye makeup it

makes me look grown-up but like I want

to make myself look really really really

grown-up so I'm definitely gonna go in

I'm going to go in for the bad boy and

I'm gonna get some of this color and

then I'm probably gonna add a little bit

of that color to it and I was thinking

on like my inner corner I'm gonna put

like that sort of color and I'm gonna

make it like a really dark smokey eye

basically so fingers crossed I don't

completely mess up my makeup because

it's coming out pretty good so far

so let's hope it stays this way

Wow okay so this is definitely dramatic

now we just have to hope that when I do

eyeliner now I don't completely destroy

all of the eyeshadow that I just spent

ages doing brighten my eyeline out how

to come out like amazingly it's very

very bold which was what I was going for

by the same time they're not quite even

basic hey I think we're just gonna leave

it but now what we're gonna be doing is

we're gonna be putting on these bad boys

so some fake eyelashes these are

definitely gonna make me look older

especially with all of this I'm a copper

that I've already put on we're gonna

look crazy

okay so I've just about managed to apply

my eyelashes although my eyes did water

quite a bit I'm gonna touch up my makeup

after that um so now while I'm just

waiting for them to dry I'm just doing

my contour I feel like its make me look

older I feel like I have to do quite

heavy contour obviously I need to blend

that down my neck if not my neck is

gonna be way darker than the rest of my

face also I need to do my eyebrows

because I am looking so funny at the

moment cuz I have a done them yeah but

before we do that I think what we should

do now is if I can find it mascara and I

feel like that it's gonna finish off

this either

Wow I am definitely looking old already

okay so much to do my eyebrows okay I

did them a little bit darker than normal

just because I feel like doing the heavy

makeup it's definitely gonna make me

look older but now I'm gonna do some

lipstick so I've got this really dark

sort of sparkly color okay so my makeup

is all done Wow

I look crazy miracles I definitely feel

like it has made me look quite a bit

older but now what I'm gonna be doing is

accessories like jewelry for my nose

stud no way or for my nose piercing

normally I just have a stud so I've got

this pack in here and I'm actually gonna

be using a loop I'm gonna try and put it

and I've never tried to put in a loop in

my nose piercing before so I don't know

if this is gonna work I'm gonna try this

little white ribbon if I can't get this

in then I do have a fake septum piercing

which I could use but I really want to

try and get this in fast and see if I

can do this because I feel like with

this septum it will make me look older

but it might make me look a bit sort of

gothic in a way and that's not what I'm

trying to do I'm just trying to make

myself I'm still trying to make myself

look like me I'm just trying to make

myself look an older version of Mia so

hopefully this works okay so I couldn't

get this one in but I managed to get

this smooth one in which I think does

the same effect I mean I think I am

already looking a lot older but now I'm

gonna be doing is I'm gonna be wearing

this choker because I feel like that

will look nice with the style of dress

that I'm wearing I think it will really

like make me look a lot older from Rana

stroker so of course it's really pretty

sparkly one sorry let's put this on and

then let's see how old I look okay so I

didn't really know what to do for my

hair so I just tried my hair

styles to make you look older up on

YouTube but the video I came across is

said apparently like it looks

started watching us like a three-minute

video near two minutes and it looks good

so fast no try an attempt at me anything

as people and staying in the comment

that it looks good but then the end

results make you look like a praying

mantis so I don't really like that good

look I'm trying to go through but we're

just gonna try it anyways okay so I

think the first thing I feel like

whenever I try to tease my hair it just

looks stupid and it looks like a cool

for a brush brush good hopefully it

doesn't look like that but that's right

so don't think this really worked I

think it just looks like a mess okay so

that I had saw a complete failure I

honestly don't know what was going on


it was so weird because the hairstyle it

was something that I feel like would

actually keep up younger half-up

half-down I feel like it makes you look

younger and then she also said to curl

your hair which I feel like definitely

makes me look younger at least I don't

know but that was a weird hairstyle I

don't know what happened there

so I'm gonna just come up with my own

hairstyle cuz I've been looking online

and I can't

find anything basically all the articles

of I click on I just have half starts to

make you look younger not older so I can

really funny things so I've just been

thinking I don't think the loss of

hairstyles make me look older and I

realize definitely like a straight half

those who would have straighten my hair

but I realized what videos it will do

basically a slicked back hair so I put a

bit of hair gel it's my hair so now I

just need to make my hair a really

smooth low pony and then I'm gonna

straight and I think they look really

good and it looks like sort of like

trendy hairstyle that a 21 year old

would wear and I'm also kind of looks

like it makes me look older so I think

this is gonna be really good

okay see this is the finished look with

my hairstyle I feel like this has a bit

of a tricky one because I feel like if I

had like new makeup fun stuff

it would make me look younger with all

this makeup on then it actually like

makes me look even older so I feel like

this hairstyle looks pretty good with

straight hair and a low pony okay so we

have one last thing to do and that is

heels and I feel like this is gonna be

really important for me because I'm

actually quite sure so I feel like when

people look at me they automatically

assume that I'm younger because I'm very

short so I feel like with heels as well

they just generally make people look

older when you're wearing heels and then

also it will make you look taller which

should also make me look more I found 20

well okay so these are my heel they're

pretty high there are no much you big

famille are so I'm not sure if that is

gonna do me any justice okay so these

are my shoes I feel like I look a very

dolled up and I look like I'm about to

go to some sort of party which I suppose

is kind of like good because if I'm

trying to make myself up 21 then I guess

that's what 21 year olds do so now I'm

going to do the big reveal

I'm going to see what my parents think

of me looking like this hey guys

what you think of my transformation yeah

you'll make her Wow is it Friday again

no it's not actually Friday today today

I'm trying to make myself how would you

think I look yeah I'm trying to make my

subs like 2112 no come on don't undergo

to this time because last time we said I

look 16 when I was going for 18 yeah

this wife put heels on to try and make

myself well I'm assuming yeah well you

take you all up stop it behave yourself

okay you know so I feel like I did

succeed I feel like I do look 21

oh pretty much 21 but my parents said

that because of my high it just kind of

always makes me look younger so

basically the only thing that I could do

I tried wearing heels and it still

didn't make me look older so I don't

really know what to do other than that

about my height unless I get surgery to

magically make me taller which I don't

think even exist can you get surgery to

make you look taller even if you could I

still don't want to do that so guys I


myself look 21 I definitely feel like I

did succeed at making myself look older

ever I reach my goal is debatable so

guys check out this video here and that

with you there I'll see you in the next