Turning Into 21 Years Old!!!

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Hey guys, it's Karina It's Ronald from,

[Karina And Ronald] Sis vs BRO.

And today we're doing a challenge

where we have to look like we're 21 years old.

So, basically, we're gonna go to our closets.

go through our parents closets.

One, do makeup, hair, shoes, accessories.

You can even do makeup if you want.

No I'm not gonna do makeup

Yeah, but we're gonna have to try

to make ourselves look like 21 years old

and we're gonna a take picture at the end

and you guys are gonna vote at the end of the video

who has the best look?

Wait, but you're obviously gonna win

'cause you have so many things

to turn it into a 21 year old.

You have like shoes, makeup, clothing.

I really don't know any other girl things,

but all I have is my clothes and that's pretty much it.

Yeah, but so you wanna quit now?

No I'm not gonna quit, quitting's for losers.

Are you loser then?


All right, so let's start the challenge.

First we're gonna look inside our closets

and see if we have anything.

I don't know if Ronald has anything

'cause it's like, you know, yay, fun tee shirts.


So let's go look.

Help me!

So guys, so we're in my closet and I think I want to go,

I want to find something that's kind of like nightclub-esque

like something you'd wear to a nightclub,

and I don't really have those many things 'cause, well

I'm not allowed in nightclubs so I'm just gonna have to

find something that might work.

Maybe this shirt 'cause it's like

bright and fun so I'm just gonna keep this

as an option.

What else do I have?

Everything is like super summery 'cause like,

it's summer so I don't really have

anything that could be worn in a nightclub.

What about these shirts?

Oh these shirts are cool.

Oh I like this shirt.

This is a cool shirt with a cool cutout.


But it's really hot out

and I don't think I'm gonna want to wear this.

It's really sunny so I'm not gonna pick that one.

Okay, maybe a jumpsuit.

This one is fun, the rest of my jumpsuits are summery.

This one is supposed to be tied here, but it's not,

Maybe I could wear this, sort of nightclub-y.

So I guess I'll keep this as an option as well.

I have a few shirts over here,

but they're mostly summery stuff that I wear all the time.

I have a few belts and bags.

I'll take--

I think I'm gonna take this just in case,

you know I do also have options,

take lots of options with me so I know what I got.

And I got some bags and stuff I could also have.

If I was a 21 year old, I would prefer a purse

than a mini backpack, so I got this as an option as well.

For shoes, what do I have for shoes?

I have these high heels but they don't fit me anymore

and, well they're really summery, so.

I have these boots but, um,

I don't think you wear these in a night club.

And that's all that shoes I got.

They're pretty much all summer shoes,

so I think I'm gonna have to look for shoes

in my mom's closet.

So guys I'm in my mom's closet

and I found a few things that might work.

So first of all, I got some shoes.

I think these are both gonna fit me,

so I'm gonna try these on see which one's better.

And also in this box I found a few things that might work.

So I have this leather skirt here, which I think will fit me

and goes all the way around my waist,

and I think it'll be cool with this top.

I think that'll be super cool.

Also I found this red skirt.

I don't love it as much but we could try it on.

I could wear this with a black shirt.

And also I found this dress that I think might work.

I don't know if it is gonna fit me

'cause it looks a little tight,

so I don't know if it's gonna fit me but

we could try it on and maybe this could work.

So I got one, two, three, four options here.

Now the next step is to look at my makeup

to see what kind of makeup we're gonna do

and figure it out from there I guess.

So guys we're back in my room,

and this is my makeup collection here.

Everything in here is makeup except this bit.

And if you're in a nightclub,

I think you'd wear, like, really dark, strong red lip maybe,

makeup, so I'm gonna see what kind of palettes I have.

I have a few palettes in here,

and we're gonna see what we can do.

I also have this palette that I really, really like.

I think Ron bought this for me?

It was for a video or something.

I don't remember anymore, but I really love this palette.

It has so many nice glitter shades

and the brown shades I really really love,

so we could do something with this, and a little bit of this

and I think it'll look super, super cool.

Also I probably should have some mascara,

because mascara is probably a must for 21 year olds.

Okay so for lipstick I think I want to do a red lip.

I don't know if this is gonna match

the light green top I have,

but I'll decide later after I put this on so,

yeah this is really fun, so let's just do it, why not?

Okay so to complete the look, I'm gonna need some foundation

blush, bronzer, and some highlight.

This one's my favorite so I'm gonna take this one.

And I think we're set.

All right, I'm not that good at makeup,

so hopefully I'm gonna be able to pull something together.

I'll see you guys when it's finished.

So guys I did my makeup, please don't judge.

I don't do makeup like this at all,

and I don't know how to do it well,

but I do have a dark eye and a dark red lip,

so I think it looks kind of like a 21 year old,

and a little less like a 12 year old, so that's a plus.

Also I found these earrings and I think they're so cool,

so I put them on, and now I'm gonna do my hair.

So my hair, I'm gonna do a high ponytail like this one,

except it's gonna be super sleek.

It's gonna look super cool and like I'm out to a club.

But I'm not.

Let's go do that.

Okay so first I gotta take out this elastic,

and I'm gonna brush my hair.

All right,

oh my gosh, okay.


I don't wanna mess up my ponytail.

Okay, I think I got it.

Now I gotta put the elastic in.

I think I did a good job,

but now I have to put some gel on these little wispies.

I don't have hairspray, but hairspray would be a lot easier.

But I have these gels 'cause I don't have hairspray.


(upbeat dramatic music)

Okay guys, I think I am done.

What do you guys think?

Nightclub or not?

I think I look pretty good.

Now it's time to choose my outfit.

Okay so the first outfit I'm gonna try on is

this outfit with this skirt and this top.

I don't know if the top is gonna work with my makeup.

We gotta try it on, you never know until you try it on.

Okay so this is the first outfit.

I really, really love this skirt,

I think this skirt is so nice,

and I love my shirt with it as well,

and I think it looks pretty good all together,

so now let's try on the shoes, see which one is better.

So I got two pairs here, these ones and these ones.

They're both very similar, but they're slightly different.

So we're gonna see which one's better.

Okay guys, so here are the shoes.

I really like both of them, but this one is more comfortable

to walk in, and this one doesn't fit me as well

'cause my heels sticking out all the way.

So I think I'm gonna go with these ones,

and I'm gonna go for this outfit,

and I think I love this look.

What do you guys think?

Wait, I gotta switch out the shoe.

Okay guys, so I'm gonna switch out the shoe,

and then we're gonna go see Ronald's reaction

to how he reacts to my new look.

Let's go see.

So guys, welcome to the magical land of my room,

and my closet.

So, I don't know what to wear.

Obviously my clothing over here,

it's not what a 21 year old would wear,

but I still wear this 'cause I'm not 21 year old.

So I cannot wear my dad's clothes as well

because they're too big,

and I will definitely not look like a 21 year old.

So, I laid some clothing over here.

It's not the size of a 21 year old,

but it's definitely the look.

So over here I have some wedding clothes,

like I'm going to a wedding.

Some nice sunglasses 'cause sunglasses are really cool.

A belt, ooh a belt, I barely wear belts,

and then another shirt here,

but I don't think we're gonna be using this shirt.

I think the combo we're gonna be going for is

these pants,

how about this shirt,

whatever this is called,

this belt, this thing, whatever it's called (laughs),

and these sunglasses.

I think I'll look pretty cool,

and I also have these ugly shoes.

(record scratch) What are those?


So guys, what do you think?

I think I'm gonna look pretty cool,

and I'm gonna destroy Karina in this challenge.

So guys this is what I have so far.

Do you like it?

It took a while to put on,

actually not really it took like five seconds,

but I just wanted to say that

I look like a guy from the 1700s with my tucked-in shirts.

Let's move on.

So now it's time to hold my pants up with this belts.

So the next thing to put on is the shoes.

Just a warning I am not the professional

shoe 'put-er on-er' that you see on TV.

(laughs) I'm kidding.

So guys, after a painful 30 minutes

of not knowing how to put on shoes,

we finally got our shoes on, yay!

Now time to put on this thing, whatever it's called.

So guys, what do you think?

Do you think I'm gonna look like

Albert Einstein in my sunglasses?

I'm kidding, Albert Einstein doesn't look like that.

But I'm gonna look pretty cool.

(clothes rustling)


Do I have to button it up?

Okay now I feel much older and more responsible.

Oh no, taxes!


Okay yeah, so the last item in our collection is

"la sun-glee-soz."


I don't know, I barely wear sunglasses.

(synth builds)

Ooh! (laughs)

I look so cool.

Maybe I'm 22 years old!

You'll never know.

Ronald, are you ready to see my new look?

Are you ready to see my look?

Okay, I'm coming in.


You look so weird!

I know, hello!

You like my look Ronald?

Yeah you look much taller! (laughs)

I'm so much taller now.

Ahh! Hello, Ronald.

I'm scared, what are you, a giant?

You're so tiny!

Yeah I am, oh yes. (laughs)

Ron, you don't look much older,

you just look like yourself in weird clothes.


I thought I looked much older.

I thought I was 22 years old.

Really? (laughs) . Yeah

All right, so this is our look.

It looks like we're going to completely different parties.

Yes. (laughs)

And now it's time to do a picture

for our Instagram, Ronald.

Wait you have earrings!

Yeah I have earrings on, didn't you notice?

They're big fat ones! (laughs)

Mhmm, big round earrings.

So guys now it's finally time to do the photos,

and hopefully you guys are gonna vote,

on our Instagram, who is a better 21 year old.

I'm 22 years old and I do taxes, so get destroyed. (laughs)

But I look like I'm actually going to a party.

Oh sorry, Ronald, (laughs)

but you are just like in a business meeting.

Yes. (laughs)

A business meeting for kids. (laughs)

Okay, vote me, or else I will find you.

(laughs) Okay, now let's go take the photo.

(camera clicks)

Switch, Ronald.

(camera clicks)

And again.

(camera clicks) One more time.

Chicken pose!

(camera clicks) What?

Okay. (laughs)

Guys, now go to our Instagram and comment there

who has the best 21 year old look.

I think it's me.

No, I think it's me.

I look like I'm 21 year old, I'm going to the club,

I'm gonna have fun, and you just look like a kid in a suit.

But I'm still a 22 year old and I pay taxes,

and you don't!

Ha ha, get toasted.

One for Ronald, zero for Karina.

(laughs) What?

Okay guys, we hope you like this video.

If you did,

[Karina and Ronald] Smash that like button,

and we'll see you all next time.

Good bye!

Vote me, or else I'll find you.

No, vote me!

(upbeat music)