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yeah once I get is it unlocked

yeah do you want the conditioner too

yeah okay here you go Oh Christmas


thirty minutes away from becoming 21 you

want to do you want to go to the gas

station and go there at 11:58 and try to

buy a beer and there they know yeah I do

I do that okay so the current time is

actually 10 to 50 we're gonna go get

some alcohol legally legally one hour

before Christians actual birthday so

technically we can sue Walmart yeah and

make money okay so it's 1157 it was

actually 10:57 we're gonna try to trick

the walmart people into giving him

alcohol an hour earlier yeah you know

what spend the extra dollar

thank you

the girl is very young oh there you go

thank you I appreciate it



did it turn 12 yet yeah it did I see

11:59 illegal he just he turns 21 in a

minute so anything this is like it would

have worked if you didn't say I know hey

look like she literally like did it and

then you said that she's a head no [ __ ]


probably just as he just turned yeah I

just start 21 like ten minutes ago


and then 12:30 do it took savings time

daylight savings time

[ __ ] [ __ ] bald [ __ ] skimpy ass

beard look hotter [ __ ] and well I

didn't work but I would bleep it okay so

it's 11:59 push it's about to buy his

first legal alcoholic drink has it gone

we even know the surprise



that's [ __ ] good bro


okay I bet - way too long I just scan

the shelf it's okay

and trying to stay alone I do my own

thing okay and open or go run and set

the bus it

and hold it away from you