How to Dress 10 Pounds Thinner

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when I say we'd all love to look thinner

especially during the summer months when

the clothes are a little more fitted

sometimes we need a little help to find

the best fit for our figure so our next

guest is here to reveal how we can shed

the weight fast by dressing 10 pounds

thinner how convenient is that please

welcome back style expert Denise

Caldwell diference 10 clothing really

make in order to have us appear thinner

than we actually are

oh my gosh it makes such a huge

difference because I think sometimes

people say you know what it's the

summertime less clothing but they still

put bigger clothing on you still want to

put clothes that are gonna skim the body

fit you not be too tight but just fit

you nicely and give you a good

silhouette you know yeah look who's

bigger clothes can make you look bigger

that's not what we're going for

absolutely no no all right but I love

this here's what happened three of our

viewers wrote in they were asking for a

little bit of fashion help so we sent

Denise out to the stores to help the

three ladies and now we want to see

their results so are you guys ready for


this is actually let's see Atia before I

think we have her before picture before

we have a wrap for come up and join us

and tell us what is it - what was she

doing wrong you know what two things

that is here she lacked color and also

she just had so much excessive fabric

and that just looks a no-no you know

first off you want to have color and you

want to downsize on the fabric can get

scary sometimes they can't it can but

with the TIA I'm gonna show you how okay

alright let's see how you help to t

address ten pounds thinner come on out


when you think about your style stars

like Sarah Jessica Parker and mrs. Obama

you know they all work color and you

know what it makes you look thinner it

makes you look more vibrant which is

great and corals and Pink's are in right

now so that's really cool now it's he

likes to be more casual with her

clothing so I still want to give her the

casual vibe with the crop pant which is

really cool but the key things are

making it slimmer is you want it to

tailor within the body and when you're

tailoring it within the body you can

wear voluminous top like the peplum

which is still slimming so I cheated a

little bit gave her the volume but still

peplums also make you slimming yes thank

God for the peplum is all I have to say

exactly over the belly area this peplum

is actually from the Elle collection

Elle magazine has a collection with

Kohl's oh that's so cheap and chic is

what I always mask when the masses so we

made it really vibing with the color and

then I added a pop of color with a

statement necklace because for me I love

jewelry and if you proportion it right

right above her breasts it still gives

her that nice silhouette going on

everybody I'm going to draw attention to

the neckline areas opposing anything out

that yes bring it out exactly you're

gonna send yeah but I was gonna say and

you used a nude shoe yeah you elongate

her more and you know different pigments

go with it but when it's patented it

will reflect your skin tone so it

doesn't matter if your floor pigment or

higher pigment in your skin tone if you

use pad it'll reflect off your skin tone

so that's another style trainer to

attend you look fabulous thank you so


victim this is Amy let's see her before

photo and Denise what was Amy not doing

right here you know what Amy likes the

trends which is great you know she's a

cool hip mom but the thing is her jeans

were a little bit too baggy and then

right now the distressed look is in but

it was just too much so too many trends

going on with the bright color it can

overwhelm you which then makes you just

a Monet it makes you appear bigger than

you are

okay yeah I like that let's take a look

at Amy now and you look amazing

now I'm breaking the style rules here

you know a lot of people say about

stripes stripes you can wear a now

vertical horizontal or Miss Maddie I

always thought horizontal stripes were

no no then you can see that you know

what the key is to inches or less with


okay and keep your base stripe darker

because that'll slenderize you and then

I cheated again this is apartment nine

skirt and it's a pencil skirt so that

even slender Rises you even more with it

but I want to take it to the next level

because I know she's really cool I

wanted to add more pattern yeah you make

a ladder

we missed the patterns we kept the base

with black and white which is really

cool on the runway right now so she's on

trend and then we cinched in that waist

that tops not a peplum top but I'm a

killer for showing off the smallest part

of your body and her waist is so teeny

so you know what we grab that belt we

put it on there and then we add a fun

little statement necklace with some blue

in it to really bring it out as well you

know this perfect hourglass shape yes so

that's Silla we know and she can wear

this for work she can wear this on a day

cocktails with girlfriend and still be

appropriate with her age and then yeah

it better be real yeah yeah yeah yeah

hyeri thank you you've won

Denyce helped her out this is Jerry what

was Jerry doing wrong you know what

Jerry just her clothes are too big Jerry

thought she was like a size eight ten

she's in the size six when you guys see

her come out you have to dress for your

body and you know what getting that

fitting room and try things on and say

you know what I thought it was a size

eight but actually I could go down this

size or maybe you need to go up a size

the key thing is nobody knows cut the

tag out let's get to instantly lose a

dress size how amazing is that

the jumpers wall so one key you know

what jumpsuits are in right now but

that's my style question people always

ask how can I wear a jumpsuit this is

really cool now this is made by Jennifer

Lopez so nobody knows their body better

than Jennifer Lopez but this jumpsuit

has a fit and flare to it so you see

that sometimes with dresses but with the

jumpsuit you can do that it's fitting in

the waist it's flaring out around the

hips and then because it's pants it's

going down and making slender where it's

it's so tight so that's really cute and

it just really sucks you in where you

need to be sucked in but then shows off

your assets as JLo excites me I love the

accessories I love the necklace a

statement necklace the bag shoes

absolutely you know I just want the

coordinate coordinate everything because

camo is such a really good trend right

now and all these accessories came from

Kohl's so everything is like under $50

love it is amazing

10 to 20 constant absolutely thank you

thank you to see more fabulous fashion

trends visit foryou.com slash the juice

we have to take a break but don't go


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