5 Ways to Look Younger After 50

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five ways to look younger after you're



hi I'm glory be and this is glory be TV

a lifestyle channel for mature women who

want to look fabulous feel amazing in

age gracefully

well I'm talking about five different

hacks five different tips for looking

younger after your turn 50 I'm going to

be 60 this year so these are what is

working for me now in another video dr.

Denis szostak and I talked about

whitening your teeth and different

methods for doing that I think this is

one of the biggest things that you can

do to make yourself look younger now

years ago I asked my dentist about

buying a system they have where they

made a mold of my teeth and then they

made these plastic what they call trays

that are custom and that's what I use

with the bleach that comes in the

syringes now when I first had this done

the bleach back then was made your teeth

feel really sensitive to cold and hot

but they put something in the bleach

these days that makes it a lot easier to

tolerate and I now use a higher

percentage and only have to use the put

it in my mouth for thirty minutes

and where the older one that hurt more I

believe in for at least four hours or


30 minutes works a lot better for me I

have to do five days in a row and I

typically do it once or twice a year I

can either buy it from my dentist I

don't know about buying it online you

can go online and look but sometimes the

comments from people don't seem to be

really good if there's a dental school

or a dental hygienist school near you

they might sell it for cheaper than your

dentist sells it but you just put a

little tiny bit into where each tooth is

and you just wear it for 30 minutes and

it's worked for me now dr. szostak used

to use that but now for several years

she's changed that and someone wrote a

comment saying well can you show us what

she did because she just talked about it

so what she does is she takes she takes

a little bit of baking soda now I have

just a half a teaspoon in here and then

she puts in a few drops of hydrogen

peroxide now you cannot swallow hydrogen

peroxide it will be toxic but you can

swish it in your mouth by itself or you

can put in a few drops into here and

then make a slurry with your toothbrush

and brush your teeth with it and as she

said in that video once you use this do

you need to rinse out your mouth at

least five times and she might do this

like once a week or so it's it's that

safe but if you watch that video you'll

see that her teeth are really white and

she's around 60 years old so that's

really working so whiten your teeth the

second tip I have for you for looking

younger is to always wear sunscreen on

your face and I highly recommend a

sunscreen that is called a physical

sunscreen it's also known as a mineral

sunscreen and that's because the two

ingredients in it are titanium dioxide

and zinc oxide I've been wearing it on

my face every day 365 days a year rain

snow and shine for several years and if

you haven't started doing this you need

to start right away and if it is a warm

day make sure you put this on at least

twenty or thirty minutes before you go

outside now as a woman I wear makeup

every day so I put this on if I do on my

skin care this is the last skincare part

of my regimen every day and then I put

my makeup on after it's had some time to

soak in some people don't like that the

zinc oxide has a whitish look but that

absorbs right into your skin and

shouldn't be a problem I'm a big fan of

the Paula's Choice brand I'll link it in

the description box below because not

only has she researched with scientists

the right amount of titanium dioxide and

zinc oxide to put into her sunscreen but

also she has different kinds for

different kinds of skin which is great

now another thing I want to point out is

that in the july 2019 Good Housekeeping

magazine they had a brief

: hear about sunscreen and they're

finally saying it's best if you use a

mineral or physical sunscreen that has

titanium dioxide and zinc oxide you'll

know that by looking at the back and

looking at the active ingredients if it

doesn't say titanium dioxide and zinc

oxide if it has a word for the

ingredient that ends in a te that's a

chemical sunscreen not as good for

blocking the sunrays and also not as

good for sensitive skin which another

reason to go with the mineral physical

sunscreen my third tip works for a lot

of women and that would be to color your

gray hair now some women can pull off

and all silver look and look great some

women can pull off a salt-and-pepper

look and look great but I can't and I

know that if you want some inspiration I

would suggest you watch some of the

videos on the makeover guys YouTube

channel and see what he does with women

who come in with gray hair now sometimes

he doesn't keep the gray here depends on

the woman's skin he chooses a hair color

based on looking at everything about

them and they always love what they do

so I would suggest that you talk to your

hair stylist about coloring your hair

and if that would make you have a

younger look my fourth tip for looking

younger is to use serums now I'm a huge

fan of vitamin C serum I have a video

where I show how to make my own and I

just buy these little bottles and put it

in there and I'll have a link to that in

the upper right-hand corner and also in

the description box below or I also like

buying them from timeless now timeless

has a really good product it's very

effective and you don't have to pay any

more per ounce than their price I think

their price is really really good I

started using vitamin C serum only in

the evenings at first in my skincare

regimen but now I use it morning and

night and you must wear sunscreen if you

use gonna use vitamin C serum and this

serum over time I notice my skin looking

just looking younger

just the

lines weren't is defined I had more

luminosity in my skin and it's just


another serum I would suggest would be

one that has hyaluronic acid in it which

is an ingredient that helps your skin

retain moisture so when you put a

moisturizer on at night when you put on

a sunscreen that has moisturizer in the

morning after the serum the hyaluronic

acid will help to hold the moisture in

and timeless has several that they offer

often with the Matrixyl

this is a mature keel 3000 serum they

have several that have hyaluronic acid I

also have a discount code for you in the

description box below if you'd like to

try out timeless for yourself I think

these have been a game changer for me

over time and I would say from the time

I started using it till the time that I

noticed my skin looking better was about

six months and what I do is I put about

four or five drops of the vitamin C

serum into the palm of my hand and then

two drops of what other ciara mine using

I mix them up with two fingers i dot it

all over my face i smooth it all over

and whatever is left over on my hand I

put down my neck and then after that in

the morning I use my sunscreen and at

night I use whatever moisturizer I'm

using great product great for looking

younger I wish I had found that years

ago my fifth tip for looking younger is

changing your diet now I know this is

easier said than done but it's something

that as I meet more people who are in a

whole food plant-based diet boy they're

they just look absolutely fabulous I did

in another video where I met a woman

last year who was 70 who's been eating

this way for 40 years ever since she was

30 she did not look 70 and her skin was

just gorgeous so she looks so much

younger than she was and acted younger

than she was recently I gave two copies

of the esselstyn's but dr. Caldwell

Esselstyn he's helped a lot of people

with heart problems reverse the the

decaying process

was going on in and around their heart

by changing their diet and then his wife

and his daughter collaborated on a

cookbook now they're a little more

strict than most health food plant-based

because they don't recommend heart

patients eating avocado and very little

nuts and seeds where you'll see more

nuts and seeds in recipes and in the

diets of health food plant-based diets

that are not intended to help with heart

issues but heart disease and heart

problems are such a big issue all around

the world right now not just in the

United States not just in North America

that adopting this diet and being very

strict about it and very focused about

it will definitely help your body get

younger on the inside which will exude

from the outside check out some of my

other videos by clicking one of the

images on the right side of your screen

and I'll see you in the next video