How to Cross Your Eyes like a PRO

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so you want to learn how to cross your

eyes like a pro first basic inter cross

now every beginner needs training wheels

in this case your index finger so why

you want to do is take her index finger

and place it in front of your face and

stare at the finger crease the part

where your finger bends over here are

you ready okay now hold your stare hold

your gaze and slowly move your finger

toward your face

slowly slowly until you touch your face

like this now hold your gaze and strike

a pose now a more advanced technique is

the autocross this one is similar to the

basic inter cross except you need two

sets of training wheels

aka two fingers so let's begin by

starting at the same starting position

as the basic integral and then you want

to slowly slide your second finger into

the same Center position in front of

your face now here's the tricky part

you need to separate your eyeballs and

focus each one on a separate finger so

your right eyeball focuses on the right

finger and your left eyeball focuses on

the left finger got it now slowly

separate your fingers hold your focus

and move toward your face and there you

have it