1920s Fashion Is Not What You Think It Is

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- hello?

- hi, how are you? - hi.. - i was thinking

if you could help me, cause i have this like..



themed party that i'm going to

and i have like literally no idea what to wear.. uh..

and because you're such an expert i was thinking you could maybe help me

- yeah, sure, yeah

- so basically i have this like.. um..

little black dress- - NOOOOO

- s.. sorry??

- yeah.. uh.. sorry, go on

- yeah, so i was saying i have this little black dress

that's like, um

it's kind of like strapless- - NOOOOOOOO


- ... are you ok?..

- no, uh, yeah, that was my.. my sister..

uh-h.. get out, i'm on my phone, stop it!..

yeah, go on, sorry

- so, it's strapless and it has like, um

like, fringe all over it-


that.. that was my sister again!. um... - oh!

oh, ok, um..

and it's kind of..

it's kind of like a mini dress. it, like, it reaches

my, like, half of my thighs.

so, i was thinking i would wear that, and then i

also have like stilettos

yeah.. i'll probably just wear that. and then, i was thinking

in terms of like accessories, i was thinking, like

um, a string of pearls and maybe like

'cause i don't really have a hat but.. but..

but i was thinking like, um.. you know, a piece of lace

on my forehead, and then like one single

like feather.. do you think that'll..

that'll work? would that be ok?

- ....... hello?....

Hi how are you ? I'm good

just.. answered my own question..

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just go and get one. 'cause i designed them

back to the original topic of this sad video

1920s! 1920s

is definetly one of the most stereotyped

decades i have ever.. witnessed..

i have not witnessed 1920's, what am i talking about..

and what's sad is because we all think

we know what 1920s was and how people dressed

and what they looked like, we

don't really feel like getting to know more about it

and it's so much more than what we think it is

i don't even know where to start, um.. i used to be

one of those people, i used to be like "1920s? ok,

short dresses, frills, headbands

feathers, black gloves

pearls, black dresses

heels.. is that alright?"

aand, it wasn't untill i got more

into fashion history, that i realized

it wasn't like that

in the first place, and also that it didn't happen right

after Belle Époque, 'cause i used to be like "ok,

so, they wore the long dresses, and then

it was like POP

short dresses!" as..

you know.. as i was more interested in fashion history

i discovered that nothing in fashion history


at once

it's all gradual.. doesn't matter whether

that's.. crinolines to bustle dresses

or bustle dresses to Belle Époque

it's always gradual, it always takes years

for a single silhouette to kind of go through

so, when it comes to 1920s, it all happened

because of what happened before that, which is

you, know from 1908 actually, women's

silhouette and style of dressing

kind of started to become more simple, and people were kind of like

"wait, so we can make women's fashion

comfortable at the same time?" and because of


obviously, people started noticing that

women might actually need

dresses that they're able to move in

and, maybe it's not the best idea to have

you know, a 1 meter

diameter hat.. so 1920s

kind of the effect of that way of thinking, and also from

around like 1908, when Paul Perret

kind of started pursuing this new

way of thinking, which was "fashion

could be art", and they were kind of like "wait,

we could treat fashion as art and in that way we could be

more creative with our choices, and stuff"

and, i think, all this combined, made 1920s

i think, the way we see 1920s today

is the result of us not really understanding

previous fashions and not really understanding

how big of a change that was, 'cause

when we hear "in 1920s

the dresses were much shorter", we

as modern people, imagine "ok

so, they must've been really short, if that made such an impact"

and we don't really see, how big of a difference would

let's say, 10 cm make,

if it comes to showing your calves for the first time

and the same goes for using makeup

where we're like "ok, so if they were so shocked

by the 1920s makeup, then that must mean

that they used a shitload of makeup", and that's not true, because

you have to remember what was happening before, and before that

you had to use makeup in a way that no one

could ever tell you're wearing makeup, so

in that case, it comes to something as small as, let's say

accentuating your eyebrows for people to go like "CRAP

THAT'S SHOKING", and, i think, if we keep in mind

that specific mindset,

it's so much easier for us to understand what 1920s

really was, and what it was, well, let me tell you that

so, basically, "the short dresses".. the dresses

up untill the mid 1920s

were reaching to around..

mid-calf?.. my cat is.. probably

urinating.. can you

keep it down?

no, he did not listen to me..

um, and that was considered shokingly short

because before that, before the war

something as simple as showing your ankle was a huge thing,

and they were kind of like "WOW", and then, around 1925

the dresses started getting even shorter

and they, in 1927 they were, like, the shortest

shockingly short, which meant they barely covered the knees

but, if you're thinking about 1920s fashion

as the one, that kind of

LIBERATED the knees, then, boy, you are wrong, because

the knees were not shown in fashion untill..

1960s, actually.. obviously, when it comes to

day dresses, when it comes to, idk, shorts or..

swimwear, it's a completely different story, but

when it comes to mainstream fashion,

day to day fashion, they were not shown in 1920's at all

and the reason we think they were is because

when the skirts barely covered the knee,

obviously, when you sat down with your legs crossed

or when you were stepping up..

idk, into a vehicle, or something

the knees would show, obviously, because the skirt would go up

a bit

but, if you were just standing, like

doing nothing, the knees would always have to be covered, and

obviously, when you look at photographs, and like

what people actually wore, the knees are sometimes shown

but i think that's because they often wore clothes

that they got from someone, or clothes that were not

exactly fitted for them, so

i think, that's why on some photographs

knees show

but it definitely wasn't common back then

but it is true that it was the shortest

that dresses have been in a long time, probably ever

in fashion history, so, that's why we keep

thinking they got to real extremes, whereas

actually, they only showed the calves

most of the time, and the reason we think that way is also because of

the way it's been depicted in

the movies afterwards, so whenever something was set

in 1920s, the costume designers would usually put

a huge

accent on the legs

but, because the modern audiences are kind of used to seeing calves

they would have to make the dresses really short

to make people see the legs the way

the 1920s people saw the legs, so do not trust

movies! and also if you see drawings from the era

depicting women's knees,

like, if you see drawings where you can see

women's knees, that's because the proportions are

all over the place, and if you see photographs

where someone is deliberately

showing their knees, probably an erotic photograph,

so you should be ashamed of yourself

so, that's about the length, when it comes

to the makeup,

it's the same thing again - it was shoking

for 1920s people

because before that

you wouldn't normally see people wearing

visible makeup

on the streets, but when it comes to us seeing

1920s makeup

it's not that crazy, it's mostly about the blush

it's mostly about the plucked eyebrows, which

also is kind of the reason why

the visible makeup was more acceptable, because, obviously,

when you pluck your eyebrows and they're king of light

you wouldn't be able to really see them, so

in order to achieve the fashionable shape, you would

need to accentuate them in some way. you also might do your

eyelashes, darken them a bit, and some eyeshadow, but

it honestly wouldn't be too

dark, even for nighttime

makeup.. also the reason we tend to think

that 1920s makeup was like really really strong is because of

the silent cinema stars that had their special

film makeup on while being filmed, because

the film tape at that time was not

really sensetive to yellow or red, it kind of showed

both yellow and red as dark, and

it was not considered cool to have a dark face back then

so, you obviously want your face to be

as vibrant as possible, so people

would just paint their faces white, an then

to kind of accentuate eyes and lips, which are kind of

the most important pieces of acting, let's say

they would put dark eyeshadow

around their eyes and they would have some dark lips

just so they can have more expressive faces

so, that's what they did, and it didn't

mean that that was fashionable

they did not do that because of fashion, that was purely

because of tehnical issues they had. now to the accessories

the problem i have with excessive accessories

when people are trying to style themselves

"like 1920s", is because they mix

the wrong accessories, for example

i'm not a huge fan of wearing

long gloves for 1920s style dresses, because

a) that did not really happen that often

in evening situations..

maybe if you were at a really official thing with

the Queen, let's say, and someone, that's where

gloves were kind of expected to be worn

but for evening things.. i don't think

i've seen that many people wearing long gloves

like, the ones that reach kind of over your elbow..

i don't think i've seen that many women wearing those

in formal situations, or

like, balls and stuff, from 1920s, so.. now, shoes!

they were not high. they were not

high, they were not higher than they were before

the heel was pretty much the same

it almost looked the same, really

it was a really kind of like low heel that was kind of curved

in a specific way, which makes it really hard

nowadays to find heels like that

which is also

kind of why i get why when people

have 1920s parties, they just wear regular heels

cuz why would they look specifically for

heels like that, when they're really hard to find

so, yeah, i totally get it, but if you wanna go for something more historically

accurate, your heels shouldn't be that

high, and it probably shouldn't be really thin

cuz they got thinner in 1930s

but they were quite thick in 1920s. and also

t-bars were not really that huge of a thing

what i've seen is on most pictures is

like, a single strap across thefoot, and that's pretty much it

also, i think, a lot of people

think that 1920s were a decade of cloche hats

you know, the ones

that are

really tight over your head, and.. what was that?..

H eHE aD

and that's not true, i mean, obviously, it was a huuge thing, especially

later in the decade from, let's say,

1926-27, you could probably only see

cloche hats on the streets, cuz i've seen group pictures

where every single woman is wearing a cloche hat, but before that

that means, that was for most of the decade

it was completely ok to wear either

a cloche hat or

a hat with a wider brim

and it was equally fashionable, especially early in the decade

it was just as fashionable to wear a small hat

as it was to wear a big wide brim hat, with that brim

going a bit downwards, and also

what changed in 1920s hats was

that they stopped showing the forehead, they were really really low

when it comes to the front of your head

you could almost have your eyebrows covered by your hat

so, that's something that has changed because before that

you would wear them sort of on top of your head

that's very specific for 1920s, so if you do have a hat

try wearing it really low in front

and that should give you this like special effect

another thing that is my pet peeve and you know about that

is hair. so, ok, basically, you had two options

you either could cut your hair and have them really short, or

if you didn't wanna do that, you could wear them in a really

low tight bun, or you could just twist them

at the back of your head. sometimes, if you wanted

to be fashionable but you didn't feel like cutting your hair

you would have the front of your hair cut

so you could style them in a fashionable way

and the back of your head wold still be a bun

so basically you would have your long hair

and the front would make you look fashionable

so, those were like literally the only two options you had

either have short hair or

have long hair and pretend they're short..

so, that's why i don't really get why would anyone think

that long waves were fashionable in 1920s

so, i dont really know where that comes from, but that would not happen

in 1920s at all.. and the last thing is corsets.

so, i've heard "IN 1920s


it's actually unbelievable, and it's not true

because.. yes, it is true that

they stopped wearing corsets as they knew them before

meaning, structures with boning and stuff

and front opening, and lacing, but, again, "they

stopped wearing corsets" in 1920s perspective

because what they wore they didn't think of as corsets

but nowadays, i think we can pretty much call them corsets

they were just.. they were kind of corsets without boning

they had some elastic panels on the sides

or the back to shape them differently, but

they were .. the thing they were supposed to do

was exactly what a corset would do, meaning

shape a body so it adjusts to the beauty ideal better

but this time, instead of

accentuating the waist, it was supposed to flatten the silhouette

make the boobs go, make the butt

kind of stay in place

and basically it gave it a different silhouette, but it was still a corset, so, that's something that

majority of the women had to wear still

especially if they were a bit more curvy

to get the right silhouette, because the silhouette was really

hard to achieve, because, the beauty ideal at the time

was to be flat and have no boobs whatsoever

but at the same time you couldn't be

really skinny, cuz that was not fashionable, you had to have some

meat and fat..

so, that's really hard to achieve, so, in order to achieve that

you had to flatten your chest, and that's what

most people did, either by using special bras or

or special shirts and stuff

and then the corset was..

was multifunctional, cuz at the same time

it served as a garter belt. so, it's not true that they

didn't wear corsets, they did,

to a certain extent, especially if you are not skinny and

if you did not naturally have that silhouette

of a flat boyish

woman.. so, a lot of people still did, and

the only difference is

you didn't have to and you would not be considered

gross and indecent

so, the way they perceived corsets

changed, but the way they saw the silhouette

was still pretty much the same, like, if you don't have the silhouette

you're not fashionable, so, if a woman had big boobs

and she didn't hide them in any way, she would be considered

unfashionable. so, here's another thing

i alleged forgot about, and that is

i wanted to mention how 1920s

clothes were really really loose in a sense that

if you have a dress that you think might work

as a 1920s dress but it's really

tight or it's a bit tighter around your waist

area, there is a fair chance that

it will not work as a 1920s

style dress, mainly because everything back then

was supposed to be really really loose up

untill late 1920s, let's say, 1929

so, if you see something that's a bit

tighter, it's not 1920s style

even though it might look better on you than having

some loose rugs. it's kind of strange, because back then it

was considered fashionable to look like

a potato bag then having something that actually fits you..

but clothes basically used to look

as if they're a bit too big, so if something's

a bit tighter

it probably will not work, if you're looking for

a historically accurate look

ok, so, right now i can't really remember anything else

i wanted to point out

i'll probably remember at list five things as soon as i stop recording

but.. these are all kind of like suggestions, i really

advise you to dig deep into

1920s, because it's so much more than you think

there are so many trends that you could explore

and that might help you if you're looking for a 1920s

style outfit for a party or something

you might find it in unexpected places

you might, you know, find an indian robe that might actually work

you might have a shawl, that you can just wrap around your head

just have a look at photographs and

just find some inspiration, cuz it's a good

starting point. yeahhh where's my boy..

do you agree with me or not?

do you..



such a little..