TRYING TO LOOK 18 *crazy transformation*

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I think that would definitely make me

look older if I just put in this little

fake belly piercing I have always looked

younger like my whole life people have

always thought that I was like we're

younger than I actually was so back when

I was 12 I literally looked like I was

eight or something you're not gonna

believe that I actually have a really

funny picture which I'll put up here I

am actually 11 in that picture believe

it or not I literally look like I'm sick

or no I'm actually 11 so that is really

embarrassing now I'm actually 14 now

without makeup I look like I am 10 with

this very natural makeup that I'm

wearing at the moment I look like I'm 12

with my normal everyday makeup I look

like I'm about 14 so that kind of goes

to show that without makeup I'd look way

younger with me doing things to make me

look older I actually much look my age

but hopefully today we can make me look

even older that I actually are though

ideally like 16 or something like that

18 I don't know we're gonna try and see

if it's possible to make me look older

maybe I could try and look older for a

day I don't know I feel like this would

just be a really fun video so I'm now

going to go to the mall and hopefully we

can try and find some clothes that fit

me and that are also gonna make me look

more grown-up because usually I shop in

the kids section because quite often

women's clothes don't fit me because I'm

quite petite so hopefully we can find

something in the women's section which

should make me look older and it

actually fits me I feel like kind of be

contradicting if I try to make myself

look older by wearing some women's

clothes and then it doesn't even fit me

so we're gonna have a guy gonna go to

the mall try our best

I don't really know how this is gonna go

this looks quite good and efforts so

that's a first

this is terrible the top is okay but as

you can see it's kind of like a little

bit big here this girl I don't even know

like is there supposed to go up here and

that is supposed to be for your hips but

my hips are like nowhere near as because

that so this scar is a big no this talk

I feel like that I could do better this

one just looks really stupid I think

it's too big

I do actually really like this one this

is a possibility

around some of the shops in the mall and

I've ended up coming back to hmm this is

another possibility I still got the

other two things that I highlight from

earlier dyed this top and I think these

shorts are will go maybe if I decide on

this top I want to try and this green

one as well but I'm not sure about this

one back home now and as you can see I

decided on getting this top however I

realized that this top would probably

look back we have a skirt as you guys

saw the skirts in H&M really don't fit

me and I couldn't really find any other

shops in the air well like the clothes

like semi fit me because luckily they

have size for an H&M so I managed to

find a few things that fitted me but not

the bottom however I just realized I got

back home and I decided to try this top

on with my cycling short and I think

this looks quite nice would you guys

think I wish I could ask you I would ask

you but you won't be able to reply so

that's a shame or I've got this classic

denim skirt I think I'll go for there I

don't know why I thought that cyclicals

would look good and make me look more


I think the skirt looks better so now

I'm in my house that I'm going to be

doing my makeup now most of my makeup is

kind of rubbed off from when I've

applied it this morning

I'm just cuz I've been sweating and

stuff so I'm not really gonna bother to

take it off just because I'm gonna be

adding to it anyway so I think what I'm

gonna do is I'm gonna actually such a

new tube and try to find a tutorial on

makeup to look older so it's hard to

look older with makeup watch the first

one okay wow that is a really good

transformation in this video I don't

know if you guys can see that okay so

this video Liberty good that

transformation is amazing so hopefully I

can transform myself just as much okay

so he said that I need to do a c-shape I

think he's using a black pencil eyeliner

I don't have that so I'm just gonna use

some eye shadow it's nice because I

actually have deep sigh eye and he said

that in the video the girl that he's

doing that on she also has deep set eyes

so that will make it more possible for

me to do this makeup look when you have

deep set eyes you do have to do your

makeup a little bit differently I feel

like I've only ever used these dark

colors in my eyeshadow palette a few

times and that was when I did like goth

makeup just when I'm not doing my normal

look so these colors are not my normal

go to colors so I wonder if they're

gonna make me look old

I'm not sure


so I'm looking quite crazy but now he

said that I need to blend it with a warm

toned Brown which I'm really glad about

because these colors don't really

normally suit me so I'm glad we're gonna

be adding this to it cuz of course like

she's got like brown hair so I feel like

she can probably get away with more

colors but because of my skin tone and

my hair color I just find that Browns

can just make me look like I've been

punched in the eye and also I'm not that

good at makeup I want this to actually

look good me of course basically that's

what I'm trying to say I don't have to

look deep in I'm gonna try and make it

look like I would actually wear this I

don't know we're gonna try so I'm

obviously gonna clean up a concealer

late when he gets to that but he's now

doing eyeliner I don't think that

eyeshadows come up terribly though it's

looking a bit crazy I'm just not used to

seeing myself like this so it just seems

a bit strange to me now I'm gonna be

using my mum's eyeliner since I actually

don't even have any black eyeliner

because I don't need it like I don't use

it if I wear eyeliner I went to a black

one he does a very small [ __ ] I'm just

gonna watch it but he does the eyeliner

I absolutely hate doing eyeliner now he

doesn't even like he barely does a flick

and every time I do eyeliner normally I

do like lick like this or even bigger

like this is a tiny foot for me I

usually end up doing it massive I tried

my hardest to do like he did but then it

failed so I just had to go and fix it

and do it like I normally do it's

something to do on the Alpha right but I

feel like in a way this will kind of

[ __ ] me make me look older like I don't

think there's that much of a big

difference I don't know why he did such

shiny eyeliner i personally prefer it

where it's like a big flick but now

we're gonna try and recreate this on the

offer iso fingers cuz I don't absolutely

ruin all my makeup Oh

you just failed terribly why did I do

while I know I felt like it was nothing

dramatic enough of all the I know I

should have just not done the eyeliner I

know these not the same but the best I

can do and if I keep trying to make them

perfect it's just gonna get worse and

one so I shadow and eyeliner done I just

applied foundation I applied loads of

foundation I applied loads of concealer

just because in the video the model that

he's doing the makeup on he didn't

really add a lot of foundation he only

did a little bit but in the video like

her skin is perfect and I also read I've

been doing a bit of research and I read

on Google I think it was some wiki how

it said that if you've got like BOTS and

stuff that can give away that you're a

teenager so if you're trying to make

yourself look like an adult cover your

spots up so I obviously don't have

perfect skin that's what I've done and

I've just tried to make my complexion

and have it as possible however now I'm

gonna be doing something scary and I

have only ever applied eyelashes once in

my life this is gonna be the second time

doing it so I'm a little bit scared I

really hope I don't ruin all my made

card but the first time I did it it

didn't actually go terribly sorry

this should actually be okay at least

I'm hoping it will be okay they're

pretty dramatic last day these I think

for me these are dramatic

especially since naturally I have got a

tiny bit of mascara left on from earlier

but my eyelashes are naturally invisible

so this is gonna do a lot for my eyes so

I'm going to try and pry them and I'll

come back to you hopefully my eyes

aren't glued shut together first of all

it looks stupid and the night also

ruined all of my eyeliner and look I got

some of the glue on my eyelid so this is

going terribly

okay so I've done all of my eyes I've

also done my eyebrows I mean my eyebrows

came out okay they're not the best

I'm fed up with doing makeup now I

really want to move on to the other

steps but before we do that I need to do

my contour so in the video he does quite

a heavy contour because I want to try

and make my face look like it older now

nobody's sure what shape face I have I

have no clothes so I don't really know

how I should be contouring it but I just

I'm gonna do it the same as I normally

do I just think I'm gonna go a little

bit heavier just to give me that rail

chisel blur and now to finish my makeup

look I'm gonna be doing a lipstick this

is by Urban Decay this is actually my

mom's and it's in the shade manic cream

I've never

before I asked her to get me a dark

color because I literally don't own any

dark lipstick like I literally only have

lip glosses and only one of those is

like relatively darker I want to do have

a really nice dark lipstick so I'm gonna

try there I feel like this is just gonna

complete the look and this is the

finished makeup look I don't think I did

that bad of a job it's literally just

the eyelashes if I die just use like

mascara I felt like this would have

actually been something that I'm I

wouldn't go outside like this but I

wouldn't be like embarrassed of it but

because of the eyelashes it drove out I

can't even close my eyes because it's

painful I don't think that's normal so

now it's time for hairstyle so once

again I'm gonna be looking up on YouTube

or some hairstyles or just like

something to do with my hair that makes

me look older cuz I just don't feel like

that because I just don't feel like this

ponytail is doing it so I'm gonna try

and find one I feel like I might just go

for down and then I'm gonna straighten

it I feel like that whenever I do my

hair like that it does make me look

older I should do a middle parting so if

I can make my hair completely down in

the middle party now I feel like

whenever I've done this hairstyle before

it does make me look older so that is

good but this is gonna be really

exciting for me because I have never

been able to have my hair completely

down all of it obviously done like half

up half down where it's got a middle

parting but not all of my hair down and

a middle parting since my French because

it's been growing out and I now feel

like the fringe is now probably long

enough you'd have little middle passing

I really hope it is because before it

was just like some blocks here I hope

this looks okay obviously it's looking a

bit crazy cuz I don't brush my I don't

obviously go straight to knit and then

let's see how this look okay so I'm

really happy with how my hair came out I

think it kind of balances out the makeup

a bit and now I feel like when my hair

is up at a pony the makeup just looks

even worse now it's done is better and

as you can see my French it's long

enough to wear it out

I ate so much II I think I'm gonna put

one of my sides and make her behind my

ear because look at these now I love

this I actually got a pack of free of

them and I will definitely be wearing

the two smaller pairs I don't think I'll

be wearing these ones on a normal day

but these are some really chunky really

big gold hoops

look how ginormous they are so I

definitely feel like hoops will

definitely make me look older also I've

got some other jewelry which I'm gonna

add so normally I just have a stud in my

nose piercing I haven't actually got one

in at the moment so I'm gonna change

that because I do actually have my nose

pierced for real I'm gonna change that

to a hoop which I don't ever do though

hopefully that will make me look older I

also found this little guy so this was

from when I pranked my dad I think that

would definitely make me look older if I

just put in this little fake belly

piercing there we go

now if I really want to I can either go

the extra mile I've also got a fake

septum piercing I've all those a fake

piercings from videos guys I think

because I'm gonna be wearing my hoop in

my actual nose piercing I think that is

gonna be good enough I think it will

just look too much so I can't really get

the hoop in but I've got the fake belly

button piercing on and the hoops now and

I just feel like at the moment I'm

looking like a sixteen year old who's

overdoing it so I'm gonna try and look

up some more hacks to make you look

older because ideally I want to look

like an adult but not like an adult that

is like overdoing it you know what I

mean me or cuz I just feel like is

looking a bit much at the moment it's

making me look older than oh I don't

really know how it's looking at the

moment I feel like it looks a bit stupid

so I'm gonna try and look up some more

ways to make you look older and we're

gonna try them out sit up straight

okay ditch um and I think I think that's

really gonna happen go and monochrome

well I'm wearing black and denim blue I

don't think that works do a morning bra

check well I'm wearing a strapless bra

so no straps are gonna be showing

anyways lower your voice

hello my name is Mia anything that ready

work take care of your heels I don't how

many years dying up for a gym membership

I have actually been going to the gym

recently so that's a good

find a good tailor okay that's boring

where were white blouse on the register

I think that's what our eg dot stands

for listen actively okay so I've got a

little more reach for black I'm wearing

black update your makeup routine less is

more well that went out the window a

long time ago so this is my finished

look I hope you guys like it I'm now

gonna go get my family to react to it

and I hope they like it as well are you

ready for me to show you my

transformation no it's the fake one it's

the fake one yeah just for a video no

it's Tuesday trying to make me look

older how old do you think I look yeah

okay it's only by a year or two


seventeen how do you think either come

you just seem to be having fun

so I don't really know how successful

this year the guys also think I look

about 16 which is what I think but I

just look like a 16 year old who's

overdoing it still and I just think this

looks pretty crazy so yeah guys comment

down below well if you can hopefully you

can by the time this video is out

although YouTube's been disable the

comments for such a long time now I'm

honestly wondering if they're ever gonna

bring them back so if you can't call my

cell below comment down below how or gee

think I look now and how or do you think

I looked originally I think I went from

like twelve to sixteen that's pretty

good it's not quite what I was aiming

for but you know I still look successful

anyways guys if you're new around here

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