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hi beauties welcome back to my youtube

channel since this video oh my god I'm

going to tell you guys how to look 15

years younger than your actual age I

have actually discovered the asian

beauty secrets I've even said that the

issuance would activate scented fun but

actually 1525 years

that's it good because they have the

secret remedy they used to take care of

the skin and I have discovered that

because of you guys like I made extra

efforts for you guys this treatment is

great to literally make you glow I just

need so ingredient of course I'm going

to try what I agreed you have to stick

around to see that secret ingredient

because I know you have them line your

way don't really know that this is

actually the Asian secrets to the

younger and glowing skin and I've

discovered it for you guys so that if

you want to see the streets made they

will make you look 15 years younger on

you I'll try it then you keep you have

to keep on watching this video to see

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be helpful to let's jump right now and I

can't wait to show you guys is badass

treatments let's go darling treatments

all we need for this is we need

toothpaste for these and you guys know

toothpaste is not just used for brushing

our teeth

the cooling properties in toothpaste can

help soothe read its head and irritated

skin suta paste is rich in zinc

toothpaste is rich in zinc it has the

found to be powerful

and it has a powerful antioxidants that

it are a powerful antioxidant

capabilities and can help to reduce

wrinkles fine lines it is called

hyperpigmentation and lots more other

things and we also need a banana banana

this is a this is great not just for

your skin but once overall here with us


there are many powerful nutrients

contained in this in this fruits the mix

it's the perfect addition to your

all-natural face mask some of which

includes potassium vitamin E and C which

promotes clear and glowing skin

need is a honey honey is a matter of

homemade sons it means on its to

moisture from the air and fixes it into

the skin it helps retain the skin skin

Idris for several hours so you guys they

go but neither honey

so I guess is going to go but

establishing this all up so I see John

we're gonna get its cream bowl so I'm

just gonna chop this all up because I

need to blend these you can actually

match those for your spoon as you wish

once I'm done doing down I'm gonna add

some of my suits paste into it just a

little that's fine then I'm going to add

my honey yeah I'm gonna quickly blend

this up sit get so let's go blenders

okay guys so I'm don't blend it so how

you are today's to apply this on your

face leave it for few made for its to

get dry then you raise it up with a

lukewarm water an amount soup and this

should instantly save up your skin give

it a youthful and glowing beautiful skin

that you've always wanted because banana

honey and suit face is so beneficial to

our skin so that I try this at all

alright guys so that is the treatments

you need to apply these two times in a

week and when you're apply the lights a

sit on your face for a few minutes

before rinsing it off

and then you can actually leave it to

get dry or you can embrace it after few

minutes later on how much time your

other ends and your skin would literally

glued like you would come back to tell

me later like guys this is the secret

that I younger look that yoga

younger beautiful skin do we see on the

asian people like I've always admired

Asian skins back when you might see

Asian Asian ladies and like they come on

to talk about beauty and it's all yeah

age any like like are you serious if I

act her age guys try this at home and

you would come back to thank me later

because this would lead to virtually

glue up your skin move your fine lines

and I per pigmentation your duck sports

your discoloration and on to stop off

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