How to Look Like a Little Kid OR at least looks 15 years younger from now!

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hi guys welcome back to my channel so in

this video I want to show you my way to

look like a 10 years old kid or I can

say young he has 10 years old is very

young or at least makes you 15 years

younger from your age now actually this

video was made by me and my friend Phil

er for joining the Marvel contest 2016

with the same as alter-ego but I didn't

fit the deadline so I'll just keep

uploading this anyway I hope you can

enjoy my ya video



yes this is the crowd up life facing

every day the world is full of cruelty

now and I wish we could be all forever

innocent like a little children

alright guys that's all my prologue yes

I wish that we could all be innocent

forever now um this is my tips for you

if you want to look like children are at

least 10 years younger please put your

primer first to make your skin looks

flawless and then don't forget the

foundation children always have

amazingly flawless skin so conceal all

of the imperfection in your face and

then for the brows children has natural

full off eyebrow so just blending your

favorite eyebrow gel and don't make it

flick like Instagram I bro okay oh baby

don't forget the concealer now conceal

all of the fine lines between the crow's

feet and also the fine lines in your

mouth and blend well with the finger now

I'm taking my favorite hibm highlighter

because this is doesn't have glitter and

shimmer your eyelid makes it looks like

a very very dewy skin and next is

natural eyelashes please natural with

the mate highlighter create a bridge

from your apple cheek to the nose bridge

and then the Apple check on the other

side this will create an illusion of

dewy and healthy and flawless and

whatever a little kit does have and so

far I research I found out that kids

always have that blush under the apple

of their cheek because they have no

cheekbone since they are very young the

chip on it doesn't really

appear so put that under your highlight

and blend with your fingers

do younger you are the more shinier your

eyes look like so I just put the white

eye shadow under my eye and blend with

fingers to create illusion of shinier

eyes now let's finish this innocent look

with baby pink and natural color of the


I just put my favorite nude lipstick and

then the pink gloss over the lipstick it

makes the lips look plump here and

healthy and natural koyla and for yes

the fun part is making yourself look

like a kid that's really ridiculous

I just nostalgic with this kind of

hairstyle whenever I'm in elementary

school so yeah and of course I can add

some cute ribbons or hair accessories

too more making me like a 10 years old

girl maybe and I adding an elephant yes

an elephant so that's all the tutorial I

hope you guys enjoy my video don't

forget to subscribe and making the world

a better world ho ho okay see you next

video bye bye