how to look 16 when you're 14

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thinking about Julie hi everyone today

I'm going to be showing you how to not

look 12

okay so I look young and the point of

today's video is to look old today I'm

gonna be showing you how to like a


today's video is something a bit

different it's kind of related to makeup

but it's not makeup video because I hate

makeup videos so I'm gonna be showing

you how to transform yourself from a 14

year old twist 16 year old you can

probably even do this if you're 13 or 12

depends how matured your face looks

because when I was 12 my face was

definitely not matured haha it's also

funny how a round about two months ago I

couldn't even get into a 15 film it was

a star is born anyways I'm gonna be

transforming my baby face into a

grown-up face climb on the catfish tray

and let's get started so first I'm gonna

take off my white t-shirt because I

don't want to get loads and loads and

loads and loads and loads and loads of

makeup on it so BRB and Rebeck so now

I'm wearing a green top and I put my

necklace on because I felt like spurs

without it because I don't want to

expose my bare chest to the world

so before you get beautiful you have to

get ugly I never really get to the

beautiful stage but I've got to that

part my life where I don't care first

you got a tie your hair back look like

an egg and apply your sparkly headband

yes boys and girls the sparkly headband

has made a comeback into 20 19 20 19

first thing we're going to be doing is

our makeup now I would make this a

tutorial but like I CBA

so I'm basically just gonna speak while

doing my makeup and I'll let tell you

I'm doing the like I'm not gonna do make

sure because what I can't do makeup - I

can't do makeup and three they're boring


okay kiddie Winx Way actually we're 16

miles today all right young adults if we

are going to start with primer because

young adults never let their makeup slip

because that's unprofessional and I

don't know where to stop because most

Peter is like do that eye shadow first

and stuff like that and like I'm not

really all about that life like today

I'm still not gonna be about that life

now we're gonna do foundation it's story


filming this on the first of Jan I don't

know when this is going up but it's the

first day of 2019 and it started with a

ban it stayed with me just just insert

video now prevent zbj so that was my

night I woke up with a banging headache

and moral of the story is don't drink

vodka and don't be like wait that's

basically the moral of the story

I basically sat on the toilet was sick

in front of me instead of doing it the

other way around which I that is quite

stupid on my part I don't really know

what I was thinking I was sick

downstairs as well but I was not sick on

the carpet that's the one thing I told

myself I wasn't gonna do because my mom

would kill me I was like no I'm not

gonna get killed on the first day of

2019 I'm going to live to see the clock

change so and Here I am now making a

video on how to cut fish yourself which

I think just really sums up the year and

16 year olds tend to like not blend it

down the neck so we're not going to do

that today no tea no shade so if you

don't know I got a job

last night I was that from half five

till half ten as long as shift I've ever

done it was enjoyable it's because it

was obviously New Year's Eve it's busy

but still like I don't I don't really

know what the point of that story was

you want to make sure that you

absolutely cake your face because it's

just the way you can't make yourself

look older without caking it on so

that's what we're gonna do today ladies

and gentlemen so this year I'm really

gonna focus on my youtube because last

year I was like semi dedicated sales

like I've been quite dedicated recently

but like I'm not as dedicated as I want

to be I've decided that I'm gonna like

make it priority obviously school is the

priority but like after that I'm gonna

try Bart's out my life of it but I've

never fallen in love with you Qi but

don't you really know why I think

because like now I've grown a bigger

following like it's made me realize like

how amazing YouTube is so the next step

ladies and gentlemen is to bronze up

your face who needs the hoola bronzer

and now think bronzing is very important

because you can change the way your face

looks like I have quite prominent

cheekbones but say if you don't you can

like just carve them in your I mean so

what's all your guys's new year's

resolutions do you have any because I

don't I want to like go to the gym mob

like I feel like everyone says up but

like I'm quite good at going to the gym

I go like once a week but I might start

just going more and like I never really

do much in the gym this is the thing

like I'll take up the effort to go but I

in the natural gym I like do nothing

which is kind of defeats the point shine

like the tin can man


they look it I'll tell you the hardest

thing about being a youtuber is editing

not because it's hard to editing because

I don't mind actually editing it's

cutting out the amount of that I

chat it's so annoying I like right now

I'll probably cut this out because I

just chopped so much and like no

one cares about half the things I say

like there's some reason I just think

that they like people care no like to

other youtubers have this same issue

because it's really a big issue for me

it's hard being 12 also guys it's my

birthday in under a week and I'm very

very excited now I look like I have

pinkeye do we like do we like no we

don't like if I did wear fake lashes

then I put them on but I don't wear them

and even if I had them I'd probably

still don't buy them because I don't

mean to but like if you have small

eyelashes then please wear fake

eyelashes because you don't want to have

little baby eyelashes on your face yeah

I mean I'm joking if you're 16 you have

small eyelashes like great like you do

you go all you need is a fake ID and you

basically can get in but like that's not

the point the point is that you can walk

into that club without your ID and still

gain which is never a good idea like

don't go to a club that you I do good

you look good in like so once your

eyelashes look like spider webs

you're basically completely I would

spray scent spray but as I'm not

actually going out I don't feel like

that's necessary but that's basically

the makeup do I look 16 yet no yeah

thought so let's move on so let's be

real 16 year olds dirt Trevor there

there's no point in trying when like

you're not going to succeed yeah I mean


I'm just going to leave my hair natural

for this look obviously like you strain

it you can curl it but I don't know if

you're partying you like it a bit messy

if it's messy it makes you look like

you've just been making out with someone

which is what old mature people do

that's me so the first thing I always

notice about 16 north is that they have

boobs this is unknown territory for me

in the small th department if you want

to get into a club and you're underage

you basically need to get your tits out

so so also something that makes your

cold is my own hoop earrings so you can

just take out your other earrings or if

you don't even have it easy is just like

buy fake earrings like no one's even

gonna care so well they're pretty big

hell so that is basically the end of the

tutorial this isn't meant to offend

anyone this is basically just a bit of

fun but genuinely if you want to colder

maybe go to a pie with older people or

maybe you generally are using a fake ID

to get into a club then just basically

kick your face up with makeup put hoops

in weight hair down and get it so that's

basically how to look older if you're a

girl hope you enjoyed this video if you

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