4 Signs You're Going Through Puberty

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nine signs you're going through puberty

acne crushes mood swings that's right

I'm talking about puberty as if growing

up weren't hard enough as you enter

adulthood you have tons of weird and

embarrassing things to face on the daily

but don't worry the more you know about

your changing body the easier will be to

deal with so grab some acne cream and

take notes because this stuff can be

seriously challenging while there are

some slight differences

boys and girls both go through puberty

at one point or another awesome kind of

for girls puberty usually hit somewhere

between ages 10 and 14 boys can expect

to greet the big P closer to the ages of

12 to 16 of course your genetic makeup

and environmental factors can dictate

exactly when you'll start going through

puberty girls one physical changes one

of the first things girls may notice

when going through puberty is their

changing body in particular the area

between the torso and head yeah I'm

talking about breasts boobs bazoombas

lady pillows you get the idea

girls will notice their chest starting

to fill out when puberty begins but it

isn't necessarily a quick process a

girl's chest changes over a longer

period of time and they aren't always

fully developed until the age of 19 or

so but honestly no two girls are alike

development and its speed depend on each

individual girl if you're worried about

attention concerning your chest wear a

bra even if it's a training bra that way

you can keep everything private in gym

class you may also notice that your hips

seem to be growing too they seem wider

than before you suddenly have a curvier

shape than you did as a kid the widening

of the hips is your body's way of

growing into a woman who will be able to

bear children one day but don't stress

about your change in shape ask your mom

or dad to take you shopping as you may

need a more flattering pair of jeans to

hair at this time girls may also notice

that they're growing more hair on their

bodies like under their arms

on their legs and down there if it makes

you feel uncomfortable ask a woman you

trust about shaving options boys one

growth spurt hey boys feeling left out

don't worry you go through plenty of

changes too

thanks to a new hormone called

testosterone but you tend to see these

changes a little later than girls do if

you're a boy wondering when you'll catch

up with all those tall girls you see at

school don't worry

it does happen somewhere between the age

of twelve and fourteen boys begin their

official growth spurt and can expect in

approximately three to 12 inch surgeon

size but before you run out to pursue a

career in the NBA remember that not all

guys grow up to be super tall of course

it depends on your genetics sorry guys

to voice changes in hair another

embarrassing quirk guys can look forward

to during puberty at around age 14 or 15

boys will notice that their voices will

get deeper and go in and out causing a

cracking sound while it may make people

laugh this change in your voice is

completely expected you may also notice

a bump in your throat becoming more

pronounced it's called an Adam's apple

no you can't eat it and similarly to the

girls boys will also notice an increase

in body hair including on their faces oh

hey there mustache while boys and girls

have different signs of puberty to deal

with there are other symptoms that both

genders experience and they can be

equally as awkward one acne a sudden

change in hormone levels can play havoc

with your skin causing major breakouts

both on the face and body and while

walking into class with a massive pimple

on your forehead may not be the fashion

statement you are going for everyone

gets pimples and should be understanding

about it if you're especially concerned

about this there's a preventative

exercise you can do to keep your skin

healthy start by gently pulling the skin

from under your eyes downward with your

fingertips now close your eyes and count

to six doing this exercise on the sub

labial and super frontal muscles in your

face a couple of times each day helps

your blood circulate and gives your

complexion a healthy glow

can do wonders for acne ridden skin in

addition to this exercise book a visit

with a dermatologist to explore other

acne prevention methods - new body odor

while some call it teen spirit that's

sent hitting your nose around puberty

time is called body odor while this new

aroma may be embarrassing it is

completely normal in both boys and girls

if you're noticing your armpits smelling

more than usual like on a hot day or

after you played sports it's time to

start wearing an antiperspirant or

deodorant there are different kinds of

deodorants out there gel powder and even

spray it all depends on what you are

most comfortable using 3 crushes while

many of the boys or girls in your class

once seemed annoying or gross they may

seem really attractive nowadays don't

worry these feelings are totally normal

and you'll get used to them over time as

you grow into an adult you'll develop

crushes on people even those who once

seem gross and annoying at first these

feelings are super awkward to deal with

and the idea of getting rejected by your

crush is unbearable you'll get the hang

of things over time and feel more

comfortable expressing your feelings to

people you like just remember that while

you may have urges to hang out with your

crushes and other new people it's always

ok to say when something makes you feel

uncomfortable it's your body and you're

the boss 4 major mood swings feeling

particularly angry about not getting a

part in the school play is your new

curfew really upsetting you know you're

not going crazy

your new surge of hormones is giving you

mood swings these mood swings can make

you feel angry depressed and even

rebellious sorry mom and dad it's

because at this age you're exploring who

you really are and what you really want

in life all this thinking and

discovering leads you to be more

independent than ever before and that's

okay it's fun to try new things and

learn about the world just be reasonable

don't put yourself in dangerous

situations simply because you're curious

keep a good head on your shoulders 5

just talk about it

it's easy to watch this video about

puberty and all its glory but actually

going through it is a whole different


things can get really overwhelming and

even scary so it's a good idea to find

someone to talk to about these changes

you're going through school counselors

are a great resource

turning the siblings or family members

you can trust can also be incredibly

helpful if you like keeping your

feelings to yourself that can be okay


try finding a creative outlet to throw

your feelings into perhaps you can write

your own novel or maybe you have a knack

for drawing and want to create your own

comic strip even something as simple as

writing in a journal every night can

really help keep you grounded and

organize your thoughts just remember

that puberty doesn't last forever thank

goodness it won't always be awkward

talking to your crush or shopping for

bras with your mom it'll pass and you'll

become the amazing adults you're meant

to be so sit back and enjoy the ride

which symptom of puberty threw you the

most don't be shy tell us about it in

the comments section don't forget to

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