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Hi guys, welcome back to my channel today

I'm gonna be sharing eight real and instant ways to look

Prettier my how to look attractive video was such a hit that I decided to follow up with a pretty version where I share

Instant and real tips on how to look more feminine flattering and pretty let's make those boys swoon

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I make a lot of videos on real and practical ways to look better and more stylish

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thanks so much for clicking on this video and I hope you enjoy the first trick that I want to share with you guys is

One of my all-time favorites and it really makes a huge difference in your appearance

Some people are really fortunate and don't have this problem. But many people do including myself

So the trick is to add a shadow to your hairline

our hair is especially

fine and thin right around the hairline and it's especially

noticeable when you put your hair up

So a very simple and quick trick is to actually use eyeshadow to fill in those sparse areas

So for me, I have darker hair

So I usually go for a darker eyeshadow if you have blonde hair

Then I suggest a light beige eyeshadow you'd be surprised how much this really will work

But you just play around with the colors until you find a good match

You will seriously be shocked at how much of a difference this makes in your appearance when you're wearing your hair up

You'll look prettier and more youthful in under 30 seconds and bonus tip

If you have gray roots, you can use the eyeshadow to mask that as well

The second trick I have for you guys is to whiten your eyes

So when you look at somebody's eyes you usually think about what color it is. Is it blue green brown hazel?

But what really makes those colors pop?

is the white around your eyes the whiter that area is the prettier your eyes look so the long-term way to

Whiten your eyes is to eat healthier and to get more sleep

But the instant way is to hydrate your eyes with eye drops this nourishes them

Reduces redness and makes your eyes whiter. I have just the Visine original redness reducer

You don't have to have this brand it can be any forum of I dropped

This is not sponsored by any means now you obviously have to follow the instructions and you cannot be using these eyedrops every single day

Just do it every once in a while when your eyes feel extra dry or when you want to look extra pretty and really make

Your eyes pop the next trick is something that I know everyone is very aware of and that is exfoliating your skin now

Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. This is different

I know this isn't a new concept but this specific tool is a new concept at least to me again not sponsored

I just freaking love this thing some people already use a personal

Microdermabrasion tool a lot of them out. There are really great, but I actually found this one on Amazon and it had

Amazing amazing five-star reviews, and so it really caught my attention. And so I started reading the reviews and I was really intrigued

So I ended up ordering it and I am so impressed by it. You can use it for microdermabrasion

You can use it to actually suck out your whiteheads and your blackheads and it really sucks

The suction on this thing is amazing. It really helps reduce the fine lines and the wrinkles

You actually see it like lifting up your skin until you try it

You really won't know what I'm talking about

But it does come with four different heads and you just change it out based on what you're looking for

It's really simple you just recharge it and I love it afterwards

Your skin is immediately so soft and smooth and it just really makes a big

instant difference in your skin

Now I do recommend doing this before you go to bed so that you wake up

Prettier because it does leave your skin a little bit red. It's nothing too crazy

There's different settings for the device. But when you wake up your skin really does feel refreshed after you exfoliate your skin

You'll want to do this next trick, which I have been doing for the last few years and I love it. I am

obsessed with essential oils for so many reasons

I really really could go on and on but one of my favorite ways to instantly improve my skin is to actually use this

Essential oil beauty serum. Again, this is 100% not sponsored. This is by Young Living and on the side

I do sell it

I really never talked about it because I feel like people get really weird about the whole like side business thing selling things

But I just so many essential oils. It only made sense for me

I just incorporate this into my regular skincare routine, and I just can't go without anymore

It really improves the texture of my skin. It reduces acne fine lines redness, but it also smells amazing

I love using a diffuser every night before bed

I actually have one in my kitchen and I have one upstairs in my bedroom and my husband loves it and we combine different

Essential oils and it's just kind of like a fun thing that we love to do

But if I do forget to do that

I feel like I have a little diffuser on my face because this seriously just smells so amazing

It is a blend of so many different things. It's coconut avocado oil blue Cyprus rosehip lavender

Myrrh, sandalwood, the list goes on

So if you are interested in trying this or any other essential oils, I do have a website down below

like I said

I don't really talk about it that much if essential oils are something that you've always been curious about and you want to try I

highly recommend young livings starter kit

You're not bound to anything at all

But it does come with like some of their best-selling

oils like to leave eleven of them along with the diffuser and some of their other really good products if you do have any questions

Actually have a separate email address down below

You can just email me questions or whatever because I can't talk about essential oils all day long if you guys want me to do

A separate video on all the ways. I love using oils. Let me know

I have no idea if anybody would ever be interested in seeing something like that if that interests you please comment down below

I actually want to visually see if anyone is interested. If not, no worries for the fifth trick

We are coming back to the eyes because in my opinion your eyes and your lips are your pretty attributes this trick makes your eyelashes

Naturally longer everybody loves long eyelashes I do

I had eyelash extensions and I loved having them for the longest time

But I actually recently got rid of them and they ended up being pretty short right after they were removed

Everybody warned me about that and it was totally fine. Many of you recommended those lash boosters like the Rodan and Fields

There's many other versions as well

So I started researching this and time and time again

I kept seeing how castor oil is so good for your lashes and it naturally makes them

Longer very quickly, too

So right after I got my eyelash extensions off I started using just a simple little eyelash spoolie and every night before bed

I just dip it to the castor oil and I just coat my lashes

And I would say even within a week

I started to see a difference you really can get castor oil like anywhere

But this is actually a version my mom gave me it's just in a mason jar container and it's what I use

I love how its natural

chemical free and it produces results as I mentioned just one minute ago your eyes and your lips

Again in my opinion are your prettiest attributes?

so my next instant way to look prettier is to simply focus and enhance your lips while you're doing your makeup go easy on the

rest of your makeup

And then for your lips either go for a very bold

Lipstick or if you want to go nudie or baiji or more natural. Be sure to use a good lip liner to

Outline your lips now. The little trick here is to not match your lip liner directly with your lipstick

A lot of people want the colors to match

But the secret is to make the lip liner a tad darker not too dark

You don't want to look like a clown but ever so slightly darker will give the effect of plumper and fuller lips

Now if you do want to take it a step further

Put on a lighter color in the very center of your lips and that will really plump and enhance them

So most of this video has focused on our faces

But this next trick actually involves our whole body the 7th trick is to not wear

oversized clothing many people when they feel

Unattractive or not pretty their instinct is to hide themselves and wear really baggy clothing

But I personally think this just makes it way worse

If you want to look better show off your figure and your curves, even if it's not perfect give yourself some shape

I promise you a curve will always look so much better than a straight box

So pick either your top or your bottom and make that piece of clothing fit really really well

I promise you you will look better and prettier than just wearing huge oversized clothing all over so for my eighth and final tip

I am ending with the oldest and simplest role in the book when you want to look instantly prettier

Slap a smile on that face turn that frown upside down but for real though smiling really is the easiest and best

Trick it makes the biggest difference in your appearance. It makes you look prettier. It makes you look more confident

It makes you look more approachable and best of all, it just makes you happier when you feel happy

You just look better and I know it's not always easy to just be happy

It's so much easier said than done but starting with a smile is always the first step already guys

So those are my eight ways to instantly look prettier if you enjoyed this video and thought it was interesting or helpful at all

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Just like this if you guys have any other suggestions or tips on how to look more attractive

Or prettier not that that's the most important thing in the world by any means

But we all love looking and feeling our best

So if you have an idea or suggestion, please comment it down below and perhaps I will feature it in a future video

So, thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you very soon. Bye