Women's Secrets to Looking Half Their Age

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basis the women you're about to meet are

mistaken for being half their age now

they haven't had facelifts they didn't

get lucky nor did they have magic genes

what they did do is crack the code to

deem fine their age with simple

solutions that they're about to share

with you and it's not just that they

look younger I'm excited too it's not

just they look younger for the first

time we used a cutting-edge scanning

device to look beneath the surface and

have found their skins real age is

actually younger than their birthday age

and you can do this too to stay tuned a

little later I'm gonna give you an

at-home test to calculate your own skins

relays and just a few questions now the

first to reveal her secret to looking

half her age is Noreen so they're mean

tell everybody how old are you

I'm 45 you're 45 all right please turn

around so that our busiest skins can

determine your skin's real age is 26 Wow

Wow is right come over here show secrets

unbelievable I'm speechless I really am

I think women can look beautiful at

whatever age they are and so I don't get

much into this but when someone looks

twenty years really look 20 years

younger than their birthday age it's

crazy yeah that's really you 21 year old

son yeah something wrong about this

it can't be that easy so what do you do

with inflammatory anti inflammatory

foods you say yes sighs ooh I have a

special treat I make these no puff

pancakes that are incredible this flax

seeds coconut flour coconut flakes even

my kids love them I put blueberries for

antioxidants and it's just great it's

very filling and if I want to put

something more filling I'll add a little

protein sometimes to it if I can eat

more of these would help you even more

there's a limit you could eat as many as

you like to look like you you don't need

to eat anything else you look great

well you're very kind thank you for

sharing your advice good luck your 21

year old yeah thanks

next up is Mellie you can reveal the

secret looking half of her age so Mellie

tell you what how what would you are

dr.oz I'm 50 years old oh my goodness

can you turn around for us I use 50 or

there's no way you're 15 there's no way

the business students can determine your

skin's real age is 35

come over here bellyache there's no way

you are 50 years old yes what do you

what sure with me please break though

it's a secret well I have a couple

secrets I have a flower facial that I do

we use some flies sunflower oil and

evening primrose oil you can just break

open a capsule and put it in you massage

it in after a hot shower I do it while I

watch TV at night it's really relaxing

it takes the stress out of your face and

you wake up and you glow well you are

glowing now you have a second tip which

is very shame to make them that ice

buckets here you pour this on me dr. oz

this is being no pain no gain technique

after you wash your face in the morning

with hot water or warm water you can

dunk your face in a bucket of ice water

a big bowl of ice water 10 to 15 seconds

it sounds crazy why would I do that it

is an old Hollywood technique the movie

stars do it okay I'll do it if you do it

all right 15 seconds how about 10

seconds 10 seconds are you guys ready

count us down guys right three two go



no no that woke me up alright those are

fantastic tips alright next up is

Candice for Candice before you turn

around please to everybody how old you

are like the eyes I'm 59 years old

you're 59 spin around Candice oh my

goodness and using the busiest pin

scanner device which looks deep within

the skin to reveal the hidden violence's

and skin spots we determined your skin's

real age is actually 41 Oh show us your

shaker here are you surprised by those

skin age results yes I am actually

totally surprised but I'll be 60 in

about three weeks I'm seeing you up

close here it's not even close all right

so you got to fight a nutrient that you

use every day then you say our audience

might benefit from yes I drink coupla

shots in the morning but one of my

favorite ones it's like the wheatgrass

I'm it's an antioxidant it's the Sun

energy food it gives you energy I do it

every morning so I'd say a couple of

shots in the head you know always at all

I don't know who is five o'clock

somewhere so we made it in this pocket

and if you like but I put I put a little

Cayenne in mine it does the same thing

as vodka though it doesn't make you look

for it but it's actually even with that

it cuts down on the headaches through

all this stuff and we're just you ready

you're phytonutrients shot you take us

every day every day in the morning in

the morning I think you look like you

anywhere close to you I'm gonna do this

I tell you many take one to

you know I tell you it does jar you it's

a but to get through that fight nutrient

shot that's a pretty famous way doing it

and if it again if anything close to

what you've accomplished I'm in yes

please do it is absolutely amazing what

it does god bless you thank you kuvira

you kindly introduced yourself the end

of the segment how old are you really if

you don't mind my asking dr. oz I am 71

years old I'm going to be 72 alright so

72 let's say well not 72 yet everyone 71

I was around down to 70 but here's the

study part we ran the Vizia skin -

scanner on you okay you know what's your

real ages and your skin no look at you

you're 52 what is the tip you do every

day that you attribute than most of this

benefit so I know you know there's lots

of things you doing in your lifestyle

what's the one we could all do at home

right now I think vegetables this is my

secret your secret well that was what is

what is this do you want to taste don't

you want me tell you first

well let's do both all right but what it

it's a prune they are still prunes yes

two pros we ate stood for was maybe it

was because we had that as a dessert I

don't know at least twice the week we

had stood prunes mm-hm because you know

all about poopoo right if you don't keep

it clean well being constipated and if

you're constipated you're not clean you

don't poop the unhappy dissipated face

yes yes of course it shows up in your

face nobody wants to bury things painted

face you don't have clarity your skin is

dull and no one wants a constipated face

no listen listen to Vera coming right

god bless you besides the other one

right now

to find out your skin's real age with a

quiz me developers my partners that

share care these are great guys right

there world experts and they brought in

some great dermatologists to help figure

this out so the entire audience pull

yoga clipboards out this is a test for

anyone aged 35 or above it's only three

questions guys there's a bigger quiz you

can take it dr. oz calm or on cher care

but right now I can't keep track of aids

B's and C's for three questions I'm

gonna tell you how to calculate your age

in just a second so question number one

you have bags under your eyes

so answer for myself you do for

yourselves all these please be honest I

I definitely have is my big problem I've

got the stink bags alright so whatever

you happen to be no small ones or

distinct bags answer the question as

honorably as you can question number two

do you see crow's feet at the outer

corners of your eyes right out here

right is it no yes slight lines I see

them there my friends came for sure or

yes I stare at them every day in the

mirror right pick the one that makes you

I'm and I think I don't have any what do

you guys think okay on crow's feet I'm

getting a pretty good judgment here all

right now for the final question do you

smile or whether you see smile lines in

the corner of your nostrils to your

mouth those are the lines that those

little lines nasal labial lines right in

here right there I think guy soft lines

I'll give I'll give myself the benefit

here soft lines now here's how you grade

okay so for me I had one of each letter

so whatever you are you the match start

at your actual age alright so for every

time you put an A in there I wants to

subtract five years but every time you

put a B as an answer you changed nothing

everything you put a see you add five

years so my case I actually lost five I

gained five and then I had a B so

nothing so I'm 56 so my real skin age is

about the same as my actual age and

again this is the beginning use this

test is sort of a clue of where you

belong but it takes the real skin a real

age test if the true one it's called the

stimulation test quiz go to dr. Oz calm

or share care calm right now to check it

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