DIY 100 Years Old Lady Costume

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hey guys so I wanted to come and show

you guys another DIY sort of costume

that you can do for Halloween or we're

actually doing it because it's right in

right here her 100th day of school and

they're having everybody at school dress

up like they're 100 years old so we're

gonna be turning this young lady into an

old lady so stick around and see how we

transform her I'm gonna be following

this picture on my phone which I will

insert a clip of it on the screen for

you I just found it on Pinterest and I'm

going to I know follow it and add some

wrinkles to read in space and I'm just

using makeup that I have like bronzers

and eyeshadows







okay so now I'm going to do her hair and

since her hair is pretty long I am going

to just do it up in a bun if you have a

little girl who has hair that you can

roll up in curlers you can jump your

hair in curlers or you could do it curly

another thing that you could do is wrap

a scarf around her hair you know just

think older grandma's Google some

pictures I'm sure you could come up with

something but I'm just gonna throw her

hair into a bun



okay so as you can see ratin has now

transformed into little lady she had

these glasses so we're just adding those

in her hair is white I don't know how

well it's gonna pick up on camera but I

have this living proof perfect hair day

dry shampoo and I'll spray it just super

see it comes out white and then you can

just kind of spread it about if you

sprayed it too much in one area I also

saw another YouTube video where they use

the e powder and then hairspray in it so

that's another idea or if you happen to

have any of the white spray as well so

we're gonna give her change into her

grandma clothes

right back to show you how she looks

you've got little old lady Raiden and

this is her outfit okay turn around a

little bit

nice your face

we also have this outfit and this is the

one that she's going to be wearing to

school for the hundredth day of school

sorry you guys could probably hear

Harper on the tablet in the background

ok turn a little bit

let's hear your 100 day old voice I'm so

old where's my cane

your hair is in your face what are we

gonna put on your face makeup Owen ah

you want that one yeah if you tell

everyone hi say I'm Harper how old are

you Hereford filly you're 3 and what are

we gonna turn you into an old lady

yeah yeah ok let's turn Harper into an

old lady

look at me those are it too like wait

I'll make a tail and you want to do mine

to my baby

oh cool I'm so old Thanks yeah I'm a

hundred years old new entry so we got

this pinnacle so I got this for you from

the mountain of the truth