Doctor Reveals How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery - Dr. Anthony Youn

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we'd all love to look 10 years younger

but how do you do that without surgery

I've got the answers for you on this

video today my name is dr. Anthony

Yunnan I'm known as America's holistic

plastic surgeon I'm here to help you

look your best with the right foods

clean skincare and the latest and

non-invasive treatments and if you are

going to consider actual surgery I'll

show you how to do that safely and

holistically now in this video today

we're gonna talk all about how to look

10 years younger I'm gonna give you my

top 5 tips and these are going to blow

your mind my number 5 tip on how to look

10 years younger is to use a brightening

cream now you may have issues with age

spots or sun spots or liver spots these

are all different names for basically

the same thing and the only way to get

rid of these spots is to actively get

rid of them

using a cream or using lasers so I

recommend a good brightening cream with

ingredients such as licorice root

extract kojic acid or niacinamide and

there are a lot that you can find

over-the-counter try these and within

about six to eight weeks you should

start seeing those age spots disappear

and your skin look younger maybe even

ten years younger

my number four tip to look 10 years

younger is to try intermittent fasting

or the fasting mimicking diet so

intermittent fasting is otherwise known

as time restricted eating and it's

restricting your eating interval to

about eight hours sometimes less during

the day so a lot of people do

intermittent fasting by not eating after

8 p.m. and then holding off on eating

until noon the next day another way to

do this is the fasting mimicking diet

this is a 5-day low-calorie plant-based

diet where you trick your body into

thinking that you're actually fasting

for those five days so why is it that

intermittent fasting or the fasting

mimicking diet can help you look younger

well it's the process called etapa G

tapa G is a is an intracellular process

where your body actually clears itself

of intracellular debris it's basically

like a self-cleaning mechanism that your

body can go through now that's not

necessarily going to make you look

younger but it's the step after that


so once your body goes through this tapa

G process then it goes into this process

where it actually starts developing stem

cells and it's this process of renewal

of the body intermittent fasting and the

fasting mimicking diet can do that for

you my number three tip to look 10 years

younger is micro needling now micro

needling is something that must be done

either at a med spa a dermatologist or a

classic surgeon's office but this is a

very mild treatment where an

aesthetician or a nurse makes tiny

little punctures in your skin you

utilizing an automated device and

through these tiny punctures your skin

can actually rejuvenate itself and the

collagen can actually get tighter you

get rid of fine lines you can tighten up

your skin and gives you a nicer

complexion and if you want to actually

take micro needling to the next level

you can consider PRP with it

platelet-rich plasma that's where we

draw blood from you spin it down remove

the platelets they're chock-full of

growth factors and place that mixture on

top of the skin after micro needling now

why I recommend micro needling over

let's say some laser treatments in this

video is because micro needling is not

as expensive as so many other things you

can conceivably pay upwards of a hundred

and fifty to three hundred dollars for a

micro needling session versus thousands

for laser treatments my number two tip

on how to look 10 years younger is to

use retinol now if I were to pick any

one anti-aging skincare ingredient it

would be retinol retinol is a form of

vitamin A a prescription-strength

version is triton Owen otherwise known

as retin-a retinol is the

over-the-counter version that you can

buy I mean really most skincare

companies have a retinol cream and when

I recommend is to apply that cream every

night to your skin and give it about one

to two to even up to 3 months sometimes

and you're gonna see your skin turning

over more quickly it helps to exfoliate

your skin it helps to even get rid of

fine lines and blemishes so if you were

to pick one anti-aging cream try retinol

and my number one tip on how to look 10

years younger is to consider Botox now

you may have thought about Botox but

you're afraid of looking weird or

strange well as long as you stick

starting out with two areas either the

glabella or the crow's feet the chances

are you're

get a really really nice result what you

want to do is avoid the forehead the

forehead is the area where if it's

injected inappropriately or improperly

you can get weird appearances from your

eyebrows looking strange to even what we

call a frozen forehead so stick with the

glabella and the crow's feet if you want

to take it one step further may want to

consider doing the DAO muscles if you've

got a bit of a permanent frown injecting

the tiniest amount of Botox here and

here can help lift the corners of the

mouth and help you look a bit more

pleasant what you apply to your skin can

make a tremendous impact on how old it

looks and how healthy it is so I created

a playlist just for you right here and

it's all about what to apply to your

skin in the morning and in the evening

and what to avoid putting on your skin

to look as young and as healthy as

possible check it out