Simple Makeup Tips To Look 10 Years Younger

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hi so good to see you this week it is a

makeup application and it's one that I

think this audience might appreciate how

to apply makeup to make you look at

least ten years younger

the key is in the formulation it's in

the heavy-handedness or in this

particular case being a little bit more

light handed and just mindful of certain

rules that seem to apply once we hit a

certain age also the key is to not have

this take up too much time we don't want

to spend forever looking like we have a

more youthful glow so I'm going to show

you how to do this I've got ten steps

that are very basic and easy to follow

that you can utilize I bet you even be

able to utilize a lot of the products

that you have right now so first and

foremost I'm starting with a blank

surface here and the key to a youthful

glow is glowing skin and the way to

achieve that is moisture and a more

subtle coverage so instead of thinking

of a heavy formulation foundation I want

you to think a little bit more of a

lighter dewy application and there are

several ways that you can achieve that

you can break away from your foundation

and switch over to a BB or a CC cream

the two that I've used repeatedly here

are the Garnier skin active BB cream and

the it cosmetics CC cream both of these

have sun protection in them so you don't

need to apply sunscreen or another trick

that you can do is if you don't want to

invest in a different product take your

current foundation and cut it in half

with moisturizer and that will give you

a little bit more of a minimalistic look

a little bit more of a dewy finish as

well so there are many ways to make this

happen and the key is obviously not

breaking the budget while we do this I

also have another little weapon in my

arsenal and this is the Laura Mercier

tinted moisturizer illuminating and I

will take this and mix a little bit in

my foundation it gives a bit of kind of

a sun-kissed summery glow a bit of a


to it and the kids you don't want to

overdo it with shimmer but you do want a

little bit of a glow going on so I'm

going to utilize the it CC cream and a

little goes a long long way with this

stuff so I'm going to do a pump and this

color is medium I sort of alternate

between medium and tan and I'm going to

add a little bit of the laura mercier

and just kind of mix it up and here we

go just using a brush to apply the key

is it'll give you some nice coverage so

you feel like you have something on your

face but you want to be able to see your

skin and that's a big part of having

that glow and it's what we love so much

in our younger kids you know our

teenagers and 20-something girls you

know their skin is just so beautiful and

it has just a little bit of a sheen to

it so it's really just recreating that

look and giving yourself a little bit of

coverage at the same time okay so now

that that's going on and I just bring it

down on the neck as well and that's it

pretty pretty quick any any residual I

just take from my hand I hate to leave

some on my hand and not get it on my

face all righty so from here the next

step I forgot to pull this out of my

drawer give me two seconds here and that

is a eyelid primer and I think that's

really important to give your eyelids a

nice foundation and something to help

your makeup adhere to so and I will list

everything for you in the description

portion as always but this is just a

great way to cut the redness in the

eyelid and and provide a nice eyelid

foundation for the eye shadow which will

also be a very light neutral application

but you don't want any redness in your

eyelid and really want to start with an

even palette okay and I always take the

RET of the residual and just sweep a

little bit under my eye and this is a

great trick to catch I makeup that falls

below it will prevent things from moving

south and and tends to keep it northward

which we all love okay so the next step

is to hide discoloration and for that

I'm using the tarte maracuja creaseless

concealer it's my all-time favorite a

little bit goes a long way with this so

you're just going to want to go right in

the under-eye area right here and if you

want you can save this step for after

eye shadow if you feel like you get a

lot of eye shadow below the eye and you

can always clean up a little bit as well

afterward I'm not going to set this with

powder just yet so if I need to add more

I will but I'm really just taking and

I'm pressing in the areas where there is

discoloration and I want everything to

to even out and if you have any spots

any sun spots or whatever you can always

hit it there as well okay next up on my

list is filling in the brows a little

bit you don't want to create too heavy

of a brow because we're going for a more

of a natural pared down look here a more

youthful look but as we get older our

brows tend to thin a little so they need

some help and I'm just going to use this

Anastasia straw burn and a brush and I'm

just gonna create some feather-like

strokes with the brush okay so you just

go in and you follow your own brow line

and it's going to be again very light

they're just giving the brows a little

bit of a pop I'm lucky with the Braille

tattooing that I've done and micro

bleeding it's a lot easier and quicker

as you can see to just deepen and follow

a line that's been created I've always

said this was one of the best

investments in doing this so if you're

on the fence take it from me it's been a

really good choice and I do find with my

no makeup looks I don't even feel like I

need to do eyebrows at all alright so

again that's just giving our eyes some

framework and now what I'm going to do

is move on to eye shadow and for this

look again a very nice neutral matte

palette I love this japonesque eye

palette I've had it for a while now and

I featured it on this channel but as you

can see it's an array of very pretty

neutral colors so again with a

relatively light hand I'm going to start

with the lightest color and go on the

inner corner of my eye and then up into

the brow area same on the other side

next up I'm going to I'm gonna utilize

this bottom section here and I'm gonna

start with this one on my eyelid you

just can't go wrong with you know just

nice tans and browns khaki green I use a

lot because of the greenish color in my

eyes a lot of you blue eyed gals can use

some gray here so you've got some some

options but the key is just a very light

handed approach to the eye makeup we're

just opening up the eyes focusing really

on the center portion of the lid

above into the crease not going too far

in with this medium shade okay and I'm

going to use this darker brown and we're

working our way out so this is now going

on the outer third portion of the eye

okay and last but not least will be the

darkest color really focusing on the

outer lash line and then just a little

little bit out to the side just for some

extra depth and definition there helps

to create a wider eye look you don't

want to go too far out the side but just

a little blocking outside the lash line

here okay I'm going to take a blending

brush and then I'm just gonna swirl it

all together because the key is keeping

it natural no hard lines or edges so I'm

just swirled and blend and then I will

follow up a little bit more highlighter

right here and just kind of clean up if

there's anything below with the lighter

color so basically your you're looking

at your eye as if it's cut into 1/3 so

this third this inner corner to right

about here is your lightest from the mid


to two thirds out would be your medium

tone and your outer third is your

darkest tone that helps to create width

in the eye and it opens things up so

that's the extent of the eye shadow you

notice that I stayed above nothing

happened below there's a reason for that

so the next thing we're going to do is

we're going to tightline the eye so this

is not the smokey eye where we do the

waterline that's a bit more of a

dramatic look the tight lining of the

eye keeps your pencil basically in this

upper lashline and it really defines

that upper lash line and it creates an

open look so you're gonna take a good

liner an eye sight you can do a dark

brown you can do a black either or just

depending on your lash and your skin

color and you go from the underside and

you're basically pushing up so let me

push in a little closer so you can see

and I'm going underneath and I'm hugging

my lashes and drawing in this black line

so really makes your lash line stand out

and then just a tiny little whisk out to

the side here same with the other eye

going from the underside so we're not

going down because you ruined the eye

shadow here and you close off the eye by

doing that so under side I'm smudging in

the lash line and then a tiny little

whisk out on the corner and that is

tight lining and it really really opens

up that lash so now we're going to

finish this off with mascara again upper

lashes only the reason why we focus on

the upper instead of the lower is the

minute you start putting shadow and

mascara you create the focus going

downward and it creates a droop we're

trying to lift so everything stays above

I've been such a huge fan of this

mascara the Thrive cosmetics between

that and the lash boots that I've been

doing it creates an incredible false

lash effect or lash extension look and

with these two going on I feel like I've

got lash extensions on but I don't all

right and so our eyes are done now

what we're going to do is you've got

options here if you have very dry skin

you may not want to use any powder at

all if you want to control shine a

little bit very little powder I'm doing

the Laura Mercier translucent loose

powder but with a little brush and I'm

just gonna tone down the shine a tiny

tiny tiny bit but I'm not going to do

too heavy of a powder because I still

want to have that youthful glow okay

so the next step is strobing or

highlighting contouring depending on how

you want to look at it you've got

options here I am gonna pull out a

couple of choices for you if you want to

stay on the matte side if you feel like

you're developing a lot of lines in this

area and you don't want to use anything

shimmery here this Smashbox contour

palette is a good option because it

gives you ways to still contour bring

light up into the cheekbone area a

little bronzer so this is a choice for

you or you can do something that has a

little bit of a shimmer so it's it's

completely up to you in this area but

strobing as in highlighting and

contouring is great for that sort of

summer sunkissed glow so I'm going to

use a bronzer and a brush

and I'm going to do it you know you can

go in here but it to make it easy for

you it's like doing a number three you

go here and here here and here so we

take a little bit of bronzer and here

and here it's kind of where the where

the Sun gets you when you're outside and

what's good about doing bronze are into

here is that it helps to accentuate the

jawline so we're doing our number three

and it really just pops in a nice little

glow and you can also use bronzer if you

if you want to sculpt or contour a

little bit more in the cheek area you

can that's up to you but we're not doing

any heavy carving no dark contours or it

or things like that blush blush blush

blush so again a very light peachy pinky

nude nothing too bright this is a color

called princess by Ulta and and we want

to be careful not to do Big Apple's

right here because that can be very

aging so we want to keep the blush just

hugging tight right along the cheekbone

here on the side so again it's just a

little bit of a whisk right here toward

the side right along the cheekbone area

just to give you a hint of color again

like you've been outside playing around

all day and you can follow this up now

with your your choices of highlighter if

you want to do a powder highlighter you

can use a flat brush like this and run

that right here

or if you want again a little bit of a

shimmer you can use kind of a highlight

stick and instead of applying it

directly I'll take a little bit on my

finger and then just smudge right here

along the upper part of my cheekbone and

it just gives a little cheekbone pop a

little shimmer but again it's up to you

to decide if you feel comfortable with a

little shimmer or if you want matte

that's a completely personal decision

okay wow we're almost done next up would

be lips and for lips again the secret to

having a more youthful look is to go

lighter as we go older the darker colors

can be very harsh you know I will limit

those to maybe an evening look

especially in the winter time but for

the most part I'm going lighter and I

tend to like the peachy cream colors so

one of my absolute favorites is if I

could read is by Moore

and it's called in the mood and again

it's a real real kimchi cream color like

I said but before you apply lipstick you

definitely want a lip liner and you want

that as close to the lipstick shade as

you can possibly get and I'm fishing

around here okay hold on

bear with me there it is and again this

is by NYX I will list everything in the

description box but this is a very nude

color and it's just it serves as a

border in a boundary so things don't

bleed and move where they shouldn't move

we want everything to stay in place so

just follow along okay follow it up with

a light application of the lipstick and

I like to hit it with just a little

little little little bit of a goldish

shimmer but right in the middle and it's

a it's not a gloss it's just a little

bit of a shimmer which I again for me

since I use a little bit of a shimmery

highlight it all sort of plays in there

and plays together but this is a very

simple basic makeup application it

allows it allows your skin to come

through it allows people to see your

skin it gives you it gives you a bit of

a glow it gives you a little warmth to

the face as we head into the spring in

the summer months it's wonderful you

know to add these colors to the spring

type tones that we're wearing and you

know you get a little bit of Sun outside

and it's just a very I don't know it's

just a very warm summery sunny fun

feeling but again all of these things

help to lift still create dimension in

the face but we're thinking lighter as

we go older we're thinking less is more

and we're playing around with what we

have but it's really being mindful in

how we use what we have

and not overdoing it like I said again

with my line of work I have to overdo it

because the lights and the camera cut

through the makeup like that and I'm

grateful that I had to learn all that

stuff because it's given me a skill set

to really learn how to recreate things

but it's so nice to be able to bring it

back to natural and showcase what you

have celebrate what you have and then to

be able to take it to that next level

and kind of surprise yourself so I hope

you found this video helpful

I hope it's maybe got to thinkin how I

can reuse and and and rethink my

application and my colors and placement

and all of that if you have some

wonderful tips and tricks that you use

to help you let your inner glow through

and in really kind of downplay age

please put it out there I know my base

here would love to hear from you and

again we are such a great community we

are content shares we are supporters

encouragers and I love how we lift one

another on this platform so I thank you

for being here

I thank you for following me on social

media and I look forward to seeing you

next week as I always say go out be bold

be blessed and enjoy