How to Get Anime Eyes (According to wikiHow)

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Hey friends, it's Akidearest

So you guys know WikiHow?

That website with a bunch of tutorials

that place where you can find everything that's useful to your life such as:

How to act Hawaiian,

How to be a bad boy,

How to deal with dumb people,

How to pronounce meme,

How to make a guy that's mad at you like you again through text,

This website just has a whole bunch of tutorials - some good, some bad, and some of those bad ones will have absolutely terrible directions.

Such as how to be a kawaii girl, let's look at some of these instructions.

Number one, have a kawaii attitude

and in bold it says don't worry about race and ethnicity, they don't matter

Number two, get the attitude

because kawaii girls have sweet nice attitudes that everybody loves. Maybe I have the potential.

They giggle a lot


Are super kind to everyone around them

Number two, get the look, look kawaii.


Think floral, childish, elegant, scalloped designs, pattern overalls, balloon shorts with bows.

Keep your eyes as large as possible.

Is this better ?

I love you.. you guys are the best fans ever... am I looking cute yet?

And that is how yandere are born.

Be yourself.

*Akidearest noise*

And have kawaii role models.


I mean I get the overall theme of what it's trying to do, so you can do what you want

But sometimes these tutorials can get really bad.

Sometimes I don't even know if they're trying to troll.

Now with that out of the way here's what I decided to do.

If you go on wikiHow and you type in anime, you'll find some really weird ones

Like how to get over an anime addiction. I did a video on that.

(if you're too addicted go watch something else)

How to attend an anime convention

(You buy the ticket)

How to be like Shinji Ikari.

How to be like Ciel Phantomhive.

How to be like Kakashi.

How to date a otaku girl.

Well, today the one that I saw, called How to Get Anime Eyes

Couldn't you just widen your eyes?

No because that's the kawaii look.

Method one, enlarging the eyes with makeup.

Apply concealer and foundation. Use these products to conceal dark circles under your eyes

and to give you an even skin tone base to work with. Select the foundation lighter than your skin tone.

I did it.

You look the same.


There's one particular method in here that requires you to put your spoons in the fridge for 20 to 30 minutes, and putting them on your eyes.

And by doing this you will temporarily enlargen your eye.

I don't think that this is going to work.

Of course it's not going to work.

Well I'm going to go test it out.

And now we wait.

What am I gonna do in the meantime?

How to waste time. Make a plan. With... how to redecorate your bedroom!

Your next convo with Kim-Jong Un

Calculate some numbers

Imagine a crazy scenario

Conjure up old memories.

Old video voiceover: One poem of a thousand years, sung by the Korean vocaloid Seeu-


Start useless arguments.

Read the entirety of this article.

I don't know what else there is to do, I still got eleven and a half minutes

Oh, looks like it's done. All right, let's go, you can play the rest of that

Right, see you

Well look at that, they're cold

I swear if this causes any damage to my eyes...

Okay, moment of truth

Are there any precautions I need to take?

Put a bowl of the spoons over your eyes until the spoons have warmed up. This pulls the skin around your eyes tight, temporarily making you look wide-eyed.

Okay, I see no precautions here.

Great, and the battery died. No matter, I froze them again, so

moment of truth.


Aaand they're cold as hell.

How long am I supposed to leave them in for?

Look, I really just don't think that this is gonna work

It doesn't say how hard I'm supposed to press

But it says to wait until they warm up back to room temperature. This is gonna be one hell of a thumbnail

I guess you could say this tutorial really spoon-fed me the directions.

Alright, they feel warm now, so I'm gonna go take them off

Okay, this is probably not supposed to happen, but my eyesight just got blurry

For the record I pushed them down maybe a little too hard because I felt like my eye was opening a little bit

So now, my eyesight's kind of fuzzy.

And as a plus I don't see any difference.

It's not that bad, it's just the blurriness of everything is kind of crooked now.

Maybe if I press down a little harder?

Let's see how that works.


To be fair, my eyesight's really bad so stuff like this happens all the time,

don't-don't sue anybody that made that tutorial because this is honestly like, part of it is me.

Well that was a setup for disappointment

But oh noooo, surprise surprise, putting spoons on your eyes doesn't make them bigger

So... I'm going to wash my eyes out after this and put an immense amount of eyedrops in it

Actually no that's bad, you shouldn't put too many eyedrops in your eyes.

You know, the greatest part about these tutorials are the comments that are left.

"Why do I get bullied for wearing it?"

"Because you are surrounded by immature people. There's nothing with wearing contacts. And if you want to have anime eyes, you totally should, they are beautiful.

You should never let bullies influence you. You have a personality, you have personal tastes and that makes you a charming and interesting person.

Let them be basic and be superior. Make the bullies aware of how you feel but be respectful when speaking to them.

For the most part, I get that philosophy and I can get behind it,

but going to school in anime eyes is going to get you attention.

So if you can deal with whatever that attention is, then by all means do whatever you want to do.

But most importantly, don't put spoons on your eyes, especially in public.

Here's another tutorial that you guys can find on wikiHow -

"How to Be Cool and Popular".

You don't need any of that, it doesn't take that much effort to be popular and cool

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So I appreciate you guys for watching,

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