Japanese Anti-Aging Secret !! Facial Mask To Look 10 Years Younger Than Your Age !!

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Japanese Skin Care Secret !!

Whitening & Anti-Aging Facial Mask

Today's recipe is amazing with ingredients available in your home

An anti-aging mask to removes wrinkles and fine lines

We need rice as the first ingredient in today's recipe

Rice has been used as natural beauty treatment

For thousand of years in Japan

Rice is rich in vitamin B

It is a powerful antioxidant

Which boost collagen production

Rice is rich in many minerals nutrients

That helps to slow down the process of skin aging

Rice boosts blood circulation

Which improves your skin complexion

And make your skin fair , glowing and spotless

In a saucepan put 3 tablespoons of rice

It is best to use Japanese rice

the one is kneaded and cooked quickly

Which is used to make rice pastries

Add 1/2 L of water

Put the saucepan on low flame

Keep stirring

Cook the rice well until it is cooked like this

Put the cooked rice in the blender

Mix it well

After grinding, the rice will have a soft, creamy paste

Keep it aside and we pass to the second ingredient

The second ingredient in this skin tightening recipe is flaxseed

Flaxseeds are rich in antioxidants and omega-3 .

Flax seeds increase skin elasticity, reduce sagging .

Flaxseeds provide deep moisture to your skin

Flaxseed reduces the effects of skin aging

Preventing wrinkles and fine lines

From forming around the eyes and mouth

In a saucepan put 3 tbsp of flaxseed

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Add 1/2 L of water

Put the saucepan on low flame for 10 minutes

Continue stirring while it simmers

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Turn off the heat when a white frothy

Let it cool down for some time

Then squeeze the gel using medical gauze or thin cotton cloth

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You can store this gel for up to one month

In the refrigerator in an airtight container

In a suitable bowl, put 2 tbsp of the creamy rice dough

Add 2 tbsp of flaxseed gel

We need vitamin E or sweet almond oil

1 tsp of sweet almond oil or 2 capsules of vitamin E

Mix the ingredients well

Apply this mask all over the skin of the face for 30 min

Wash off with cold water then with warm

Moisturize your skin with your favorite oil

Or use olive oil or sweet almond oil

Repeat the application of the mask 3-4 times a week

At the end of the week

Your skin will become tight

All wrinkles will be eliminated

This mask will give your skin whiteness and freshness

And make your skin look bright and glowing

Recipe can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week

If the recipe dries up, add 1tsp of milk to it

So that it becomes creamy and easy to apply

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