How To Look 10 Years Younger At 60 (OR AND AGE)

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we could turn back time we eat right the

exercise and we try to get enough sleep

to stay fit and feel good as we age but

what can we do to fight the aging of our

appearance dr. bill Johnson of

innovations medical is here to

illustrate ways that heat can help with

your amazing illustrations and I'm very

impressed and oh you're also an artist

oh well we try okay happy to have you

here this morning it's talk about some

of these techniques that are available

to help us fight the appearance of aging

well we're going to talk about several

things because that's been the trend not

only in cosmetics but also in all of

medicine we use multiple techniques to

address different aspects of the problem

so we can talk about different things we

do to address different things

everything we're going to talk about is

either non-invasive or minimally

invasive and it's really directed at

helping you look younger and not look

like someone else we don't like that

idea of changing who you look I want to

look natural it's inevitable we're gonna

age but we can do that slowly in

gracefully what are the some of the

easiest things that we can do to make us

look younger probably the very easiest

thing or injectables and when we think

of a gentle term out Botox or Xiamen

which is a relative for Botox and

fillers like wrestling and they can do

some amazing things just to show if you

use Botox on the forehead and get rid of

those lines on the forehead and of

course the go Bella between the eyes

probably the most common you can also do

quite a bit on the crow's feet with

Botox okay and make those really go away

but when we do is a wrestling like the

fillers we can reduce the nasolabial

folds make those better and also help

with some of the lip lines so there's

quite a bit you can do to help with

aging we're just injectables done the

office takes just a few minutes no real

downtime already I see years younger off

of our illustration how about some

procedures that require it little to no

downtime similar to well Botox actually

is no downtime but little to no doubt

well the Thermage is another great

technique for lifting and and building

collagen and it does a great job with

taking out some of the jowls and some of

the thickness and can tighten the skin

quite a bit and

legend is similar it's a different

technique that uses radio frequency

energy and with those you can see a lot

of left there's no downtime and you look

just like yourself it doesn't change

your appearance at all so that'll help

those who kind of feel like they have a

a swollen face or that or that are that

sagging look that you can get what about

those who might have a little more time

to spare and that can give more time to

come into the office one of the great

techniques that does have a little bit

of downtime is carbon dioxide laser

which is a great resurfacing laser it

does a great job at removing some of

those fine lines around the lips and

some of those red and dark space spots

that we can get as we age so it is a

really nice tool but it does have a week

or so of swelling in a couple of weeks

of redness so there's some real downtime

with the co2 laser great technique

though okay good to know just set some

time aside and you'll be fine now how

about what can be done to permanently

help those with volume loss and live

sunken eyelids or even in the lips well

we're talking about fillers that are

permanent one of the very best is your

own fat we can take it from a little bit

of liposuction somewhere else and put it

back in and it can do a permanent job of

removing some restoring facial volume

getting rid of some of the the loss of

volume everywhere it does have a true

downtime though you've got a week or two

a swelling and some bruising that you

have to be prepared for but it's a

really great technique with really

marked change in appearance now is it

sure that some of this most cutting-edge

treatment so some of you you showed here

today really help the appearance look

natural and very organic yeah one of the

very the - the most popular going on are

really cutting-edge one is called a

vampire facial which uses yeah uses

platelet-rich plasma which we draw a

little blood and we put in a centrifuge

in a few minutes later we have your

platelets in rich plasma and we come

back and just inject that into the face

and it does a nice job of restoring some

volume real nice job of in

tightness and texture the very most

cutting edge though is doing what's been

called a stem cell facelift which is a

little bit of misnomer because there's

no face surgery being done but we remove

a little fat process the fat to remove

the stem cells and then reject the stem

cells really does a very nice job in

improving surface texture and color and

even elasticity it does some lift and

volume too I'm interested to hear more

about that one that one's seems very

cutting-edge do you have a special offer

for us we do for two weeks only we're

going to do a thousand dollars off of

liposuction an additional $500 off those

that also do fat transfer so it's a real

real good special for back-to-school all

right if you're looking in the mirror

this morning and think I can maybe use

it a lift here could get rid of this

line or maybe put a little more here you

need to call dr. Johnson here's the

number to call two one four four two

zero seven nine seven zero