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hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm

Sonia in today's video I'm going to show

you how to look younger

I just turned 32 and I have some

problems it's called the wrinkles look

at those guys what crazy right I know

I've been working with Olay and I

actually am going to be demonstrating a

product today and this is the Olay eyes

Pro retinol eye treatment and this is

going to help reduce the look of my

wrinkles within 14 days yes 14 days

there are a few of you who have entered

my giveaway and are going to be a part

of this journey so make sure to stick

around for that I love this product

because it doesn't burn or pill your

skin I hate that about retinol but this

eye treatment is not aggressive on your

skin at all and you can comfortably

apply this underneath your makeup and

continue your routine as usual I'm going

to top that off with some concealer or

highlight depending on what you need I

need a little bit of both so that's why

my concealer is not only a shade or two

lighter than my skin tone but it's also

got a yellow base so that helps brighten

up my skin as well so I'm just going to

go ahead and use a moist blender which

is going to help blend that in really

really well and add moisture at the same

time next I'm going to be using a

mineral setting powder and you can find

this anywhere drugstore or a department

store it doesn't matter because

everybody sells them you just want

something that's really fine nothing too

heavy because it will just accentuate

the wrinkles that we're trying to get

rid of so I have not yet reached the

point where I feel it necessary to have

fillers or lip injections or anything

like that so I just over line my lips

just a bit and then put a natural

lipstick on top of that which kind of

conceals the line that you just drew so

you can get away with plumping up your

lips without getting any harsh or scary

surgical procedure and going back to my

face I'm using a bronzer that has a

little bit of alumina

powder or ingredient in it so it gives

you some color but then it also gives

you that shimmer of a highlight which

gives you the illusion of having plumper

cheeks then moving on to my eyes I'm

going to add mascara and pop on some

natural eyelashes as you can see here

I've used these a couple of times and I

feel like the more you use your

eyelashes and if you take care of them

the more natural they look so I can get

about eight wares from my eyelashes I'm

really really nice to them pop those on

and it just makes my eyes pop as you can

see just so much fresher it's not heavy

and hopefully you guys enjoyed this

video don't forget to check out the

description box down below also

I appreciate if you would like share and

subscribe to my channel and I'll see you

guys in the next one bye