How to Grow 1 Inch Taller - In Only 5 Minutes!

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What's Up Home Slice Lukas here so in

this video I'm gonna show you guys a

simple routine that'll only take five

minutes that can add an inch to your

height you think I'm full of crap why

don't you just try it out and see what

happens without further ado let's get

started five minutes here we go

just about the timer first thing we're

gonna do find a spot to hang we're gonna

hang for 45 seconds relaxing the entire

body holding on and go 45 seconds and

really try to relax all the muscles in

the core now my feet are still off the

ground but they're touching on the toes

just relax

45 seconds flex the spine relax the

coral out all stretch out the only thing

you're gonna be focusing on is hanging

you're almost done


and on slowly step up off let's go to

the ground alright so get down on the

ground now what you're gonna do is we're

gonna lay down on our backs and we're

gonna cross one leg over the other and

we're gonna allow it to sink it this way

sink down to the side keeping your palms

facing up now what this is gonna do is

it's gonna help open up stretch out the

exterior portion of the hip right there

and it's gonna also help stretch out the

spine a little bit more all in a healthy


never push the pain okay for 30 seconds

and then we're gonna switch feel a good

stretch switch to the other hip hips off

and get tight and you can lose space

between them cause you and causing you

to shrink throughout the day that's

anecdotal bro science advance right

there but I feel I feel that way thirty

Seconds other side just the twist relax

breathe I don't know if you can hear me

breathing you probably can all right I'm

going to sit up sit up slow butterfly

position this is gonna help open the

hips up from the interior portion the

medial portion I'm in and you're gonna

lean forward and relax sorry I'm just

really trying to maximize time here okay


feel the stretch in the hips and the

lower back right here okay I for 30 to

45 seconds breathe

really stretch deep hoping you open up

the hips it's crucial for standing up

straight all right good stand up now

we're going to the wall but I want you

to do is get up straight against the


arms up try and touch your fingers

together if you can it's okay

palms facing outwards what I want you to

do is try to walk away from the wall but

keep those fingertips on the wall and

push up I'm gonna hold this for 30



and okay straight from here what I want

you to do is actually walk back in bring

the arms back around push your chin like

almost double chin it and you should

feel the stretch along the back right

here don't go to pain or anything like

that if you have any injuries you

shouldn't be doing any of this if you

have any injuries you should wait for

your injuries to heal I want you to do

is pull that butt chin in and push your

tongue up against the roof of your mouth

that sounds freaking weird but you're

gonna be activating different muscles

and helping your neck basically stretch

out in a way that's safe and that'll

help you gain height I'm wasting time

talking palms wall head up against the

wall so you know straight your upper

back should be touching the wall same

with the back of your head double chin

it and push down a little bit but

keeping your head against the wall and

keeping your upper shoulders against the

wall hold this for thirty seconds you

might look like a ridiculous doofus but

you want to get tired or not

you should feel a stretch in the upper

back feel myself getting taller taller

gasm okay and okay relax

no important part we're gonna go back to

the barn where finish up with a nice

hang you got to try to hang and relax

everything in the body just relax

allow everything in your body to just

relax imagine yourself getting taller

we're gonna try to hold this for a whole

minute relax

whole minute guys

thinking about myself being taller I can

feel my spine stretching out not to the

point of pain but to the point of gain

it feels good it's hard to hangman you

feel up the forearms so takes a little

bit of concentration 20 seconds left now

you're gonna feel your shoulders

stretching out - that's good but it

shouldn't hurt really focus on the whole

spine the back the hips the legs

everything breathe and up deep breath

boom I feel taller I really do I'm gonna

go measure myself right now we're gonna

see if this worked hopefully it did I'm

just gonna throw this video on the trash

all right let's do the measurements here

I'm literally standing up straight

against the wall but on the wall

shoulders on the wall head on the wall

not cheating standing up just as

straight as it was when I took when I

started this test bringing this down to

the top of my head keeping it squared up

of the wall just touching my head it's

perfect I'll get ready oh alright hold

it still

dude that's about an inch I think

hopefully it's about an inch oh my

goodness okay oh okay okay before I was

approximately 71 inches after Oh almost

72 it's almost an inch it's like nine

tenths of an inch all right I'll show

you guys now you can see it's almost an

inch see that almost oh okay

maybe like eight tenths all right guys I

seriously actually do feel better I feel

state like I'm standing straighter up I

feel I do feel taller I really do and

I'm not lying I'm not trying to joke

around not trying to fool anybody out


seriously what I what I basically did

was I made a video last week where I

shrunk an inch after lifting weight

which I didn't I actually just shrunk an

inch throughout the day because that's

what happens when you

wake up in the morning you're usually

about an inch taller than you are at the

end of the day because of gravity

basically and you know doing activities

and working with gravity or density

depending on what you believe so

basically I lost an inch at the end of

the day because of gravity you know and

just because of naturally what happens

what we did in this video is we

basically reversed that we basically

took a five-minute power sleep you know

what I'm saying my mentality behind this

video was I wanted to hit those areas

that suffered the most from the gravity

and in my opinion for my Anatomy that's

probably my hips get a little tight you

know they kind of squeeze up my butt

kind of postures inwards I get that like

you know pouch look I get that nerd neck

going on you know the ketosis or

whatever man it's been a while I did

with this video is I basically

straightened our posture out I loosened

our hips up a little bit so you get a

little bit taller and then I also helped

elongate our spine with that being said

I want to say probably the most

important and most effective exercise

from this whole thing is the most basic

one and it's honestly kind of just like

dude really

it's the hang now if you had more time

you could probably get maybe an inch

maybe over an inch you'd probably you

get back everything you lost throughout

the day so if you're doing this first

thing in the morning you're probably not

going to gain much height now if you're

doing at the end of the day you'll

probably be about as high as you were

when you started in the morning so if

you're feeling tall in the morning and

then by the end of the day you're

finished short do this you'll feel a lot

taller will it make you permanently

taller height is really based off of

genetics so what you're gonna want to do

is maximize your genetics by having good

posture doing these stretches will help

you have good posture and you can

maximize your height I'm not gonna say

you're gonna miraculously grow a foot

longer over a month like if you just

keep doing this every day 12 days look

at I'm 12 inches taller not necessarily

okay so it's gonna help you maximize

your height potential right now if you

follow these stretches fix your posture

these are just some basic stretches

they're a ton more out there but in my

opinion these were the most effective

ones for getting that height back

quickly and growing an inch taller and

only five minutes thank you guys so much

for watching this video

fully it was informative and hopefully

it helped you all out don't forget to

subscribe more videos coming out this

week peace you all have a good one and

I'll see you in the next video