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hey guys and welcome back to my channel

thank you so much for joining me for

another video I'm so happy that you can

join me for this one because I would

have loved to have watched a video like

this before I started my sustainable

lifestyle so hopefully some of these

things that I wish I had known before I

started will be helpful for you guys to

please let me know what you think in the

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it out if you have the time so today I

want to talk to you about the things

that I wish I had known before I started

plant-based eating veganism low waste

low impact all of these things and I'm

just going to get straight into it so

grab a cup of tea and let's get straight

into the video

the first thing I wish someone had told

me is that you can't change everything

all at once and that that is actually

okay if you think about it we want to be

on these lifestyles for the rest of our

life so if we're really trying to sprint

to get there we're going to be taking on

all of these extra things and actually

it's gonna be super difficult also you

have to take accessibility into account

when I first started going low waste or

trying to reduce my waste we didn't have

any zero waste shops we didn't have many

kind of accessible farmers markets near

me but now obviously I do but that this

is three four years like into my journey

and some of you probably still don't

even have zero waste shops or or farmers

markets or even supermarkets that have

stuff that you can buy unpackaged mmm my

words are really really doing well today

guys so definitely trying to do

everything all at once can make you feel

really really really bad about your

efforts even though your efforts are

obviously going to be pretty damn good

so definitely don't give yourself a hard

time and try and think realistically

about what you can change now and then

where you can change in the future the

next one is I really wish someone had

said to me

that making mistakes on your journey is

a very natural and noble part of any big

change or even a small change in your

life I definitely gave myself a really

hard time but in a very serious way

every time I made some kind of mistake

if I wasted something by accident in the

early days if I ate a bit of cheese or

something completely by accident I would

still feel really guilty about it even

though it wasn't my fault so I

definitely think that understanding that

making mistakes is the perfect way to

learn and thinking about it in a

positive way rather than a negative way

can really alter the way you are seeing

your journey and give you that

motivation and that inspiration to

continue or be like oh I made a mistake

and I've learned from the

I can use this knowledge to move forward

in a much better place because I now

have this newfound kind of information

so definitely making mistakes is

actually a good thing and seeing it as a

good thing can really help you with any

eco anxiety that you're feeling or any

kind of worries you're having about your

journey the next one which i think is

actually the one of the most important

but your journey is your own do not

compare yourself to you other people and

just focus on what you're doing and your

own personal journey now this can be

said for so many other parts of your

life as well but I think it's one of the

most important ones because if you're

comparing yourself to see someone who

uses a trash jar or if you're comparing

yourself to someone who has quit flying

or if you're comparing yourself to

someone who is a hundred percent ethical

vegan and has access to everything to be

that way then you can get so down about

it and this is where your eco anxiety

can really take over and also this is

where you can start comparing yourself

and you get these horrible feelings like

jealousy I know I certainly did

or you get these feelings of like you're

not good enough or actually your efforts

aren't good enough and that is

absolutely not true everything that

you're doing is amazing

you are becoming a conscious consumer

and you are deciding to take control of

the way that you're wasting or your

habits or you are participating and

trying to make this place a little bit

better for yourself and for everyone

else here so try not to compare yourself

to others because your journey is your

own and it's important what you do and

how you participate in your own journey

and the collective as a whole the next

one is to remember that these terms such

as minimalist zero-waste they're just

guidelines they are not absolute rules

that if you mess up on then you've

completely failed the good thing about

these terms is that they provide these

kind of guidelines so you can understand

the parameters of what you're trying to

stay in and what you're actually trying

to achieve so if you see them as

absolute then again you can have these

really negative effects and you

and actually be doing yourself more harm

than good because you're trying to

strive for this perfectionism that you

might not actually reach now if you're

someone who has access to all of these

things and you're really really really

close and you're really really near that

perfect kind of thing then then good for

you that's not the same for everyone

else and everyone's journey as I said

before is personal so it's so important

that you see these things as guidelines

and as goals and these kind of places to

get to because when we have goals it

makes it so much easier to actually

achieve really big things but just

remember to see them as guidelines

because then when you do failure and you

make mistakes then you see it as a

learning curve you do not see it as an

absolute failure the next one is you do

not have to give up everything you love

and in fact I encourage you to not do a

lot of people when I started making zero

waste videos would say things like oh

but I'm an artist and I have all of

these different things that I have to

use does that mean I have to give them

up oh I love reading and I just can't

stand reading it on an e-reader do I

have to give up all my books no I really

don't encourage you to give up these

things that you love because you can

make massive changes in other areas of

your life without sacrificing some of

the things that bring you genuine joy if

you gave up everything that gave you joy

imagine how hard your lifestyle would be

to continue for the rest of your life it

would make things so much harder because

you wouldn't feel empowered and you

wouldn't feel excited to make those

changes also you do have to remember

that yes while some of the

responsibility is yours some of the

responsibility is also of these

companies or these corporations to make

better more eco-friendly stuff for us to

consume all I would say is maybe think

about another way in your life that you

can really dramatically reduce your

impact without having to give up all of

those things that you desperately love

and the last one is to connect with

those things and those motivations that

actually made you want to be on this

lifestyle in the first place I don't

know why but I for some reason just

when I decided to go sort of low waste

plant-based vegan etc I didn't connect

with those motivations very much and to

be fair when I went vegan I decided to

do it for animal welfare at the

beginning so watching these sort of

horrific videos like I just didn't need

to see them anymore and that was

absolutely fine but not getting out into

nature and seeing the beauty outside and

everything that was the reason why I

wanted to protect this earth and

understanding you know the reasons why I

wanted to not contribute to fast fashion

anymore and understand the human impact

and the human stories now I make it an

absolute must that I connect with those

things and those people and those

animals and nature so that my motivation

never dwindles I want to understand

everyday why I am trying to live this

lifestyle why I'm putting out videos why

I am living a low-impact why I am eating

plant-based and living an ethical vegan

lifestyle so I really encourage you even

if it means getting out for a walk every

day or once a week or once a month just

connecting with those motivations and

honestly it will keep you inspired like

it kept me okay that is it I hope you

enjoyed this video and once again I just

want to say thank you so much also just

sort of a fun thing I've actually been

nominated for an award with Asquith so

I'll leave a link down below if you're

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really appreciate it but obviously only

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or whatever but apart from that thank

you so much for watching this video I

really really really appreciate it and I

will see you guys very very soon I