every teen needs to hear this.

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so if you're a teenager or maybe not I

don't know you clicked on this video and

if you're a subscriber to my channel and

you might probably see this as a

different kind of video I hope that this

will help someone else and you exit this

video with a smile on your face I'm

turning 17 on July 14 and over the past

17 years I've learned a lot of things

the first thing I want to touch on is

that your teen years are very very very

special it's this stage in your life

when you're sort of changing off

physically as well as mentally you're

trying to find yourself you're trying to

find your identity I know it might seem

like you really want to be older to be

free and just to have your own life I

promise you that time fly and you won't

notice how fast your teen years will be

over so cherish every moment and don't

live in the future but live in the

present so the next thing that probably

every teen is facing is school for most

people it's not such a pleasant

experience in their lives promise you

again that time flies and you won't

notice how quick you'll be a senior and

you'll be done with school at some point

you'll actually really want to go back

there something that's another special

thing about your teen friends is what a

big topic which I might not be able to

go very deep in but I think that the

most important thing that you should

know is that quality is more important

than quantity it might be just one

person who really really understands you

on another level or it might be a group

of people I don't know what your case is

I had a lot of stories where I really

wanted to fit into a certain crowd and

just be like that I feel like in high


everyone is programmed in such a way

where a difference is not really

appreciated or supported it's more like

judged upon majority of people just do

the same thing say the same things we're

the same things and if you're not doing

that then your title is that weird

person just try stepping out of the

bubble and being yourself expressing

yourself and just not being scared of it

the next topic I want to talk about is

parents I do feel like there's a lot of

tension between you and your parents

because as you're changing your parents

are sort of trying to adapt to the new

you and there are a lot of things

happening between you guys I to

understand them in their position really

all they want for you is

the best next is that you don't need to

compare yourself with other don't go on

someone's Instagram page just look at

their pictures and wish to beat them

because honestly you're just beautiful

the way you obviously in school we're

very pressure to do well get the best

grades you shouldn't really live and

focus on your grades and let the grapes

define you because grades are just

number although they might matter to

some extent in reality they are not

really as important as your health and

as you're happy too another thing that

you should know is that you should find

yourself a passion something that you're

very interested in I don't know what it

might be for you

but you should definitely keep doing it

and don't give up lastly it is a big

thing especially for me try to just

spend more time in the real life rather

than sitting in front of a phone or

computer and going with social media so

here's a challenge for you try to spend

one day just without touching your phone

try this it wasn't easy but work and it

was actually one of my favorite days

ever so hope you guys enjoyed this video

and maybe God inspire make sure to

subscribe to my channel if you're new to

it and I'll see you all in my next video