7 Secrets To A Happy Retirement: Surprising Research Findings

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what makes your retirement enjoyable is

it the free time is it the money what do

you think there has actually been

research done in Australia to answer

this question they asked hundred

australians who really liked their

retirement and hundred australians that

are struggling and find it difficult the

same questions to figure out what makes

the difference today I want to share

those findings with you welcome I'm

Sabrina from retire own I try to answer

the question what makes retirement

enjoyable good and successful and I came

across this book here it's written by

Michael Longhurst and it's called

enjoying retirement and Australian

handbook of ideas strategies and

resources actually Michael Longhurst was

planning his own retirement when he

heard different stories of people who

are really liking their retirement and

people who are struggling he was really

engaged by this question why there is

such a difference and he decided to

perform his retirement and signed up for

master bi research at the University in

Melbourne the findings of his research

are summarized in this book today I want

to share them with you

research finding number one engaging in

a purposeful activity for more than five

hours a week well actually most people

go through a stage of honeymoon in their

retirement in the beginning they travel

they engage in all the activities they

always wanted because they have all this

free time now but one to two years after

their retirement started they get bored

one way to avoid this is having a

purposeful activity but what is the

purposeful activity it's something

meaningful something more engaging than

just staying active and if you're lucky

it even may generate some income do you

have an idea what this could be for you

well I'll give you an example as well if

you always wanted to

scuba-diving do it but if you just go

diving here and there after you

completed your certificates it's not a

purposeful activity however if you go to

the Great Barrier Reef and you support a

research program there by counting fish

or cataloging corals then it becomes a

purposeful activity think about what

this could be for you research finding

number to retire at your own free will

yes this makes sense and I'm pretty sure

for most of us it will be the case but

there is an increasing number of people

being forced into retirement by

companies reorganizing or by health

problems let's focus at this

retrenchment so what does it mean people

who are being forced into retirement

often carry hard feelings towards their

colleagues who can stay on they can get

angry or they look at themselves and

think they were the problem they have a

very low self esteem so what do you do

well it's very important that you deal

with those feelings if you don't it may

result in some emotional health problems

I had a look around and I found a very

good website set up by the professionals

of Australia called heading for

retrenchments four ways for a better

outcome in short these are the four

points they suggest that you address

first managing your reactions second

give serious consideration to the

assistance offered third proactively

look for more support if you need it and

fourth focus on the future and build on

the past there's also a really good

booklet published by beyondblue it's

called taking care of yourself after

retrenchment or financial loss it

actually gives you specific strategies

what to do in such a situation for both

of them I've put the links below in the

description and I'll encourage you to

have a look at them although there are

Australian resources I'm pretty sure you

can apply them to any other country

research my

being financially independent yes I

think this makes sense in this video

however I will only cover the research

findings I have a different video that

shows you how you can organize your

finances for your retirement so what did

the survey say well people actually

think that the government pension viley

covers the necessities of life they

think that if you only rely on this

pension you will face some financial

difficulty ins if you still have a

depths like for example you have to pay

back your mortgage or you're supporting

your children they also think that it

could get quite difficult for you in

case of an illness or an accident

because you don't have any resources or

financial resources to cover such an

event and they also think that it quite

limits you in what kind of social

activities you can participate in

because you simply don't have the money

to buy entry tickets all the time

another thing and it's more general

thing is that people are worried to

simply run out of money if they only

rely on the pension research finding for

retire at 55 for younger well actually

this didn't come as a surprise for me

but the reasons behind this finding

actually made me think twice the main

reason people indicated why they wanted

to retire early is that they've seen

their parents retire at 65 and shortly

died afterwards and they don't want this

to be their case the other reason they

indicated is that they wanted to have

time to engage in the activities they

like or build their own business while

they were still young so retire at 55

for younger well sounds nice doesn't it

but how do you actually do that if you

still have a mortgage to pay back or if

you're supporting your children well

have you considered semi retirement it

means that you quit your full-time job

and you pick up an activity that can

generate some income and some is

something that you really look so I'll

give you a few examples for example if

you have a special skill like speaking

language you'd become a freelance

translator you offer your services and

you only pick up work in the time you

want to work or you could write a book

and publish it on Amazon or how about an

Airbnb tour guide well did you actually

know that exists

well it's quite fun to do for certain

people I think well I've put all the

links for OCD ideas below in the

description and I also have a different

video that goes more into depth of how

you're concerned generate income in

semi-retirement research finding number

5 having someone on whom you can rely on

for emotional support at the moment you

have your family but also your coworker

to whom you can turn to if you need

support once you retire however the

second group the work colleagues may

disappear literally overnight so what

else could you get support from I think

it's a good idea to find a social

network based on your interest

do you like knitting reading or biking

well there's actually quite a few

websites that link people with similar

interests for example there's Meetup gum

tree or even Facebook groups go ahead

and look around if you can find somebody

who has the same interests as you do or

if you need some more professional

support you might find it in religious

institution municipal counseling

services or at organizations such like

beyondblue lifeline australia or man

line australian again I've put the links

for those organizations below in the

descriptions but your main support group

is and will stay your family just serve

share in your situation where somebody

may decrease your stress research

finding number six proactively

maintaining your health what does it

mean it means that you're active follow

a healthy diet and go to the annual

health check-ups being active and

exercising may put some people off but

actually half an hour per day is enough

to maintain your health but what if

you're on a budget and you can just sign

up for a gym well there's actually quite

a free events around in Australia those

events are hosted by the city councils

for example Brisbane City Council's

program is called active parks they

offer Pilates yoga dancing or aqua

classes go ahead and have a look below

in the description I put the links to

the websites for the major Australian

cities but if you're not in Australia

there's a different website I suggest

you go and have a look at it's called a

mint bite and it lists events and active

groups for the most Majors cities in the

states and some of the UK have fun

browsing through it research finding

number-7 planning for retirement

receiving pre-retirement advice and

education well the research has shown

that if you plan for your retirement and

you get some advice or educate yourself

about subject your retirement is going

to be more happy and enjoyable but

planning for retirement doesn't only

mean financial planning

it also means planning for what kind of

lifestyle you want to have and you

retire but where do you get such advice

so most people turn to friends and

families but when you do that please

keep in mind that those people's

expectations and values may be quite

different to yours another way to get

information is for example through your

employer are you working for a big

company chances are pretty big that this

company runs retirement courses or

seminars another way are online courses

I found a very good one at ome I've put

the link for that one below in the

description as well it walks you through

all the step of retirement so that you

get the best retirement possible an

order idea is at the libraries here in

Australia there are free courses run by

the libraries for retirement planning go

over to your library

and ask maybe they're running one and

last but not least you can keep watching

my videos and you get more information

about retirement planning and the life

in after retirement so these were the

seven research finding let's have a look

at them again

first engaging in a purposeful activity

for more than five hours a week retire

at your own free will retire financially

independent retire 55 for younger having

someone for emotional support

proactively maintaining your health and

planning for retirement receiving

pre-retirement advice or education so

what do you think about all of this

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