A Day in the Life of a Muslim Imam

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my name's Naveed and I'm one of the

Imams here at shajahan mosque an imam is

someone who leads the five daily prayers

at the mosque and he might also have

other jobs looking after the community


my day begins with waking up for the

morning prayer which is the first prayer

that we pray and that would mean that

you would wake up just before sunrise

and the first thing I would do is wash

the washing is according to the waddle

or ablution and it's something that we

have to do before we pray as Muslims and

also before we touch the ground



so after the prayer we would read some

additional prayers or read some of the

Quran the prayers are done in Arabic and

the reason they are in Arabic is the

Quran which is the holy book for Muslims

is in Arabic

and in the prayer we have to read some

of the verses from the Quran then we

would have breakfast together and

sometimes I cook it sometimes my wife

cooks it but the kids prefer the wife's

cooking rather than the dads cooking

because I just give them toast with

beans or something

so as Muslims we pray five times a day

and those five prayers are spread

throughout the day and they follow the

motion of the Sun so we have a prayer

just before sunrise

early morning which is called the fajr

prayer then we have a prayer at midday

when the Sun is at its highest point in

the sky which is called the daughter

prayer then we have an afternoon prayer

which is called a sir

and then we have a prayer just at sunset

which is called Maghreb and then a

nighttime prayer once it's gone dark

which is called Asia


so when we pray as Muslims you will see

that the prayer is a number of different

motions of the body so we would be

standing then we're going to bowing and

then going into prostration which is

putting your forehead onto the ground


and the reason why we have these

different motions in the prayer is

because it shows your servant being a

servant of God and worshiping him I

dressed like this

mainly because is something that the

Prophet Muhammad a way that he dressed

but also it makes it easier when it

comes to the prayer when we pray we

cannot allow to show too much of the

body so and not a lot of skin so wearing

the long robe helps you to cover that

quite easily having a beard is something

which the Prophet Muhammad he grew his

beard and at that time generally men had


so anything that Prophet Muhammad did we

call it a son that's anything that he

did is recommended for us as Muslims to

imitate in copying

Friday is the holy day for Muslims and

it's the only day in the and the only

prayer in a week where Muslim adults

have to come to the mosque to pray men

would be praying together and women be

praying together what we're not allowed

is men and women into mingling together

so a man been praying next to a woman

and the reason for that is how naturally

the sexes are attracted to each other

and you would lose concentration in the

prayer so if you have the facilities we

would have a prayer hall for men and a

prayer hell for women



so on a Friday we would have the hot bar

and the hot bar is a sermon that the

Imam delivers which is a speech

reminding the Muslim community about

some of the morals and values that islam

teaches they see you driving around in

your flash cars and the like and they

think that's the weight that I can

achieve success that's not success once

we've done the midday prayer if I can

fit in lunch I'll try to fit in lunch

somewhere most of time is takeaway food

for sometimes I'll try to get home have

something healthy that was cooked up the

most time it's something done healthy my

role here is as a month but also I have

a wider role within the community and

that is to serve the Muslims in the

community and also the non-muslims

within the community that means I would

visit local schools to take assemblies

also visiting local hospitals visiting

local prisons and helping in those

prisons whether that's religious

counseling without advice and sometimes

it's just simply visiting people for the

sake of friendship so here at the mosque

we have a weekday madrasah and a weekend

Melissa and madrasah is a part-time

school for the Muslims in the community

and they would come here around 4:30 in

the afternoon for a couple of hours and

they would learn how to read Arabic how

to read the Quran and also learn some of

the basic beliefs that we have as


in my spare time I like to stay fit so I

like to in football and I like doing

cycling so I try to do them as much as I

can whenever I get time I'm not the best

at them but I do try I try to get home

for the Maghrib prayer and I'll do that

prayer with my wife and kids once we

finish the pray I'll play with my kids

for a short time as Muslims we have to

eat something called halal food that's

just normal food but it's just halal

means that it's permitted because

there's certain foods that are not

permitted for example our pork is not

permitted for us as Muslims to eat

we're also not allowed to drink alcohol

pretty much everything else were allowed

to eat

at home it doesn't restrict our cooking

I'm not a great cook but I can cook some

foods really well my kids don't like it

but tough luck they eat what they're

given so once we finish the night time

prayers I would try to aim for 12

o'clock to be in bed and but it's not

always the case because I'll have quite

a bit of work to do sometimes I would

get to sleep probably just after 12

o'clock or or close to half 12:00 at

night the thing I find most rewarding

about being an imam is just being there

for other people and that's what an imam

really should be doing and what his role

is he makes himself available to others

and when people come to you with their

issues and when their problems and just

being there to help resolve those issues

it's really rewarding by just being

there and doing that you feel some sort

of reward inside that I'm actually

involved in helping other people and

whether that's Muslim or non-muslim just

being there for other people is the

greatest thing that I think we can

anyone can do