10 Highest Paying Jobs You Can Learn (Without College)

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you look 40 how old are you

really I look 40 thanks man I'm actually

55 pretty handsome for a 55 year old

though now I wish I knew about this when

I was in college because this is about

the top 10 jobs that pay a ton of money

that even your immigrant parents would

be proud to brag about where my Asians

at you know what I'm talking about but

these jobs of course pants on and

require no college degrees because let's

face it college degrees aren't exactly

what they used to be but these jobs will

still require some on-the-job training

some certification may be licenses but

doing this is still way quicker cheaper

and easier to do than going through

years and years of college now my early

20's were some of the most stressful

times in my life because I come from

immigrant parents and that means I have

to succeed and take the safe route right

in order to do that you have to go to

college and then you have to get a

degree which I totally failed because I

only went for one year I was on a

scholarship everything was paid for but

I wasn't able to keep my grades up lost

my scholarship dropped out of college

and as an immigrant you guys know as an

only child as well that's you're a

failure you are done just toss the baby

out with the bathwater get rid of it but

despite all of that I was still able to

save and invest my way to have a net

worth of around $300,000 this is my

Robin Hood portfolio it's about two

hundred thousand dollars but considering

my circumstances I'm pretty happy with

that if I could do it you guys can do it

too so the following jobs are the top

ten that pays seventy five thousand

dollars a year or more with no college

degrees which as you guys know 75

thousand a year is about the threshold

with which earning more money is not

gonna make you any happier according to

research you know how I know because

when I get up in the morning I ask

myself do you want to be depressed today

or do you want to live happy and I

choose to live happy understand if

you're going to be happy you have to be


purpose happiness is not going to fall

on you we're not going to wake up every

morning and think oh wow I want to be

happy today you know some mornings we're

gonna wake up and think nobody better

get in my way

I don't feel like going to work I don't

feel like cleaning the house I don't

feel like driving in this traffic some

mornings we wake up grouchy and if we

get an agreement with those thoughts and

we start dwelling on how we feel what we

don't have and all of our problems we

may not realize it but we're choosing to

have a lousy day that's paving the way

for defeat discouragement mediocrity I'm

sorry all of my videos have pretty dumb

intros but I want to ask you what's the

one thing that we all have a relatively

equal amount of time right I want you to

use your time to invest it into yourself

because the money will follow far more

than any stock recommendation I could

ever give you and I wanted to make this

video to show you that while you're in

your 20s you should grind it out use

those exp points that you earned to

boost your education and skill tree

points it's never too late to pivot

direction to change your career to

increase your earnings potential and if

you're young you're watching this maybe

you're in college right now then I want

to ask you to please consider not going

into $100,000 worth of debt getting a

liberal arts degree please don't do it



Media and communication equipment

workers with a median annual wage of

seventy nine thousand five hundred

eighty dollars that is roughly thirty

nine dollars per hour for those of you

wondering with a projected job growth

rate of 8 percent per year through 2026

now true story in 2015 I was the lead

cardistry consultant for the now you see

me films what's a car district

consultant you ask you didn't ask I just

wanted to show off but I taught the cast

how to do that I'm about to tie

everything together but also I just want

to show off fun fact remember that card

when they throw in the white lab and

it's like the super computer chip

responsible for hacking the world yeah

this is this is the card that was used

in the movie this is the hero card that

they toss around with the microchip so

anyway I got to talk to a lot of these

guys on set and these people exist all

over the world in the film industries

and I didn't know this but there are

people that are just whose sole job it

is to focus the lens of the camera there

are other people whose sole job it is to

just mount the lenses on and off the

camera or to just operate the lights and

outside of Hollywood or the film

industry these guys are still in demand

and they maintain audio and video

equipment systems in homes and

businesses and they are still in demand

everywhere this job is a really

interesting career choice and it takes

you all over the world potentially

number nine power plant operators

seventy nine thousand six hundred ten

dollar median income with no degree for

being a power plant operator what's a

power plant a power plant is something

that generates electricity and these

guys maintain and distribute the

electricity amongst all the generators

and they also control the flow and the

voltage of electricity to meet consumer

demand depending on the time of day so I

thought CIL that this was an automatic

process but it's actually very much a


and you can bet some of these guys work

for the companies whose stock I own a

little bit of such as Northwestern

Corporation Southern Company

Centrepointe energy and a few others in

the Robin Hood app no college degree

necessary but you do need some

experience and on-the-job training and

number eights elevator peeps these are

people who elevate your spirits when

you're feeling lonely they cheer you up

and you're feeling down and sad who knew

that this was a job right just kidding

these are people who install and repair

elevators and they earn a median income

of 79 thousand seven hundred eighty

dollars but you will need a four-year

apprenticeship program which is usually

sponsored by either a contractor a union

or an industry association and you will

need a high school diploma and some

on-site training which you will get when

you get the job you will also need a

license to operate in 35 States and fun

fact Otis one of the most popular

elevator companies is actually owned by

one of the companies who I have stocks

with which is UTX or United Technologies

number seven imagine somebody comes up

to you at a party and asks what you do

for a living and you respond I'm a

powerhouse substrain and electrical and

electronic repair alright then so these

guys earn an annual median wage of

eighty thousand two hundred dollars and

they specialize in inspecting

maintaining and repairing electrical

equipment of the power stations to

become one though is not particularly

easy because you do need a high school

diploma and a lot of employers do want

to see some courses in electronics

whether that's from a community college

or from a tech school and you will

usually start out as an electrician to

get some experience first

but CNBC actually did a profile about

two weeks ago about exactly this guy and

he's earning two hundred twenty thousand

dollars per year

just imagine earning almost twenty grand

a month without a college degree if I

was a college student that could be

pretty upset about that obviously it

depends on the area and the demand but

still crazy and number six detective or

criminal investigators do you guys

remember that show CSI basically what

this is I still binge watch that show if

I find it online somewhere you guys

remember the guy that narrated it his

voice they never found

body but they found clues leading to

them solving the investigation that was


but I always thought that you needed a

college degree for this but all you need

is a high school diploma though some

agencies do require you to have some

Cholet college as my russian college

coursework prep just to get started but

you could probably get it while on the

job as well median salary of eighty one

thousand nine hundred twenty dollars

amazing these guys are awesome

and number five commercial pilot come on

this has to be a dream job for every kid

at one point or another right it was for

me in fact if I had my citizenship when

I was in high school and applying to US

Air Force Academy's my life today would

be so different but they didn't allow

any Rooskies to enter no Russians I'm

the pepper to the salt you actually can

get your pilot's license which is not

that hard to get you just have to have a

little bit of money to go through flight

school which you can do at an FAA

approved flight instructor school and

then get your pilot's license to become

a pilot with a median salary of eighty

two thousand two hundred forty dollars

incredible man I would love a job at

Boeing or like Lockheed Martin that'd be


and number four power distributors and

dispatchers these guys are kind of

similar to the power plant operators

except instead of operating the

machinery these guys control the flow of

electricity by maintaining the

Transformers the converters and the

circuit breakers and you only need a

high school diploma as well as a

certification from the North American

Electric Reliability corporations System

Operator certification program or nurse

cups worth it though because their

median income is eighty six thousand

four hundred ten dollars a year and

number three first line supervisors of

the police these include your captain's

your patrol sergeants and true-story

one of my best friends he is a police

officer here in the Vegas area earning

more than six figures a year with no

college degree whatsoever he's

absolutely loving it amazing benefits

amazing pension plan and the median

income is eighty nine thousand thirty

dollars yes a little dangerous but I

think worth it definitely top three

number two nuclear power plant operators

true story I've got a friend from high

school who's doing this the median

income is ninety four thousand three

hundred fifty dollars but my friend

is earning a lot more than that these

guys control the control rods that

generates the electricity they monitor

the turbines and the cooling systems to

go along with it to prevent Chernobyl

from happening again definitely go watch

that series if you have it really really

good all you need is a high school

diploma and lots of on-the-job training

where you will eventually prepare for a

licensed exam and the number one job on

this list that tops out all the other

jobs in terms of income is

transportation storage and distribution

managers probably the least glamorous

job on this entire list these guys

manage shipping goods in a way that

makes the most sense these guys plan and

coordinate how to manage inventory and I

always thought this was an automated

process but apparently supply chains are

an extremely complex manual process and

I imagine Amazon employs quite a lot of

these people if you guys have a high

school diploma and five years of

work-related experience you can land

this job and earn yourself ninety four

thousand seven hundred thirty dollars

and that is forty seven dollars roughly

per hour crazy now some of these jobs

will inevitably be easier to access

depending on your location some of these

jobs you can appeal to you more so than

others but above all the one thing I

don't want you to do is submit a

thousand applications into a thousand

different places thinking that someday

if you submit enough applications you're

just gonna land a better career that is

not how it works you must know somebody

like that maybe you're like that where

you just keep submitting jobs and keep

wondering how do my friends land these

like $30 an hour jobs they must know

somebody that's not how it works the

only excuse you really have is if you're

like me and maybe you live in a town

like Las Vegas we're actually getting a

good job may depend on who you know but

it doesn't have to be that way and of

course these jobs are gonna require some

preparations they're going to take a

little bit of your money and a little

bit of your time from six months to a

year or two years but take that time

learn that skill get that certification

or that license and start earning a ton

of money so pick one of these from the

list and stick with it if you're looking

at this list and you're like Andre I

don't want to do any of this stuff that

only this doesn't appeal to me I don't

wanna be any of these things just

remember your career and your job does

not define who you

the way that you make money will always

change it's always fluid as life goes on

I have held so many jobs that I thought

I was gonna keep for the rest of my life

but then life happened and some of the

smartest people I know their jobs have

constantly changed and there's some of

the smartest and most successful people

I have ever met and some people will

even tell you don't ever prioritize

money as the sole driving force which i

100% disagree with if you are fortunate

enough to have a job that's earning you

75 K or 100 K or more cut down on all

your costs try to get a 65% savings rate

suck it up for five to ten years use the

excess that you're earning from those

jobs invest it at at least four percent

return rate whether that's with dividend

stocks like I'm doing or with real

estate or whatever you're comfortable

with and in exactly ten years your

passive income is gonna be the same as

your expenses at which point you can

quit that job and then spend the rest of

your life figuring out what you want to

do that is the crossover point that I

talked about in my videos and that's

what I want for everybody if it was me

and I could go back and get one of these


I would pick none of them actually I

would go into the tech sector and learn

how to code within a few months to six

months to a year going at your own pace

just by learning a coding language and

getting certified you can get hired by

some tech company to do some backend

coding and get paid like $80,000 a year

starting salary or higher it's unreal

just how accessible tech has become

lately and I did so much research before

starting my youtube channel about what I

wanted to do because if this YouTube

thing fails this is still on the table

for me I actually have a friend who

works in the tech sector

who's the tech lead for snapchat and he

said Andre give me two weeks and I will

make you lethal I don't know what that

means but it makes me feel cool I do

love cybersecurity though just because

you have to think creatively and outside

the box maybe even outside of the coding

realm and even how to extract

information from people but it's a

fascinating thing and I think Tech is

really where the money is at right now

you can travel anywhere work from

anywhere as long as you have a laptop

you now have a skill that empowers you

to be a

amazing asset to so many companies

that's what I would consider if I could

go back and do it again no college

degree required guys love each and every

single one of you enjoy the rest of your

week I will see you all on Friday


you know so baby if you're walking down



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I just want

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