Extreme Minimalist Life Without a 9 to 5 Job

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hello friends this is yom thanks for

being here today i'll be sharing the

major differences between my previous

nine-to-five full-time job in my current

position as a digital nomad entrepreneur

and this includes what i do differently

now that i am my own boss in my own

unique situation I feel that walking the

path of entrepreneurship and being my

own boss is important as an extreme man

most and mainly because I value my time

I value energy but I understand that

entrepreneurship and my kind of

lifestyle may not appeal to everyone so

if you are walking a unique path of your

own feel free to do what works for you

and in no way do I believe that somehow

freelancing is better than a full-time

job so I'm simply here to share my

thoughts and feelings in my own path the

most life-changing aspect of minimalism

is being able to create and consume with

conscious awareness and it's important

for me to apply the same approach to not

only my possessions and living space but

also to my career and to my work as well

so it's important for me to let go of

the unnecessary meetings to let go of

the unproductive tasks and also let go

of long exhausting commutes and most

importantly to overcome work space

competition jealousy and disconnection

within the work space and within the


and in my own experience and unfolding

the three major differences between

working full-time under company versus

being my own boss includes more

opportunity for healthy risk-taking so

this means that I am able to constantly

grow with creative challenges when I am

self-employed now I'm also able to save

more time and energy by automating my

workflow and focusing more on the

quality and value instead of filling a

certain amount of hours within a week or

striving for a immediate reward at the

end of my job so the major shift that

happened in my own life after quitting

nine-to-five was more openness for new

challenges and I became more welcoming

of healthy risk-taking in the past I

feel like I didn't really invest in

career development so I didn't have much

challenges I didn't face much risk and I

did a half much room for growth and

basically I was feeling stuck in the

same tedious job but after choosing the

path of self-employment I was able to

absorb new skills and I was able to make

conscious decisions that actually led to

my growth and most importantly I was

able to express my creativity to the

fullest without feeling limited and I

feel that this was all possible because

I became less fearful of being

responsible for my own business and I

was less afraid of being the

decision-maker in life and by overcoming

my lack of enthusiasm and by overcoming

the board in my head at my desk job I

became more invested in personal

development like mindful learning and


so now that I have removed my learning

blocks I'm able to actively seek

resources that can nourish me and things

that I can't actually try and challenge

me also be sure to share with us what's

your next step in your own career and

are you looking for promotion perhaps or

are you looking to make a transfer or

are you looking to quit your own job and

do something new feel free to share your

career or your finance goals with us in

the comments below I also feel that

another major difference between working

under someone and being my own boss

includes being able to freely automate

my workflow and being able to make

conscious decisions about my work hours

so when a lot of my tedious tasks are

automated then I get to take the rest of

the day or even the rest of the week off

without needing to open up my laptop I

feel that this is a major difference

because in the past I have to fill my

work hours no matter what and I did this

in order to prove my work and to earn

that paycheck and I also felt like in

the past my previous positions were not

really maximizing - technology and

resources available in order to be more

intentional with time and energy but now

that I am more in control the first

thing I do is to first identify what can

be easily automated and synced like my

scheduling some of my social feeds and

personal data like passwords and payment

details and some of the tools that I

like to use and recommend for automation

includes a beer and I also like using


for social media manage management and I

also use asana or Trello for creative

content planning and the most effective

tool for autofill and securing personal


I use is - Lee and I'm grateful to team

up with them the response to ship for

this video and I really appreciate their

message of keeping all my important

personal data synced secured and ready

to go wherever I am so with both their

desktop and phone app I can simply log

in into any of my online accounts

instantly and I'm able to autofill all

my personal and payment info data with

ease and I know that it's common to

spend a lot of time trying to recover

data but now I feel much more at ease by

allowing dashlane to take care of

everything and to alert me when there's

a security breach so if you also value

security and if you also value saving

time and generally just uncomplicated

things in your life I would love to

share my offer of 30-day free trial and

this also includes a 10% off the premium

plan when you use my code here you're

living at - Ling comm / here you're

living so with the combination of easy

to use programs I get to focus on what

really matters like the tasks that bring

me joy and the things that actually

contribute to my own creative project

and I get to let go of all the tedious

tasks that no longer serves me and that

no longer serves my own business

so less responsibilities and fewer

things to worry about

they all bring me more peace of mind and

ease within the big picture in the past

I was trained to desire a high-paying

position from watching TV and being on

social media and being exposed to

successful people in my surrounding and

back then my ultimate goal was to own

what these people owned like

money like their possessions their

career path and I was very result

oriented and focused on gain instead of

thinking about the process and being

grateful of the unfolding but now I

believe that it's not really the outcome

or the result that I desire but what I

truly want deep down inside is the

learning process of cultivating the

knowledge and cultivating the skills

necessary for success so I may choose to

seek the conscious knowledge and I may

choose to seek the step by steps to

getting where I want because this

knowledge and awareness brings me

happiness and through that process of

getting that perfect job or getting that

perfect lifestyle I feel that people

learn how to be confident and we all

learn how to be more empowered and

knowledgeable during the unfolding so

for my own experience of knowing what

it's like to be both the goal-oriented

person as well as now being the process

oriented person I believe that it's not

really the striving and straining that

allows me to achieve great success or

happiness or freedom but what truly

allows me to manifest good things in my

own life is the practice of appreciating

the process and the present moment

so I hope that you gradually manifest

your dreams your wants and needs with

ease within your own pace and comfort

level and I'm always here to support you

and share helpful resources within this

community so I'll drop a link to my

career workbook and Finance workbook if

you are interested if you enjoyed this

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friends and I hope to see you again soon