Inspirational and Motivational Quotes on How to Live a Good Life

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the name of this project is good life

project when I want to bring up that

phrase you know what does it mean to you

to live a good life what comes up to you

the most important thing is it means you

get to decide what good is and if you

are living somebody else's good life you

are making a huge mistake for me its

peacefulness I just want to lay my head

down at night and feelings just to feel

like your things will be different you

know because you've decided to to be

intentional about things I think that's

it that's a very rewarding feeling once

you know what you're put on this earth

to do and you find your calling getting

to do it is definitely a good life just

not living the life that everyone else

intended for you being deliberate about

the way that you live your life each of

us individually together is to have a

happy life and I'll make happy and good

the same in this context I think I

didn't mean this yeah that's it that's

the goal celebration and irreverence and

not taking things too seriously

integration integrating the wholeness of

who we are living with passion ease

abundance and amusement love love

gratitude to always be growing to always

be learning to always be stretching to

be aware of your life aware of

everything in it of what's important the

life of heartful connection and heartful

contribution and service live with

bravery and say that with our sense of

I'm not giving up to live a life that

has love and connection becoming the

best version that I can be of myself

every single day to get to spend your

time doing the things that make you

happy the extent to which I can stay

true to myself like live an authentic

life like make the work that I want to

make in ways that feel good to me

there's nothing better than helping a

fellow human being when you see that

like it makes everything worthwhile

connecting with just one person and

making a difference for them wake up in

the morning do something that I find

meaningful something that I inherently

enjoy something that I think in a tiny

way makes a little bit of a contribution

to the world

it means flourishing life where you you

feel good you feel at peace with your

past do you feel optimistic about your

future and you at the moment do the best

that you can to be present and to be

happy and to be in alignment with who

you are the braver I get and the more

I'm willing to just kind of live my life

out of the box the better my life gets

and the better the lives of the people

that are important to me get if this is

Groundhog's Day may not be such a bad

thing being happy with what you have

knowing that it's enough knowing that

you're enough feeling that sense of

connection to source itself a good life

happens when you stop and are grateful

for the ordinary moments that so many of

us just steamroll over to try to find

those extraordinary moments

is to know that you are perfectly fine

you know like like really and that you

get to become who you're meant to be

I'll know that I will have lived at

least half of my life right now I'll

call it the better being exactly who I

am and I can be honest about it I don't

have to apologize for it and that maybe

along the way I'll have helped a few




pretty good life