42 RULES FOR LIFE (the deleted quora post) - Jordan Peterson

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I'll read you the rules okay maybe

you'll find them interesting tell the

truth do not do things that you hate

which i think is a variant of telling

the truth because you have to act out

the truth as well as telling it act so

that you can tell the truth about how

you act that's obviously related to the

first to pursue what is meaningful not

what is expedient if you have to choose

be the one who does things instead of

the one who is seen to do things

pay attention assume that the person you

are listening to might know something

you need to know listen to them hard

enough so that they will share it with

you plan and work diligently to maintain

the romance in your relationships to be

careful who you share good news with be

careful who you share bad news with make

it least one thing better every single

place you go imagine who you could be

and then aim single-mindedly at that do

not allow yourself to become arrogant or

resentful try to make one room in your

house as beautiful as possible compare

yourself to who you were yesterday not

to someone else is today work as hard as

you possibly can on at least one thing

and see what happens if old memories

still make you cry write them down

carefully and completely maintain your

connections with people do not

carelessly denigrate social institutions

or artistic achievement treat yourself

as if you or someone that you are

responsible for helping ask someone to

do you a small favor so that he or she

can ask you to do one in the future make

friends with people who want the best

for you

do not try to rescue someone who does

not want to be rescued and be very

careful about rescuing someone who does

nothing well done is insignificant set

your house in perfect order before you

criticize the world dress like the

person you want to be be precise in your


stand up straight with your shoulders

back don't avoid something frightening

if it stands in your way

and don't do unnecessarily dangerous


do not let your children do anything

that makes you dislike them do not

transform your wife into a maid

do not hide unwanted things in the fog

notice that opportunity lurks where

responsibility has been abdicated read

something written by someone great pet a

cat when you encounter one on the street

don't bother children when they're


don't let bullies get away with it write

a letter to the government if you see

something that needs fix it and propose

a solution remember that what you do not

yet know is more important than what you

already know and be grateful in spite of

your suffering