3 Things You MUST Do In Your 20s For LONG TERM Success In Life

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what's up ladies and gentlemen this is

BC Bronco sellout this is your first

time to my channel I welcome you make

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lot of knowledge here and help everybody

out for real estate people sales people

entrepreneurs men women and everybody so

in this particular video I wanted to

share with you because I know the

majority of my audience is between the

age of 17 18 and 35 the bulk of you are

gonna fall into your 20s and I wanted to

give you some specific advice if I was

to rewind the clock to my 20 year old

version self going out into the world

now versus back then some changes I

would make some mistakes that maybe I

made and how I can help you okay the

first thing I'm going to discuss is

there has been a difference right even

me growing up in my 20s social media was

there but nothing like it is now so you

have an abundance of opportunity and so

many more options compared to what I had

or people before me it's a lot more

acceptable now to be less politically

correct to have tattoos and you know

it's cool to be an entrepreneur now and

not go to college so you're not gonna

deal with as many social pressures you

can say as my generation another one

before it because even though people are

still very snow flaky people are still

very sensitive it's not as bad if you

tell people now you don't want to go to

college you don't get the whole society

backlash like you did before there's a

little less resistance they're okay with

that save you have more opportunity and

you have to have that in mind alright

and I want to start with that because a

lot of people will go and look on social

media now who were younger maybe early

twenties teens early teens late teens

and again messages like this all the

time saying man my life is over you know

you have a Lamborghini you're doing this

and I don't have anything and they tell

me they're 15 or 16 years old and I kind

of feel bad because social media has

made the world so much smaller that you

know that one billionaire in Bugatti

sorry in Dubai that has ten Bugattis you

would have never seen before and now you

can go on YouTube and type in Bugatti

and you'll see

million so it's become more regular and

it seems as if everybody has a

Lamborghini and Bugatti and now it's

created this delusion that people feel

like oh and I'm never gonna have it and

this whole comparison thing started well

I am behind there ahead and that's the

kind of the first thing I want to bust

for you in your mind is you need to

immediately stop comparing yourself to

other people

you have your own route your own journey

draw some inspiration from others you

it's okay to admire some other people

and for them and their accomplishments

than what they've done or maybe some

skills they've acquired however you

can't belittle yourself in the process

and say man that guy has a Bugatti and

he's you know 35 I'm 20 I don't have a

penny to my name I'm a failure

no it's not like that okay social media

used it as a form of inspiration but

also don't look at it as some limiting

factor saying all these people already

have this I don't have anything chill

take a deep breath and understand that

you need to go out there in life and

experiment might try out different

careers me getting into real estate it

took after I finished playing basketball

my professional career it took you know

a year and a half two years roughly to

decide on real estate I was out there

interviewing at jobs checking stuff out

working little side gigs and none of it

clicked until I found real estate that's

it this is it so with that said there

has to be a little bit less research and

watching and more action in you

experiencing and life shadowing people

working for somebody else getting your

beak wet in these different avenues to

say okay this is for me this isn't for

me and whatever you choose you go all-in

don't worry about who's already

established don't worry about all this

guys already built a huge company this

and that again the whole comparison

thing has to be thrown out the window

and you need to just focus in on what

you want to do once you choose and find

the right career which like I said it's

gonna take experimentation get out there

and try stop being so oh don't do

what your friend does just because he's

your friend go out and experiment for


everybody has their own unique abilities

strengths weaknesses try something out


try something out get out there live

life you may fail you may have


normal right and then when you find the

right thing you'll know just like when I

found real estate even though I'm not

passionate about it I knew it was the

right vehicle to help me get to where I

wanted to get and to create the life

that I've created okay and you will do

the same trust and let go let go what

does I need to know I didn't know you'll

find out you would let go

release that internal resistance okay

now tie it to the first thing which was

a which is what I want to talk about now

you have to immediately pull yourself

out of this race it's always Oh someone

so got a new car oh so and so did this

someone so did that I see it a lot in

the car community where it's oh how

quickly can I one-up the next guy oh he

got a Ferrari I'm gonna get a well he

got a four or five eight I'm gonna get a

488 oh he got a Lamborghini Huracan I'm

gonna get an Aventador and one-up him it

becomes this ego battle - who has the

next best shiny object okay you have to

get yourself ahead of that race you need

to understand that life is long-term it

doesn't matter who gets the car first

you're on your own journey build wealth

build some sort of stability financial

stability for yourself and those around

you if you have people to take care of

and know that this is a marathon not a

sprint a lot of people get into this

thing thinking it's a sprint a lot of

the you see on social media is

a lot of people that claim they

have multi-millions and it's so easy and

peachy are full of right I'm in one

through the last couple years to share

out my channel that I up a lot of

struggles warning people hey you get

into real estate entrepreneurship it's

not easy it's gonna be a lot of work and

you can achieve success but it's not

gonna be easy and that's one of the main

reasons on every video I'm not flashing

you know my homes and the Lamborghinis

and all that

because I don't need to right I'll show

it a little bit to inspire people or

more because it shows my personal

connection with the goal that I set out

and me accomplishing it but it's nothing

you know it's not this over-the-top

thing so understand that for you it's

the long game it's not the short game

it's the long game if your friend or

somebody who started with have some more

success than you upfront or they get

ahead and they start making more money

before you do it's okay

years let go who the are you trying

to impress anyway the 10,000 people who

follow you on Instagram who don't even

know you or care about you or

only follow you because you have some

sort of status and value because at the

end of the day that's what it is it's

all about value ladies and gentlemen

especially if you're a man if you have a

lot of value meaning you have money you

have power you have Fame that's why

people follow you you could be the same

exact person it but without any of that

and to the outside their perception

you can have zero value they won't

follow or care they'll be on to the next

person so understand that okay you can't

use a following to help you grow to help

you grow your business of course but

don't be so attached and this is

the next key so attached to I need

followers I need views it doesn't matter

look at my YouTube channel I

have over a hundred thousand subscribers

and I get what two or three thousand

views per video cool I'd like to get

more views of course but I'm not sitting

here crying on my pillowcase

every night who can use this subs I

don't care if people are getting valued

from my videos and my programs from our

products in my life which I know they

are because of all the messages that I

get good that's all that matters I can

improve my business and I'm always

striving to be better of course but as

I'm not so attached to it that a video

comes out and I get no views I'm

depressed for a week no it's not like

that it's just a part of the process

okay I have a complete detachment from

everything which is a lesson you can

learn from this you can have all the

cars and homes and financial all

the success you want but don't be

attached to it there can't be this

extreme emotional attachment you could

take all my away from me everything

and I'll be okay you know why because I

know I can have it back and more no

problem straight up that's what you need

to get to it's great to be psyched up

and go after goals but you'll notice

even if for you watching you remember

the last time you set a goal it was

great when you got it and you were happy

but did it not did the excitement not

wane after a while did you not suddenly

become dissatisfied again and you wanted

the next thing and the next thing and

the next thing that's the beautiful part

it's a double-edged sword about being a

human being is you have this relentless

drive but when you get what you want

it's like okay what's the next thing

same thing for you guys getting girls

remember that

grow you want it for a year six months

and you finally got her how did you feel

after being with her for a couple months

and sleeping with her a lot spending a

lot of time with her right and though

this is some raw and some people

might be like whoa it's true then you

were looking for the next one you we're

not as satisfied as you were in the

beginning when you were chasing her

right same thing with cars and houses

and monetary success and getting the

trophies or whatever it is that you want

eventually that goes away and you're on

to the next on to the next so recognize

that the lack of attachment to it

meaning oh I have to have it if I don't

have it I'm dead mm-hmm it's not I'm

happy once I get it I'm happy while I'm

there I'm happy when I get it and I'm

happy after that's gonna help you

tremendously tremendously that lack of

attachment okay it's very very easy to

say and harder to demonstrate especially

in the beginning when you're hustling

and maybe you don't have a lot of money

and you do have some sort of pressure on

you because of bills and financial

responsibilities it's okay

you will figure it out okay next piece

of advice I'm gonna give you okay now

with social media we see a huge influx

of different gurus and mentors this and

that I'm going to give you again this

whole video is just my opinions right

I'm here just to entertain right what do

I know but there's been a big push

lately on multiple streams of income

which in itself is not bad however

people who first do not have a strong

one source of income are spreading

themselves too thin this is what I mean

about that whatever you choose to do

let's say you want to be a realtor like

I was when I started okay or whatever it

is build a strong foundation with that

before you start attempting to spread

yourself into ten things and get

multiple streams of income I didn't

create my second stream of income until

I was probably about three years into

real estate roughly now I have a ton now

I have seven or eight which is great but

that one was a solid foundation and it

made me a lot of money multiple six

figures hey before I even started

hustling to get another one that gave me

a thousand or two thousand dollars a

month which is

what it'll be in the beginning okay you

need to build that strong foundation

with whatever it is now you have to pick

the right thing if you go into work for

yourself and you're an entrepreneur

you're a real-estate person which is

basically a business owner or an

entrepreneur to some sort of sales job

whatever it is build that strong build

that foundation super super super deep

and strong from there then do it okay

there's too much focus on and this is

kind of tied to this point I want to

build all this passive residual income

and then there's no focus on your active

income look if you're ten or sorry

fifteen twenty thirty forty heaven even

fifty you have plenty of time to keep

working why don't we focus so much on

passive residual income which is great

in itself I'm not saying it's not but we

need to focus and put just as much time

energy if not twice as much into active

income why not get our active and come

through the roof then that's going to

become infinitely easier now to build

our passive and residual income because

you can create products and you know

subscription groups for yourself you

know that you make money on and you

teach people you can purchase stocks you

can purchase real estate some long-term

investments by increasing your active

income more and faster and stronger

right that's the whole point the second

step of passive residual becomes much

easier when we start building this

active income very very strong very very

solid ok now again you're gonna have a

gazillion different people telling you

different stuff okay I'm giving you from

my personal experience and what I think

is really gonna help you especially for

those of you who follow me who are

somewhere in your 20s or late teens

getting started okay this is the route

that I took and it helped me a lot

alright tied to some of the earlier

points is don't worry about all the

fancy the Lambos and all that stuff

that's all beautiful to have but in the

beginning when you get those earnings

you reinvest them back into yourself and

your business so you can start scaling

more and more you can start buying more

investments and creating more passive

residual income then then you can get

all this without any problem okay

now tied to that is going to be that you

learn about money number one and to have

a very solid strong unbreakable

the management system now I'm going to

link here in the cards and at the end

screen my broke 2 millionaire series and

in one of those videos and the whole

series is great by the way I recommend

you watch every video but I give a very

simple money management system that will

help you build long term wealth you know

living on a percentage of your income

saving 10% for education 10% for long

term investment that's going to help you

tremendously I used to be terrible with

money so can get better I used to be

terrible mainly because of my beliefs

and how I was raised

however following that money management

system will change your financial life

and your life period

I think it's 87% of people don't even

have $2,000 in their checking account

that's sad

not even 87 percent of people here in

America that's said so you got to get

your money right ladies and gentlemen

you've got to get your money right

financial management system okay now I'm

gonna go over one more point and this is

something I specialize in and then I'll

in the video and I probably will be

continuing this there's a series and I

may even talk about this the 20s era and

a lot of my interviews because some of

the friends that I have who have

established wealth or not in their 20s

anymore and they can impart a lot of

wisdom on you as far as mistakes that

were made okay this is the last one this

is what I specialize in it's not the

most popular however they will determine

ultimately how high you get up in the

ranks and that's your mindset we need to

understand that we live in a mental

universe ladies and gentlemen shout out

to a roach and i MC it's all in a state

of mind it is all in a state of mind my

ability to make my mind says stronger

build my confidence and be unbreakable

on the inside has what has been the

biggest factor in my success in my

continued success as far as outside of

just real estate speaking gigs new

relationships I've made other

opportunities has been all because of my

mindset you've all been in places where

you're broken down mentally you're

crying you have no confidence well

imagine if you could less than that and

practically completely eliminated so

your unbreakable so that 90% of the time

95% of the time you're strong in you're

confident and you're only vulnerable

this amount of the time not five percent

confident 95% vulnerable and scared

right how many of you live with anxiety

fear uncertainty

what if you could eliminate that well

working on your mindset building your

confidence and building all these

strategical mental tools will get you

there okay now that's a constant

conquest of knowledge studying the right

people developing yourself right I've

studied a ton of people Jim Rome Anthony

Robbins Brian Tracy Tom Hopkins I mean

you name it Robert Greene who wrote the

48 laws of power the art of seduction

mastery and all those other books all

those titles I mean I'm a constant

student of the game of communication of

the mind

studying NLP studying hypnosis get well

first you have to learn sales of course

that goes with it

and I might even talk about that here at

the end a little bit but your mind is

your best friend or your worst enemy now

if you're serious about improving

yourself and you would like some help

with it I do offer a program on my

website called modern success and we

focus a lot on the mind we also focus on

sales and other stuff but that's in the

description if you're interested okay

focus is on the money now the last thing

I'm gonna focus on is sales if you learn

how to sell on the highest level you

will be a fantastic communicator you

will always be needed in an economy and

three you will always make more money

than the average person that's for sure

because sales is a skill I don't care if

you're introvert I don't care if you're

a man or a woman what religion you're

from what skin color you have it doesn't

matter if you can sell you can sell

period that is a language of money it is

a language of influence it is a language

of persuasion and sales skills will take

you much farther than just working

behind a computer or being somebody

who's transactional meeting and working

behind a desk if you're working behind a

cashier you know a register whatever it

is now if you're working that to make

money more power to you however your

ability to sell will take you very very

far learning basic sales skills you can

learn on YouTube you can learn from me

plenty of people out there to now begin

to study to hone your craft okay now I

don't want to make this video too long

we're already at about 17 minutes and I

will end it here I will probably start

zooming in on certain topics here and

giving them to you again

but understand if you follow this basic

advice and you get into action a CTI oh

and action you will be much more

successful than the average person okay

it's great to study it's great to learn

for me and other people however you have

to put it into action okay so that's it

for this one ladies and gentlemen leave

a comment below if you made it here to

the end and what you liked about the

video anything you'd like to add if

maybe you're not in your 20s or in your

late 20s and you have some advice for

the people just getting into their 20s

okay make sure you subscribe to the

channel make sure you like the video and

as always I will see you all the next

one Tec peace out