LIFE IS SHORT | Live Every Day for God - Billy Graham Inspirational & Motivational Video

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Time is short

What is your life it's even a vapor that appeareth for a little time and then vanishes away

If someone had told me when I was 20 years old

That life was very short and would pass just like that

I wouldn't have believed it. And if I tell you that you don't believe it either

I cannot get young people to understand how brief life is how quickly it passes

It seems like yesterday. I was in school

Every one of us here has been given the same amount of time in a day

Fourteen hundred and forty minutes a day

168 hours per week

Seventy years God allows us and it's interesting to me with all of our medical science. We've never passed that magic mark

The average American male today lives

seventy years

and four months

The average female 73 years and six months

More people live to be 70

but the average age

of an American is still 70 as taught in the scriptures

What a thing it is when you think that you have just one short life to spend and it will soon be over

I'd write down my priorities in life and I'd get committed to certain priorities

Now is the accepted time the things we ought to do the classes we ought to take the books

we ought to read do it now

The family that needs you spend more time now

Write that letter home now that you've been meaning to write

Money you ought to give give now time for study do it now people you ought to witness to do it now

Every time the clock ticks, it seems to say now

Today if you will hear his voice

There may not be a tomorrow for you and for me

Because there's a warning to time

Time is running out for all of us time is too short for indecision and vacillation

Do not halt between two opinions

Fools say the time is long. Every morning we have

86,400 seconds to spend and to invest

And each day the bank named time opens a new account for you and for me

It allows no balances in no overdrafts if you fail to use the days deposits the loss is yours

The Bible says redeem the time because the days are evil and the days in which we are living are very evil

If there was ever a time for the gospel that can transform the human heart it's now

Jesus said as long as it is day, we must do the work of him that sent us the night is coming when no

Man can work

The night is going to come in your life. Yet there was a serenity about the work of the Lord Jesus

It's the quality of life. Not the length

Jesus only had 33 years

And it ended on the cross

To the world He was a failure yet that moment yet at the end of his life

He said I finished the work that thou gave me to do

It doesn't matter whether you live another year or two years of five years

Will your work be finished. Is there a quality to it. Is there a dedication to it

Suppose all of our members tithe their time to witness for Christ as we tithe our income for the church

Fill your heart with the Word of God, I found that those who know the scriptures are the ones that have the power today

But we need men and women who walk with God

And if you do that you too can finish the work that God gave you to do

And help us to realize the brevity and the urgency of time

And may we invest what little time we have in the kingdom of God