Practical Tips on HOW TO LIVE OUT THE BIBLE // Christian Advice

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say you guys actually here with coffee

and Bible time and I'm here with another

Bible video to add to my Bible series

and this video was actually requested by

Adeline thank you so much for emailing

me I love getting requests so I know

what you guys want to see so it is so

important to be living out God's Word

here are just a few examples jesus said

in Luke 11 he replied blessed rather are

those who hear the word of God and obey

it and Romans 2 Paul says for it is not

those who hear the law who are righteous

in God's sight but in those who obey the

law who will be declared righteous so

the third verse is from James 1:22 and

James says do not merely listen to the

word and so to see yourself do what it

says and the fourth verse is one I just

totally love it's in Matthew and Matthew

says therefore everyone who hears these

words of mine and puts them into

practice is like a wise man who built

his house on the rock the rain came down

the streams rose and the winds blew and

beat against the house yet it did not

fall because it hadn't it had its

foundation on the rock so if we hear

God's Word and put it into practice oh

my goodness

maybe all these verses show that it is

so key and God will bless us now don't

get me wrong I'm not saying that what we

do is going to get us to heaven so our

actions will never get us to heaven it

is by faith in Jesus Christ that we get

to heaven but

in John 14:15 it says if you love me you

will obey what I command ask yourself do

I read the Bible and live it out so when

I read his words am I truly living it

out you guys have asked yourself this

question and truly reflect on us

okay so now getting into the tips for

practically doing this so my first tip

this is like when you're reading the

Bible step one

pray prayer is so important you need to

be communicating with God during this

time step two read his word now for a

lot of people that's really hard to do

because it's not what you want to do but

fight against your flesh and read God's

Word step 3 meditate on the scripture

like the verses that are speaking out to

you read them over again just really

dive deep into his word step 4 is to

journal about it and here's when you're

going to ask yourself the practical

questions on how you're going to live

out now when you are journaling and

writing things down you are more likely

to live it out in your life 1 what did I

see about God so what characteristics

did you see in God what did you see

about God what did you learn about God

who he is what he's done even about

Jesus to Jesus is God question 2 what

did I see about myself so from looking

at the characteristics of God in Jesus

what then can I see about myself because

our goal is to live like Jesus lived so

then the second question that's perfect

what did I see about myself that I need

to change that I need to work on that

you know all that Jess so step 3 is how

is that going to change me how is this

practically in your life going to change

you list out the reasons on how it will

change you in step 4 when when will this

change me if you're going to write down

exactly when

like boom-boom-boom you're more likely

to remember it in your life when it

happens and then my fourth tip would be

to end this time in prayer start it with

prayer end it with prayer because if you

don't start with prayers or not in

prayer during it you're not ending it

with prayer then it's kind of an empty

pursuit so my hope you guys enjoyed

these tips on how to be living out the

Bible more and more so important and I

hope you guys have a wonderful day happy

spring-- bye guys