10 Mistakes Students Make In College Life | How To Survive College? | Anmol Singh

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what's up people well the time has come

when most of you will have either

started college or about to enter your

college life my first year in college

who are the disaster in fact some of the

memories still haunt me and that's

because I made most of the mistakes

almost every college freshman makes

disclaimer I didn't make all of these

mistakes but yes some of them and the

rest I've observed on my peers and I

want to make sure you don't do that so

here are the 10 mistakes you need to

avoid making when you enter college

number 1 choosing the wrong friends

about classroom mckarrick hi adults for

topcat they're in college you will find

people who will manipulate you misuse

you and even distract you from your

goals hang out with only those who will

push you forward in life

number 2 taking attendance to lightly

bunking classes is fine as long as it's

not too much ok 5 marks for attendance

might sound too little but they mean a

lot when you screw up your externals

also professors notes are worth it take

them seriously

number 3 being too open about your

personal life first day of college you

meet many new people and then comes the

intro don't just start bragging about

your achievements or talking about your

dating life people are quick at spotting

weaknesses and then using them against

you or taking advantage of you

remember that number 4 focusing on

everything else but your course it's

great you're enjoying a newfound freedom

in college roaming around in corridors

hanging out with friends organising

events etc etc but don't forget your

studies college may look very easy but

it's not number 5 focusing too much on

the course

you don't have to become a nerd instead

you need to learn to balance your social

life with your academic life make sure

you don't pass out as an unemployable

graduate like most Indians do build

skills real practical skills number six

immediately wanting to date someone for

all the hormone influence high school

kids the word college means the place

you find true love Cupid has freaking

blinded you okay I understand you can't

help it but see you've just started

college get your notes on track first

get your academics and career in sync

and then do whatever you wish to do if

you sit in the class and wait for love

for hot lumbar like at a guy's car

number seven poor grooming in college

you meet a lot of new people who

basically judge you by your appearance

especially your hair face clothes shoes

nails and odor

trust me if you are poorly groomed your

peers will either back bite you or body

shame you to another level but see you

are awesome so keep your grooming on

point number eight spending money the

wrong way as part a they're up high Vega

I understand you have money in your

pocket you have to be accepted by your

peers and you have to appear cool but

see first if you have purchased your

course books paid your tuition fee and

have enough to invest in your betterment

like gym fee etcetera

number nine not making enough contacts

improve your people skills befriend your

seniors participate in inter college

events and make new contacts there the

larger your network the more better off

you will be in practically handling

situations in life number ten being

influenced by others well I can

understand how overwhelming and jealous

it is to see someone come college on

expensive bikes and wearing branded

stuff but please don't suck your parents

blood and money demanding that you don't

have it it's fine the society will still

accept you study hard and earn it if you

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