5 Basic Habits of the Christian Life

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let's talk about five basic habits for

the Christian life you know living as a

Christian in some ways doesn't make us

that different than the people around us

because we are in the world but we're

not of the world so so there's this

tension sometimes that we we should live

our lives it is relatable to the people

around us but on the other hand there

should be some habits that distinguish

us there are some basic things that

Christians have always done and should

always do there are five of them habit

number one is reading the Bible now the

Bible is God's Word that's what

Christians believe Christians believe

the Bible is infallible

it's authoritative we believe that it is

our guide for living so if we believe

those things will we better read the

Bible for ourselves the good news is as

a Christian you don't just have to

listen to what your pastor says about

the Bible that's part of it hopefully

he's teaching you some great stuff but

you can go open your Bible app or open

your Bible at home and you can read

God's Word for yourself you can read and

study the Bible and this is a basic

habit that every Christian should have

in their life either daily or at least

weekly the second habit is prayer you

know the Christian life is not just a

religion it's a relationship it's a

relationship with a personal Living God

God isn't some far-off distant being

that's not interested in our lives he

wants a relationship with us that's what

Christianity is about that's what a

pursuit of God is all about and just

like any other relationship it's not

going to be a very good relationship if

you don't communicate regularly you know

if you if you communicate with your

spouse once a month or once a year or

just when you really have troubles in

your life you're gonna have a pretty

lousy marriage and the same things true

and in your relationship with God if you

communicate with him just when you need

something you're gonna have a pretty

lousy pursuit of God so that's why the

habit of Prayer is really important in

every Christians life now the third

habit is connection you know just like

prayer is a way that we connect with God

small groups and group life that's the

way that we connect with other people

some people call this fellowship

connecting intentionally with people in

our world in a small group in family

devotional time and

couple devotional time you know meeting

with a men's group a women's group

whatever these things should not be

optional in our lives as Christians we

should pursue this because this is a

spiritual habit that will develop a

greater love for God a greater

understanding of his word and a better

ability to live it out in our everyday


the fourth habit is giving every single

Christian needs to understand the

importance of being a giver it's really

easy to get caught up in the thought

that that I'm a consumer you know Jesus

loves me he died for me that pastors

preaching a message for me you know that

worship is is for me and how it makes me

feel and reading the Bible is all for me

and if you're not careful you can think

that the Christian life is just all

about you but this fourth habit is

important that as Christians we should

be givers not just takers now that means

we should give of our time through

serving we should give of our talent you

know in the local church or or even just

in the community we should be a giver

and we should give of our treasure as

well we should give financially on a

regular basis to Kingdom advancing

purposes to the local church into World

Missions so that is what the fourth

habit of giving is all about and the

fifth habit for the Christian life is

sharing your faith you know this is the

one that sort of makes people a little

bit nervous wait so I'm supposed to

share my faith with people in the world

Jesus called that making disciples and a

lot of a lot of Christians believe that

that's something that only pastors

should do or people in full-time

ministry should do but the more you read

the Bible the more you'll understand

that sharing your faith making disciples

mentoring people in your world helping

them discover the truth of God's Word so

that they could live it out in their

everyday lives this is something that

God has called all of us to do that's

what he said in Matthew 28 when he said

go make disciples he was saying go share

your faith don't keep this to yourself

invite other people into this pursuit of


that's the fifth habit there are more

habits for the Christian life but these

five basic habits are a great start and

you should never think that you would

graduate from these five basic habits of

the Christian life