5 Steps to a More Peaceful Life

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are talking about 5 ways to cultivate

peace in our lives I think peace is a

big component that's missing in a lot of

our lives because our lives are crazy

busy and as women there's all kinds of

emotions and they're strong and there's

all different things happening in our

lives peace is something that can be

really really hard to come by and these

are five ways that I have found to

cultivate peace in my own life and I'm

gonna tell you these five things and

some of them you're gonna say well

that's impossible I can't do that this

is all about choices it's all about

choosing good for ourselves which is a

lot of what I talk about on this channel

you have to make choices to cultivate

peace in our hearts in our brains and

our spiritual eyes it is a succession of

hard choices but it's not impossible and

everything that I talk about in these

five things is not impossible

so I'm are hard harder for some of us

than others but not impossible

the first way it's kind of random that

we can cultivate peace in our lives that

I find so helpful for me is to put

things away what do I mean by that

clothes dishes groceries stuff whatever

it is when I am done using something if

it's a dress or whatever it is I'm

changing my clothes it's so easy to just

put it on the floor and be done with it

but in that moment I say okay well I'm

gonna have to do this now or I'm gonna

have to do it later I'm going to do it

right now I'm going to put things away

getting clutter out of our lives and and

having like an orderly place where we

live whether that's your room or or your

kitchen at home whatever whatever kind

of place you live having order in our

lives and in our living spaces is an

amazing way to cultivate peace in our

lives and you might say that I could

never do I promise you you could do it

just in that moment say man I have to do

this now I'm gonna have to put this away

later I'm gonna put it away now and

bring peace to my life it's amazing what

can happen when we do that the second

way it's a little bit bigger it's about

letting go of grudge

in our lives and I talked about this in

the chapter called forgive and forget

and go bravely my book forgiving and

forgetting is something that's really

hard to do it's very easy to hold on to

grudges in our lives when people have

wronged us and there's a million

different scenarios where people could

have wronged us whether that's our

parents whether that's our teachers

whether that's our friends whether

that's an ex-boyfriend whether that's

our boyfriend whether that's our husband

whatever it is it's so easy to just hold

on to that grudge and say no this person

hurt me so badly this person wronged me

so badly I'm not gonna forgive them I'm

just gonna hold on to this there's no

way to have peace in our lives if we're

holding under grudges there's just no

way and I go and say that more in the

chapter I in my book and some of you

have read that already but it's so

important to just learn to let go and to

learn to forgive and if you're a one who

believes in the Lord the Lord can teach

us how to forgive there has been

situations in my life where I was like

Jesus I in my own humanity really can't

forgive this person and I'm gonna need

your help and your grace in order to do

that he is good at giving us the grace

to do those things but it's so important

to look at my life and think but I'm

gonna have peace in my life

what grudges am i holding on to what

resentments am i holding against people

and how can I work through those and let

those go and learn to let those go no

matter how deep they are there's so many

different scenarios and so many

different kinds of depths and levels to

the ways that people have heard us and

wronged us and some of them go back

years and years and years and someone

was like a little squabble with a friend

I don't know what resentments or grudges

you hold on to in your life but stepping

back to examine those maybe even

prayerfully in your life very important

and learning to let those go complicated

process but a worthwhile one the third

way that I've learned a cultivate peace

in my life is to not procrastinate haha

I don't save everything until the last

minute and it's a tendency that I have I

want to save everything to the last

minute and I have to intentionally make

the choice not to when I was in high

school and we would get off for

Christmas break the whole first night in

my Christmas break I would get home at

like you know 2 or 3 o'clock or whatever

and I had so much homework that was

assigned to me oh my gosh high school

was so hard so much homework and

would do it all that night I was like I

want a peace filled Christmas vacation I

don't want to have all this stuff

looming over my head I'm going to do all

of this right now when we save

everything until the last minute there's

no way to have peace in our lives

because everything is chaos all the time

everything is stressed we always have

this dark cloud looming over our heads

were like oh my gosh I still have to do

that I don't my god she's old to do that

oh and there's no way to be peaceful but

I found so much even in that one little

thing of doing all that homework on that

night was so hard it took me like seven

or eight hours but I would do it I

wanted such a good lesson then that for

the rest of the time the two weeks that

I have for Christmas break I could feel

free to just have fun - just relax

knowing that I could go in after New

Year's all of my assignments would be

done like I would just have to pack up

my backpack and go back to school and

there was so much peace to be found in

that and that is something that goes

across the board in all of our lives

right you might be like yeah

procrastination station right here like

you cannot stop procrastinating it is a

discipline and choice it takes a lot of

choices to get a planner or whatever

that might be to start writing to-do

lists to say I have to do all of this

before I turn on Netflix I have to do

all of this before I scroll Instagram

seeking that self discipline and

learning to cultivate that self

discipline in our lives and not leave

everything to the last second so that

we're scrambling for our whole entire

lives and some of you I know out there

you spend your whole life scrambling

with busy we resonate everything I've

been there before and I had to make some

choices to say I can't live like this


I cannot procrastinating because I just

feel so chaotic and so messy and so out

of sorts all the time I want some

organization I'm gonna choose that for

myself it's gonna be hard and boy has

that paid off in my life

the fourth way that I cultivate peace in

my life is no screens before sleeping so

many of us spend so much of our time

before we go to sleep scrolling and

looking at things like mindless things

things that don't matter at all

Daniel and I have a no screens policy in

our bedroom whatsoever in the no TVs we

cannot sit in bed and scroll on our

phones like that is not a lot because we

know that it's not healthy for us and we

know that it's not

necessary that there's nothing I'm gonna

be sitting in bed scrolling on my phone

that's going to enhance my life I'm not

gonna miss anything if I don't scroll in

bed and it's a problem that's so many of

us had there's all these kinds of

studies that are coming out that looking

at a screen before you sleep doesn't

help you get good sleep at all and good

sleep is necessary for a peaceful life

no screens before sleeping has helped me

so much and some of you are like well

what about my alarm clock good thing you

asked you can plug your phone in all the

way across the room which forces you to

get out of your bed in the morning which

probably forces you to you know wake up

a little faster which is really good and

this is something that I would do before

I was married and daniel said no this is

not helping you at all like this is no

way we're not gonna do this and I was

like you know what you are absolutely

correct and so that's what we've done

and it's helped so much before I go to

sleep I'm not like you know looking

about other people's lives I'm talking

to Daniel or him

I have prayer time or reading or

whatever that is stuff that actually

like enhances my life rather than just

like mindless things that don't matter

at all something really oh my gosh I

could never yes you can choices or if

you get an old good old-fashioned alarm

clock those work too number five this is

important to me because as most of you

on this channel know I'm a woman of

faith one of the biggest ways to

cultivate peace in my life is to spend

time with God and define that prayer

time to find a rhythm of prayer that

works for me to find a style of prayer

that works for me whether that's

listening to worship music whether

that's going to church whatever that

might be to take that time to spend was

gotten a lot of us say I don't have time

we all have the time we are lying to

ourselves when I say I don't have time

because so often we spend an hour and a

half watching Netflix or an hour

scrolling on Instagram and we spend all

this time we're like I don't have time

yes we all do it's just about

prioritizing that time like I've asked

myself that question in my life when I'm

trying to cultivate peace how can I have

peace in my life if I'm not spending

time with the author of peace with God

himself to take that time to read

scripture to journal whatever you know

style of pray

that is in that's like it's helping me

in that season of my life and I go

through different kind of waves in my

life of prayer that I'm connecting with

and that's helping me in my prayer life

but spending time with God and being

really intentional about taking that

time is a very very important part of my

life and having peace in my life I know

when I like feel haywire and out of

whack and all this is for kids and

things that I don't have peace I always

have to step back and say am i spending

time with God as a woman of faith and my

prioritizing that in my life or am I not

something that I really have to look at

honestly and I really challenge you to

look at honestly so we have to make

those choices and we have to choose each

and every single day in these small

little ways to say I want peace of my

life how can I make that happen how can

I be proactive in choosing peace in my

every day if you want to talk about in

the comments the one that maybe you

struggle with the most that would be

hardest for you that maybe in your life

you're like hmm I could change that a

little bit and get more peace in my life

you are welcome to talk about that in

the comments below that's all for today

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