Week One - How To Live Godly In An Ungodly World

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grab your Bible and turn to the Book of

Daniel tonight we're beginning a study

in the Book of Daniel and we're going to

look at the first chapter tonight and

the series title is how to live godly in

an ungodly world and that's the title of

this first sermon tonight here in the

first chapter of the Book of Daniel

there are 21 verses in this first

chapter but I will read for us tonight

just the first eight verses so if you'll

stand with your Bible open and let me

read those first eight verses unless how

pray or and then the study God's Word

together asking the Holy Spirit to speak

to our hearts through his word tonight

Daniel chapter one verse one in the

third year of the reign of Jehoiakim

king of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar king

of Babylon unto Jerusalem and besieged

it and the Lord gave to him king of

Judah into his hand with part of the

vessels of the house of God which he

carried into the land of Shinar to the

house of his God he brought the vessels

into the treasure house of his God and

the King spake unto Aspen as the master

of his eunuchs that he should bring

certain of the children of Israel of the

Kings seed and of the princes children

in whom was no blemish but well favored

and skilful in all wisdom and cunning in

knowledge and understanding science and

such as had ability in them to stand in

the king's palace and whom they might

teach the learning and the tongue of the

Chaldeans and the King appointed them a

daily provision of the Kings meat and of

the wine which he drank so nourishing in

three years at the end thereof they

might stand before the king now among

these were of the children of Judah

Daniel Hananiah Mishael and Azariah

under the Prince of the eunuchs gave

names for he gave unto Daniel the name

of belter Shazzer

under Hananiah of Shadrach and to mich

you love me Shak and Azariah of a

bendigo verse 8 but Daniel purposed in

his heart that he would not defile

himself with the portion of the Kings

meat nor with the wine which he drank

therefore he requested the Prince of the

eunuchs that he might not

defile himself let me pray for us bow

with me if you would father we thank you

for your word tonight and for an

opportunity to study it together we just

invite your presidents Lord to take over

this preaching moment God give us ears

to hear heart to receive or as we learn

about Daniel so long ago may you make

application to our life tonight that we

can learn from him and be encouraged and

have hope that we can live for you in

this world because we have you living in

us and giving us power to represent you

as ambassadors in this culture so God

tonight we leave this place going to

leave with hope with boldness to share

you and lyl for you we ask it in Jesus

name Amen

you may be seated I don't think I have

to tell you tonight that we were living

in a post-christian culture it's a way

every time you turn the TV on every time

you hear and what's happening in our

world you know that we are moving

further and further away from biblical

values and traditional Christianity the

question is how do we as people who know

God in love God live for God in an

ungodly culture how is it possible is it

possible for you and I to be strong

Christians in this world that we live in

when there's so much pressure put on us

to abandon our faith in God and abandon

our belief and the authority of the word

of God it was we're called old fashioned

out-of-date if we believe the Bible is

the sole authority for life and living

how do we handle that kind of pressure

is it possible for Christians to remain

faithful to God in his word in this

cultural yes it is because Daniel here

in the Book of Daniel teaches us how to

live godly in an ungodly world Daniel

was the young man that was born in Judah

grew up around the things of God he was

carried away as we see in this first

chapter to Babylon to a culture that was

pluralistic in and pagan and yet Daniel

all the years he was there remained

faithful to God along his companions and

they lived for God now I believe God put

the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament

for at least two reasons the first

reason the Book of Daniel teaches us

that God is sovereign over the kingdoms

of this world that God is always behind

the scenes and God is in control of

human his

and God's moving the checkers from the

checkerboard God as a sovereign God in

control of all things

the second reason I think the book of

Daniels and the Bible is to teach us

that God's people really can live for

God in the midst of an ungodly pagan

culture no book in the Bible teaches us

and shows us how to live for God in a

world like ours like the Book of Daniel

teaches us he is a tremendous example he

gives us encouragement and hope that we

might live for God that don't think that

Daniel is the hero of this book God is

the hero of every book in the Bible and

it's God that gives Daniel the power to

live for him in the midst of a pagan

culture now Daniel faced the same

challenges that you and I face today and

yet II live for God so that's

encouraging tonight I want to learn how

to do that I wanna share with you

tonight I think about three ways the you

and I can live godly ungodly culture

first of all if we're gonna live godly

in our world we must prepare to be

challenged we're going to be challenged

our faiths gonna be challenged our

relationship with God what we believe is

going to be challenged in verses 1

through 7 you see the challenge take

place now in verse 1 we're giving

someone of the historical context of the

Book of Daniel and verse 2 we're giving

something of the theological explanation

for what's happening in the Book of

Daniel notice in verse 1 as we get a

little bit of historical context in the

third year of the reign of Jehoiakim

king of Judah came Nebuchadnezzar king

of Babylon unto Jerusalem and besieged

it now Judah is the southern kingdom and

the king of course is Jehovah the

southern kingdom for under the reign of

Joakim had been declining both

politically and spiritually under his

reign he was one of the worst kings of

Judah leading them away from God to

worship idols he was nothing like his

father who was a godly King Josiah who

led the nation to honor God and worship

God so because he had taken the nation

far away from God into idol worship God

allowed Nebuchadnezzar to come and to

take the people into captivity and there

were three waves of captivity - in the

land of Judah the first wave took place


the year 605 BC and in this first wave

as the Babylonians came into the city of

Jerusalem and carried people captive

Daniel and his companions were carried

into captivity there was a second wave

third wave the third wave when never

guess who came he destroyed the temple

and destroyed all that was there in the

land in this first way they carried away

some 70 to 100 of the Kings seed the

King's children princes the cream of the

caught crop the best the best and Daniel

will happen to be one of those who was

carried into captivity along with a

viable tells in verse 2 the treasures

from the house of God they took gold and

silver from God's house and this one of

the things that pagan Kings did to say

our God is stronger than your God see we

destroyed your temple we've taken and

plunder the things of God and put them

the house of our God that says our God

has to be as your God that was what they

thought though they were wrong in

Daniels day Babylon was the world power

of that day Nebuchadnezzar was the

greatest king of Babylon the Catholic

City of Babylon is about 50 miles from

the modern city of Baghdad Iraq on the

Tigris River Nebuchadnezzar was a wicked

King a warlord king but he was a great

build rebuilt the great city of Babylon

he built the Hanging Gardens one the

seven wonders of the world this is

something of the historical context

Daniel and his friends have carried far

far away from their homeland of

Jerusalem from Israel and place in this

wicked pagan city under the rule of

Nebuchadnezzar a totally different

culture than anything they knew about

before and then we're given something of

the theological explanation you ask

yourself why did God allow this to

happen to the people of Judah why did

God allow Nebuchadnezzar to win this war

and why did God allow Nebuchadnezzar to

carry them into captivity and we're told

in verse 2 looking verse 2 and the Lord

gave joaco this is the first of three

times you'll see in this chapter the

Lord gave don't think that

Nebuchadnezzar was a big bad guy that

Nebuchadnezzar did this on his own

because he had great strategy because he

was a great warrior no gods the one that

gave Judah in the hands of

Nebuchadnezzar God was punishing his

people because they turned their back on

God they were worshipping idols they

were ignoring God and God sent Jer

ayuh Jeremiah came as the preacher and

preached to Jehovah command told him

stop serving idols stop burning

offerings to idols turn back to God but

Joakim would not listen to Jeremiah

matter of fact he took Jeremiah's scroll

the writing of Jeremiah he took out his


sliced it to shreds and threw it in the

fire and burned up the scroll the

scripture I first won the most fearful

things and all the Bible see a man who's

a leader a man who's an authority take

God's Word tear to shreds and burn it

has to say what God says doesn't matter

and you know what happened the people

suffered because of the choice the

leader made and captivity came and God

was the one behind it what was he doing

he was punishing his people for

disobeying him and turned their backs on

him taste something else he was doing

only God punishing them but God was

purging his people when they came back

out from the 70 years in captivity they

never again worshipped idols like they

worship idols before because God broke

them from idol worship 70 years in

Babylon with all those false gods they

never came out and worship false gods

again there's a third thing I think that

God was doing God's in charge he's

punishing his people because they're

seeing he's purging if my daughter but

God is also penetrating a pagan culture

how is God penetrating pagan culture

he's gonna send young men of God into

that pagan culture to be salt and light

there he said oh poor Daniel poor

Shadrach more poor me Shaq poor Bendigo

poor guys no God is the one that puts

them there as foreign missionaries in a

foreign land to be a witness to the one

true Living God

we're told the land of Babylon was

called also in verse number two the land

of Shinar does that ring a bell the land

of Shinar in Genesis chapter 11 was the

place where they built the Tower of

Babel where do we get the name Babylon

we get the name Babylon from the Tower

of Babel in Genesis chapter 11 it was

the land of cigarettes it was the land

of false idols and worship and was there

that God sent the people and spread them

in places in that place where things

were spread out and were things when God


judgment in that place God sent four

young men who were going to be bold

strong testimonies for the Lord in that

place it gives us some what I think of

the historical context the feel large

explanation what's happening God is the

one working behind the scenes and so

inner our our guys Shadrach Meshach and

Abednego in Daniel their names weren't

that of beginning of course we saw their

names Hananiah Mishael and Azariah but

look if you would at verse number three

and the King expect his chief eunuch and

said bring me certain of the children of

Israel of the Kings seat of the princes

any outline the kind of guys that he

wanted and he brings them charism

they're brought captives into a strange

land what a horrible trip that must have

been what they ride in wagons where they

how'd they get there they ripped away

from their moms and dads and from their

family and from the worship of God no

longer they living in Jerusalem the

center of worship for Jehovah God

they're going to be placed in a pagan

culture in Babylon where every kind of

God imaginable they were monotheistic

boys worship one God now they're gonna

be in a culture of polytheistic people

who worshiped multiple gods every God

but the true God and what is King

Nebuchadnezzar's and and listen greater

than King Nebuchadnezzar what is the

evil king of this world the prince on

the notice of the power of the air what

is his plan to capture our young people

what's the devil up to to take the best

of the best of our young people that no

love God and honor God well how does he

want to turn Babylonians into Christians

I think the first way he wants to do it

is by isolation in verse three he says

bring certain take them out of their

context take away from their Christian

home take him away from worshipping God

and bring them into this context you can

you imagine it says they were children

in verse 4 but actually it means they

were young teenagers they were young

teenagers how vulnerable they were

actually they were how separate they

were from everything that was familiar

and all that they had heard and all they

knew and now they're put in this place

and they're susceptible to the new ideas

and the new philosophy they want to be

they want to fit in you know they do

they want to be accepted by the culture

there find themself in Satan's strategy

to isolate them from their Christian

friends from the teaching of the word of

God and separate them from all this holy

that he might be able to influence them

in the way of the babylonians that's the

devil's plan today to take our young

people and isolate them from the things

of God from the Word of God from the

church from Christian influence get them

alone and bombard them by the way

anytime you get away from Christian

influence and God's Word in God's church

and the devil begins to isolate you and

you build walls around yourself you

become very successful - devil tearing

you down and messing up your life that's

why you need community that's why you

need the church in Christian people

don't let Satan separate you and isolate

you today oftentimes we voluntarily turn

our young people over to Satan and it's

planned for their lives parents please

be careful you don't just send your kid

off to a secular college somewhere our

university has Lam sent to the slaughter

I said it from the church from the Bible

from Christian influenced Christian

friends there they are vulnerable I say

trying to fit in this culture and they

become successful - so-called

intellectual elites who are going to

take them far away from the Lord Jesus

you say don't send our kids to a secular

university don't send our kids to a

public high school I'm saying you better

make sure they're prepared for what

they're going to experience in the

atmosphere there but they're gonna be

bombarded with their or find a good

Christian school to send them to say it

cost a bit more money while I tell you

right now and be more and be worth the

money cinnamon we're like a Liberty

University or send them somewhere where

they can get a Christian education you

say but it's cheaper to do this program

oh you better come along beside them and

support them and put around them good

Christian people that can counteract

what they're gonna hear when they get in

that secular environment the devil's

plan to take Christians determinate

babylonians first is isolation second is

education because we're told in verse

four they're going to be children who

must no blemish well-favored skillful

and all cunning and wisdom and knowledge

understanding science and how ability to

stand in the king's palace and they

might teach the learning and the tongue

of the Chaldeans these young people were


they were bright they had great a CTS

they were smart that leadership skills

social skills and they're going to teach

them the language and the literature of

the Chaldeans the evil kings playing as

you get it the evil Kings plan is to

brainwash them to take all they'd known

about God all they learn about God and

totally push that out their mind and

then doctoring them with the philosophy

of the Babylonians they're going to be

entering in a three-year university

three years training in the Babylonian

University in the and they're going to

be their courses will be the philosophy

and world religion and science and

astrology in the language and the

culture and the lifestyle they're going

to learn about the great Babylonian God

Marduk and the importance of the

Pantheon a polytheistic you L got you

got to be you've got to be multicultural

you've got to accept many different gods

they're gonna be immersed in that he

reminds us the New Age movement it's not

really new at all it's the same thing

it's always been that there are multiple

ways to God and multiple gods that you

can worship the Kings desire was to

touch their minds to teach them the

devil wants to teach our kids at a very

young age he wants to teach them what he

wants them to know to ignore God to

believe in evolution to ignore the only

way to heaven to ignore sexual identity

that's the Word of God gives the purpose

of course was to transform these men

into Babylonians they have a new land a

new language new ideas new learning in

for three years he's going to be doing

the best to do that we're doing the same

thing in America we call it that values

clarification that we're teaching our

young people how is the evil king

Nebuchadnezzar and how is Satan seeking

to turn Christians in the Babylonians

first by isolation second by education

third by assimilation verse five through


he's going to do something to touch

their morals he's going to appoint them

a daily provision of meat and wine which

they're going to gonna gonna take and

they're going to eat now it's more than

just what you eat or what you drink here

he's not after just introducing them to

some steaks man and some and some good

wine east

after their morals he's after

basically enticing them to the accept

the lifestyle of the produce and the

possessions of this new Babylonian

lifestyle forget about holding standards

and accept the wide variety of the

lifestyle of a Babylonish his intent

wants to introduce them to a different

kind of lifestyle and it totally

immersed them totally immersed them and

assimilate them in the thinking like the

Babylonians this world wants us to thank

just like it thanks this words want us

have thinking this based on the Bible

but thinking this based on what this

world says is right and to accept that

and the pressure was on Danis friends to

change their thinking and the pressures

on us today to change our thinking

please listen me I'm saying something

through the movies and the media and

through professors and teachers to

change a way that we think if you don't

think like you don't act like you don't

embrace what our culture embraces then

you are dismissed from the conversation

well there comes a human sexuality when

it comes to lying when it comes to

drunkenness whatever it comes to we

don't think like the world and because

we don't we are ridiculed a kid's

booking in elementary schoolers heather

has two mommies to teach our young

people that it's okay for their be

homosexuality in the home and that's in

that public school and our kissamint

office what they want to assimilate

Christians into thanking all the

babylonians that we think like the

culture around us but God calls that

shameful and God calls that perverse in

Romans 126 and 127 we're undergoing a

constant pounding pounding pounding to

give us the appetite of the ways of this

world what was the plan to get these

guys to look like talked like act like

eat like I simulate like Babylonians

that they might reverse five said stand

before the king and look good and I

thought about this I thought the problem

was they were trying to get they ready

to stand before the wrong king you got

to make up your mind which King you're

standing before you understand before

the king of this world are before King

Jesus and that's the King you should

understand before and be pleasing to

that's our King that's our master that's

our Lord we're introduced in verse six

to these four young men were

all were given their names and Daniel

and Hananiah Mishael and Azariah and

verse six certainly they were probably

others but the Book of Daniel focuses on

these four young men their names are

going to be changed every time one of

their names was called it reminded him

of Jehovah God of Yahweh the name Daniel

means God is my judge the name Hananiah

means Jehovah his gracious the name

Misha el means who is like Yahweh the

name Azariah means the Lord is my help

and they're going to change your name

because he doesn't want them to call

their names I think about God he wants

their name to be called and think about

a pagan god a false God so Daniels name

has changed to belteshazzar which means

bail is protector of my life can Elias

name has changed to Shadrach which means

I am fearful of God a false God the name

Michele becomes chef Misha

which means despised before God the name

Azariah becomes a bendigo which means a

man that is a servant of Nebo the

purpose was to erase from their mind any

connection to God holy things or

spiritual things to be merged in that

culture Gloria Steinem said we hope we

will raise our children to believe in

human potential and not in God that's

the culture that we're living in very

much like the culture of Babylon to

reshape the thinking of our young people

to catch their minds and their morals

and lead them away from belief in God

prepare to be challenged young people

listen to me you're going to be

challenged every time you go into a

world religions class every time you go

into a chemistry class biology guys

every turn on every time you turn on you

know you turn on the Discovery Channel I

tell you how many billions of the war

years the worlds have been many millions

of visions years oh I'm getting out in

the world is how do they know that they

don't know that the Bible tells us that

God made this world and God made us and

if you believe in Genesis 1

one you got it all figured out from

there in the beginning God made Evans an

earth and you know that you got it all

figured out because God is God and we're

not gone and we haven't got explain the

way God and say it all happened by

naturalism know there's a God behind the

scenes who's an intelligent designer who

made this rule and made me and you but

you must be prepared we shouldn't be

surprised the heat sold the fires coming

our way we must be biblically prepared

to give an answer for the hope that's in

us if you're going to live godly in this

ungodly world you must prepare to be


second of all you must develop inner


you must have inner convictions verse

eight I think is the key verse in this

chapter where it says in verse eight

look at it but Daniel purposed in his

heart that he would not defile himself

with the portion of the kings of me

North the wine which he drank therefore

he requested of the Prince of the

eunuchs that he might not defile himself

now Daniel knew that living before God

is gonna be risky business

if you don't know first and if illegal

on your job as risky business

if you don't know standing for God in

the college classrooms risk your

business and that's your level to be

attacked and pounced on you're gonna

miss out on being prepared because it's

risky business it's risky business to be

holy in the live righteous and stands

for God speak the truth it's risky

business but thank God for a young man

that was willing to take the risk

biblically and honor God

now Daniel was ok with him he couldn't

do anything about them carry him into

captivity couldn't do anything about

that he couldn't do anything about them

changing his name they changed his name

well they came time to eat the Kings

meat and drink the Kings wine Daniel

said I refuse I'm not swallowing that

I'm not doing that

there's gotta be a place somewhere in

your life where you draw the line you

say I'm not going to swallow that I'm

not gonna violate that I'm not going to

defile myself I'm not gonna break my

relationship I'm not gonna take myself

was saying why is it that he drew the

line about eating the meat say well it

wasn't the diet the Daniel plan no he

was about the Daniel diet plan

Daniel decide he was going to eat the

meat or drink the wine because of two

reasons first of all because there were

certain food there was unclean

to a Jew from the Book of Leviticus

chapter 18 certain unclean food then

there was also the prohibition from God

did not eat meat that had been dedicated

to idols in Exodus 34

so Daniel based on these biblical

convictions said the Bible says I'm not

to do this and my convictions or

biblical convictions not personal

preferences but biblical convictions the

only way listen to me don't you miss the

only way we're going to have inner

convictions is for them to be biblical

convictions listen we can talk about

things that we did the Bible doesn't say

we can disagree on those things but the

things the Bible says we must never

disagree on those things we must believe

them because their biblical convictions

a preference or something you can take

or you know you you know a preference I

like this kind of music I like you know

Brahms better than Andy's which

it's about uh you know I'm struggling to

find something to analogy to give here

but preferences or preferences they

don't really matter but convictions are

something you're willing to die for

so biblical convictions these guys had

biblical convictions listen there are

certain things tonight we don't have to

wonder about lying is wrong cheating is

wrong stealing is wrong murder is wrong

rape is wrong human sexuality human

trafficking is wrong immorality is wrong

adultery is wrong fornication is wrong

homosexuality is wrong these are things

we have to say well you know I just

gotta decide no these are biblical

convictions that we stand on because the

Word of God says this and so we have to

make up our mind that our biblical

convictions listen are not built on the

popularity of the world we don't throw

our finger up say which way is the

breeze blowing what's being said on

Twitter what's going on on the news no

our biblical caviar convictions are

built on thus saith the Lord God and

they never change no matter what the

culture does were standing on the set

the Word of God

and biblical convictions are what we

need today they'll hold you in the

worldís when is blow against you the

anchor of God's Word will hold you I do

believe this is some of the most

important decisions young people make

they make before they turn 20 years old

what am I gonna do in my life in my

career that's getting you can push that

on up now let's take a little longer to

figure out okay Who am about marrying

young people make that decision and

about what I'm gonna do with Jesus

Christ make those decisions based on

what the Word of God says is stand on

the Word of God their biblical

convictions second of all their personal

convictions you say what's the

difference you can know what biblical

convictions are and yet you don't

embrace them she's got to be personally

embraced that's why it says in verse

eight that Daniel purposed in his

personal his heart that he would not

defile himself he can control Hananiah

Mishael Azariah

he influenced them but they could make

the decision for him but once he made

the decision it helped them to make the

right decision and the truth of the

matter is the decisions we make the

stand on God's Word are personal

decisions your breasts friend can't

decide that for you you can't assign

that as a collective group you must say

I'm on purpose in my heart that I'm

gonna believe the Bible and stand on

biblical convictions and Daniel said no

I'm not gonna eat the wine eat the meat

drink the wine no say no to sex outside

of marriage say no to alcohol say no to

pornography say no to the temptations of

this world and a great verse to memorize

would be Romans 12:2 and be not

conformed this world but be transformed

by the renewing of your mind that you

may prove was that good and acceptable

and perfect will of God now when do you

think Daniel decided he wasn't going to

eat the meat drink the wine you think he

was he went to this slit on the table

before him

you think he said well you know I need

to make my mind up what I'm gonna do

about this is what's been given to me no

I think Daniel made up his mind before

he ever got to Babylon there's certain

things I'm not gonna do and I'm not

going to follow myself and I'm not gonna

sin and take my heart with sin I'm gonna

obey the Bible I got personal

convictions it's interesting to look

behind the scenes and know what

influence Daniel let me slow down a

little bit where you don't miss this

Daniel I believe develop these deep

convictions during a great revival that

happened in the land of Judah under the

King Josiah a great revival came to the

land of Judah he became King Josiah did

when he was eight years old when he

turned 16 years old he purged all the

false idols toward out high places

rebuilt the house of God brought the

Bible out read the Bible tore his own

kingly robes fell in the dirt and

repented and God sent a sweeping revival

across the southern kingdom of Judah

underneath the leadership of this King

Josiah and the preaching of Jeremiah a

mighty move of God took place that

developed and touched and shaped those

young men that made them stand strong


they found themself a long way away from

the things of God can I tell you the

night I cannot tell you the influence of

a godly church on our young people a

church where the fire of the Holy Ghost

is burning where the God's Word is being

preached where there's youth camps and

Bible schools where we still come to

church on Sunday morning Sunday night

Wednesday night in this world is

pounding on our young people that's why

we can't just have church like usual why

can't we just go through the motions say

I'll just do the deal we need God we

need God's power to move in this place

the shape I um feel em I realize that

God is really real I felt heal my soul

and change lives

I saw them move in my church we need

God's fire and power to phone our church

to get our young people to shape their

life because they're gonna enter and you

and I could enter a culture that doesn't

know God at all and we need this place

to shoot us full of the Word of God

things of God the influence of the

church and our young people is so

important if you're gonna clap on that

note go ahead and do it really do it

good don't just halfway do it I agree

with that

also Christian families Christian

families the Bible says they came from

the king seed and from there were

princes now some people believe that

they came directly ask some of them work

associated with Josiah's family but the

idea they had Christian family I got to

get off this appointment me just say

this for I move off of it I can't tell

you how important is to have a god a

church filled with the Holy Spirit of

God moving and families that are

influencing their kids for the glory of

God what kind of kids are we raising in

our health and our families in our

churches today we raise the kids who can

take it like this are we really doing

that god help us to be intentional

because I think raising godly young

people's are a lot release will rot like

characters one of the greatest things we

can do is the church and what you can do

as a family

Daniel I ended up in Turkey inter

convictions first I have a biblical

convictions second they have to be

personal convictions and third they need

to be gracious convictions now it's

important in verse number nine

16 to see how gracious Daniel was and

requesting an alternate diet it says for

the second time notice the second time

it's going to say this in verse 9 now

God had brought Daniel into favor with

in tender love with the Prince of the

eunuchs verse 2 God gave Joel come in

the hand of Nebuchadnezzar and gods the

one that gave Daniel favored you see

God's hand is moving and orchestrating

all of this and the Prince of the

eunuchs like Daniel Daniel made a

gracious request he it says in the last

part of verse 8 therefore he requested

he didn't demand

he wasn't belligerent he wasn't ugly he

wasn't red in the face the veins were

popping out he wasn't ugly he requested

the Prince of the US he might not have

father himself now the Prince of the

eunuchs was a little bit scared to do

that he said hey just give me something

instead of the king's meeting the king's

wine but the bible says that this head

eunuch he was frankly scared to get his

head cut off the last part of verse

number 10 he says if I give you this off

in a diet and you don't look good like

the rest of your fellows look good

it could mean my head being cut off so

Daniel drops down the chain of command

and asked the guy who's over him in

verse 11 Mel char the guy who's under

the Prince of the eunuchs he asked him

would you see if we could make a

arrangement here for you to give me

vegetables the King James says in verse

number 11 in verse 12 verse 12 rather to

Paul to eat which is vegetables and

water to drink I don't want the king's

meeting Kings wine but you know why

don't you just try it out for 10 days

just for 10 days bring me broccoli

broccoli and carrots and asparagus you

know he had to be full of God as a

teenage boy doesn't pass up a hamburger

for a vegetable Sciuto in water so bring

me these vegetables and try me out for

10 days but he's so gracious and so

winsome it reminds me listen Christian

people in our culture when you get on

Facebook you get on social media you're

trying to defend your point you're

trying to share the gospel be gracious

be kind choose your words wisely don't

pounce on people don't be ugly and

hateful but be grace

in taking your stand and verbalize your

stand in the Lord you can be gracious we

don't need any more rude obnoxious ugly

spirited Christians who have hurt the

name of God amen

think we can learn something from the

way Daniel doesn't and he does that so

how do you live godly in a godly world

first prepare to be challenged second

develop some real convictions it will

not budge hey I've got biblical fiction

they're my own personal convictions cost

their based on Bible I'm gonna be

gracious I'm gonna be loving I'm gonna

be kind but I've got personal

convictions his heart was lured to God

he had these convictions that because

that God's gonna bless him third thing I

want to say how do you live godly an

ungodly world first prepare to be

challenged second of all develop inner

convictions third of all trust God to

bless you trust God to bless you in

verse 17 through 21 we're going to see

that Daniel believed in obeying God and

his faith in God would be rewarded in

this life or the next

Daniel had determined not this to start

right and trusting God not to find

himself he was going to finish right he

was gonna cross the ticker-tape and he

was going to finish and God was going to

reward him well there was in this life

or the next life and God did reward him

first of all we learned that God blessed

him physically in verse 15 gnosis says

in verse 15 at the end of those ten days

their countless appears fairer and

fatter in flesh they're gaining weight

on vegetables how are they doing that

because God is interjecting and those

vegetables everything they need to take

care of their body it's not the steak is

and I love steak you know that would be

a real temptation for me and I was in

Babylon I'm hoping I would say pass the

green beans huh hope I would I would

don't look so holy sitting back over

there but God blessed them physically

why it was God that was doing this it

was God that was blessing this stance

the decision he made his choice I mean

you know sometimes if you're standing on

God's Word and honor God though you may

think there's no way God can turn this

around for good if you are

you'll be amazed what God can turn

around for good even some vegetables

even the cessation God could take it and

turn around for good if you'll honor him

and obey Him and so God blessed them

physically then God blessed them

mentally it says in the for the third

time the third time verse 17 God gave

them knowledge and understanding every

kind of literature and wisdom so we see

the gods are one this prospering them

and it says in verse 20 in every matter

I love verse 20 in every matter of

wisdom and understanding the King found

them ten times better God blessed them

mentally God blessed him spiritually

also in verse 17 Daniel had

understanding in all visions and dreams

you say well that big deal God gave him

God gave him understanding and

revelation divine understanding and

dreams well guess what it becomes a real

big deal in Chapter two it comes a real

big deal later on but yes discernment

perception he sees things from a divine

speed point he's spiritually in tune

with God and God is able to show him

reveal thanks to him even in visions and

dreams God blessed him spiritually and

then God blessed them socially too

because in eighth verse 18 through verse

21 when the King finds out what he has

in these young men he promotes them

he makes them rulers and gives an

administrative jobs in the kingdom of

Babylon their head and shows above the

rest and the King says I want these guys

serve on my cabinet I want these guys to

be among my wise men because God had

favoured them again I would say this

Daniel is a great book and the Bible

teach us that young people can make a

difference in a political climate if

they live for God honor God if God puts

him there Daniel did that he's the one

God Almighty not Daniel but God is the

one that put him there

did the King have thought the King for I

thought man he's 10 times better because

man my school is good my education is

good my diet is good but no we know it

is God that's good

it's God that's increasing them and God

that's using them and then look at verse

21 and Daniel continued even under the

first year of King Cyrus Daniel was a

young teenager when he went to Babylon

Daniel was somewhere in his 80s we

believe when Daniel died we see Daniel

in the lion's den as a young teenage boy

Daniel was a man the way up in his years

when he was in the Lions Den 70 plus

years he was consistent and faithful to

stay true to God to honor God honored

biblical convictions he went through the

rise and fall of other empires

see when it calls the name of Cyrus in

verse 21 it reminds us that Daniel was

faithful to God during the reign of four

kings he went through the kings

Nebuchadnezzar Belshazzar Derek Darius

and Cyrus and was in the Kings cabinet

all through those different kingdoms

influencing those men for the glory of

God and now I ought to say this again

but later on I'll get back to this when

the wise men came from the east looking

for a star how do you think they knew to

go to the east looking for a star the

star of Jacob they knew that because

there was a young man named Daniel who

told them that one day the Messiah is

going to come the king of the Jews and

he told them about that and generation

of the generation of the generation knew

about there was becoming Messiah because

there was a light a dark place who

shared the gospel and told about a

coming King and Daniel was that man

faithful and steadfast get this it

was--it Daniel's personality it was at

Daniels charisma it wasn't Daniels diet

that made Daniel Daniel he was his

faithfulness to God that made him

successful and I can be faithful to God

and you can be faithful to God - I love

those last words those first words in

verse 21 that last verse and Daniel

continued kingdoms come and kingdoms go

Kings come and kings go presidents come

and presidents go but he was faithful

don't you want to be that kind of person

who's faithful

living for God in an ungodly job maybe

you're you don't along on your job that

knows the Lord maybe you're the one in

your family who knows the Lord you can

be faithful in that place that God has

given to you and it says he continued

the first year of Cyrus some people

believe and I'll close on this some you

believe the last official act of Daniel

was to write out the degree of Cyrus on

the cylinder and that he was responsible

involved in the liberation of the Jewish

people to return to the promised land

when captivity was over with they went

back to their homeland I think if you

make up your mind I make up my mind to

honor God and love God maybe God will

let me be a part of setting captives

free not from a foreign land but free

from sins bondage because of my life

being a radiant testimony to Jesus do

you know that Daniel found himself a

foreigner in this land and our Savior

came in this world as a foreigner lived

a perfect life did he not to set us free

from the captivity of sin and give us

eternal life Jesus Christ is the greater

Daniel who can empower you to live for

God in this culture we all that know God

want to live godly in an ungodly world


thanks for watching this sermon we hope

and pray that it's been a blessing and

encouragement to you in your walk with

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