Where To Touch A Girl Before You Kiss Her (Live Demonstration)

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What’s going on?

Tripp from In just a moment here, my very beautiful friend

Courtney is going to be coming over and we are going to be demonstrating for you where

to touch a girl before you kiss her.

The reason why I came up with this video is because I’ve gotten a lot of questions

that ask “What are you supposed to do before you kiss?”

“How are you supposed to initiate it?”

“Where do your hands go?”

“What if you’re sitting?”

“What if you’re standing?”

Don’t worry, we have answered all these questions for you coming right up in just a second.

And if you watch the video and you’re like “Duh.

That was obvious.

Like come on Tripp.”

Well then good for you and

you know what to do.

But otherwise, I really urge you to stick around and check this out because you are

going to learn exactly what to do to initiate the kiss and to perform it well.

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Here’s Courtney and I coming up right now teaching you how to kiss.

I’m with my friend Courtney.

Say hello Courtney.


And we’re going to be demonstrating to you the three different types of situations that

you’re going to be in when you kiss a girl.

And specifically what happens right before the kiss.

Alright, very exciting.

The first one is you two standing.

This could be in a whole number of situations.


Maybe you just met her.

Maybe you’re in a bar somewhere.

Maybe this is a first date.

I always say that you should be going for a kiss after the first date.

Presuming that it went well.


I’m going to show you how it’s done.

What’s going to be happening is you’re going to be facing her.

Make sure that when you’re going for the kiss, you’re not off to the side.

I want you to be shoulders mirrored towards each other.

What’s important is, start to look down towards the video.

I want you to be holding her hands.

This is what you’re going to do.

You’re going to be talking for a second.

Talking about whatever.

It doesn’t really matter.

Put your hands down.

And then you’re going to be going for her hands.

She’s not going to know it.

You’re going to be going.

Just kind of like grab them.

And you’re going to pull them towards you a little bit.

Let’s show them one more time.

Put them down.

Make sure, there you go like this.

Kind of grab them.

Pull them towards you.

And then you have to shut up.

Shut your mouth for about three seconds and make sure that she stops talking too.

And you’re going to hold her hands.

Make sure you’re doing it about right here.

And then, go for it.

Just like that.

That’s one point of touch before you go for a kiss.

Again, this is for when you guys are standing next to teach other.

A little reminder....

When you’re going to grab her hands, I want you to make sure that you’re very gentle

with her.

Don’t squeeze her hands really hard.

You’re just going to barely barely lightly grab them.

Make sure that all of your touches are going to be like that.

Just for this initial part of the kiss.

And I want you to keep that in mind for this next type of kiss.

This is the same thing.

It’s standing.

This is just another option for you.

A place to touch her is going to be on her face.

This is a little bit more romantic.

It takes a little bit more balls.

But girls love it.



Okay good.

I’m going to show you how to do it.

I'm going to show you exactly where to place your hands.

Imagine you’re with a girl.

You’re facing her.

You’re like this.

Making sure we’re lined up here in the camera.


Now before you go in for the kiss.

This is going to be about like a second and a half before the kiss.

And again, make sure you’re this close because if you’re too far away it’s going to be

very awkward.

I’ll show you.

What you want to do is place your hand right here.

And I know it looks kind of funny like I’m grabbing her ear.

But if you look over here it looks just a little bit more normal like I’m gently caressing

her head just for a second.

Kind of go like this, maybe you’ll brush a little bit of the hair out of her face if

it’s in there.

Or just slightly grab like this and go in for it.

Just like that.

Now look how awkward it is if you’re doing it and you’re too far away.

I’m going to be a little bit off camera for this.

If you go like this and you try to kiss her and you’re like leaning over, you’re going

to fall over.

It’s very very important that before you go in to kiss her that you’re at a really

close distance, just like this.

Alright so the next scenario that you might be in is you guys are sitting on a couch.

Maybe you’re doing some Netflix and chill.

What I want you to do is when you guys are watching a movie or watching TV or maybe you’re

just talking, is put your arm around here.

Make sure your arm is around her.

And make sure that she’s kind of like digging into your armpit a little bit so she’s kind

of like snuggling in.

Make sure you’re right here like this.

And if you guys are talking, ok, then I want you to create that like one to two second


Just like I said when you were standing up.


For a few seconds, one to two seconds, give a silence and then go for the kiss.

However, you guys might be watching a movie or actually looking at something.

Not so easy to just go for it because her face is going to be looking that way.

What I want you to do is, when you guys are watching something, I want you to just

slowly turn your head, just like this.

And she’s going to slowly turn her head.


Because it’s in her vision.

If you’re looking at her.

She’s going to be like “What’s he looking at?”


Look at her, she’s going to look at you, wait two seconds, don’t say a word.

And then go for it.

I hope that helps.

I hope that makes sense to you.

I want to hear from you.

I want to be communicating with you.

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Does this help?

Is this something that you actually can see doing?

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then go ahead and write your question below.

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