What It Takes to Live a Simple Life

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christina just left for denmark and

she's going to be away for 10 days

actually i don't mean to look this happy


i'm just super excited to record again

so it's going to be me and to us alone

for 10 days

and i thought i would grab this

opportunity to talk to you guys and show

the everyday life here in the cabin

and yeah what a normal day could look



everything from cutting the grass to

admire the small things in life

our upcoming projects and what our

evenings looks like

if you stick around to the end level i

also show you like the house as well

like a house tour or actually a cabin

tour i guess

just let's begin


so the first thing i like to do in the

morning is actually collect some

some firewood and bring it into the

cabin because

even though it's quite warm outside

right now it's actually quite cold in

the cabin i think it's around 16 degrees

celsius and i like the warmth of a

cozy fire inside but not only for the

warmth actually also for

the sound you know the crackling


i actually built this woodshed with my

dad one year ago the planks is from a

sawmill a half an hour away from here i

think and the tree trunks is from

the forest actually just behind here

it's kind of a cool feeling that you can

just go into your own forest

cut a tree down and then create

something like this

when i used to live in an apartment

keeping warm was not something you had

to think about

i was always warm

but out here you have to prepare with

firewood one year

in advance so the logs can dry up and

burn in a really good way when winter




next up i thought i would show you our

surroundings where we

live and the cabins that are included

and the forest as well so you see

where we live a bit more what do you say

to us should we show them outside

you could look you know a bit more




this is what we call stupid stupid gun

it's the main house so to speak

down there is our kitchen up there is


and bedrooms or bedroom and then living


down there and up here you'll see the

wood shed that you saw earlier

and up here there is a guest house

for our friends and family that want to

come and visit

and up here we actually sit and work

during the summers

so this is like a small office space

does it smell good honey and over there

in the background you see what we call

the random cabin that's what we put


where we don't know where to put stuff

you know the guest house is very clean

and the main cabin is very clean but

that's only because we put

all of our stuff in there that's the


so when you see the clean pictures on

instagram of our cabin you can just

imagine that all of our stuff is in


and over there is our bathroom and

soon to be sauna but that will be next


so yeah that's the whole tour


these kicks are really dangerous i have

to get

um get ready now because in a few

minutes my friend

stefan will be here and he's going to

help us to dig out the pond

and make it a big bit deeper so we can

get more water in it so it will be like

an outdoor pool and then even

after that he's going to help us with


help to help us

level out the field in the forest over

here so we can

place our greenhouse for for next year

we need to prepare it

this year so we can put it up really

early next year that's the plan



from up here we can see the project

we're going to do today

this whole area in the middle where he's

gonna dig out a bit more

so we can get some more water in there

now you can see the water source

over there that's pouring in i'm gonna

build a dam

over there so the water stays in the


so yeah that's basically it


this is the reason i want the to

stephan's health him and his machine can

do stuff

i can't do with a shovel so it's easier

just to

hire him for a few hours and then he can

do it way faster than i

ever could


i'm gonna let stefan continue on here in

the background and in the meantime i

will be starting the next

activity and

i sound like a like a game show host

when i say next

activity not like that i just need to do

some chores here

around the cabin so it looks a bit more

pretty to live here

and i have kind of a love-hate

relationship to this activity it's

actually cutting the grass

and i use two tools for that this

manual one hand driven no engine and no

pollution so it's just

perfect for the environment and a really

good workout for me

for me as well but the problem with that

is we live in a forest

and every time you drive over a pine


this one stops because it gets caught up

in the wheels

that means you have to stop like every

second meter it gets stuck you have to

pull it out

and then start over again so it takes a

lot of hours

and you can get quite annoyed

and the second tool is this one this one

is called li yeah

in sweden you use it for this for higher

grass i would say or harvest this as


it's a really really sharp metal blade

and a stick that you hold on to

hold on to like like it's gonna fly fly


this one for the longer grass and then

the lawn mower

on the shorter ones i would say we have

two options right now either we can


the old-fashioned way just walk with

this one and

get a clean cut or we can be a little

more creative

and do it a bit more fun way and also

get a really good

workout in what do you think i'm going

to choose


hey i was going to talk to the camera is

it okay

who needs a gym

it's like having activities like like

this one

i i don't think they can seem okay thank


exhausting good fun and now over to the

lia and cut the longer parts of the lawn


no that was the most depressing thing

i've ever seen

i just let the butterfly go and then it


like two meters i was like oh that's so


and then a millisecond later just this

dragonfly just came out and like

took it and just flew away with it yes

that's nature for us well

this is what you call a swedish summer

the sun is still shining but yeah the

rain is pouring down so

short break and then back at it

i think what it comes down to for me


is that yeah i could easily buy a

machine that does the work for me

but the whole point with this lifestyle

is to use you know tools like this

not only do i get to use my body it's

these things are almost like a piece of

art to me it's so much history in these

tools and then being used for so many

years and for a reason as well

and we're always trying to optimize our

lives all the time but like oh if i get

that machine or

like a robot robot robot

robotic lawnmower i'm gonna save so much

time by doing that

yeah in a sense you will but at the same

time what are you doing with that time

i think that's the whole key to this

like yeah we're trying to optimize

and save time everywhere but

we don't do really do anything good with

the time we actually tried

to cut down on this

doesn't make any sense at all what i'm

saying i hope so

after these physical activities i'm

gonna relax for a bit

it's so easy for me to get caught up in

this lifestyle and feel like i have to

do something every

second of the day but the whole reason

why i move there is to do nothing

sometimes and i actually if i have to be

honest with you

i forget that a lot of the time that i

can just relax

i feel super lazy and like unimportant

if i don't do anything

i still struggle with that and

yeah that's the process but

i take it day by day and i just trying

to figure out what

works best for me but now i've done a

lot of work and now i deserve to rest


you know resting doesn't always need to

be falling asleep

even though i highly recommend it in the

middle of the day it's

an amazing feeling to reboot but it

could also be just you know taking a

walk or

reading a book like i'm doing right now

by the way if you haven't read this one

for our work week by timothy

teres please read it so i'm gonna rest

now for a while and then

after that i will show you the rest of

the cabin and also our



yeah i fell asleep um anyway

this is our bathroom or bathroom

uh christina doesn't like to call it

bathroom but it's at least a toilet for


our plans with it is to build the sauna

in here as well and then like a really


shower but let me show you how it looks

so this is it really basic toilet and

it's powered by

solar panels so it's really simple


and i repainted all the walls and the

roof as well so they're white now

so it looks a bit more fresh i think and

in there it's the plan to have a shower

and behind these walls right there it's

gonna be the sauna

so yeah that's the whole the whole

bathroom for

it's not very empty we cribs but it's

our place

and now let's head over to the main

cabin so you can get the last part of

the tour

welcome home to our place so this is the

living room

with a table there some lighting up


and a couch and a dog

you want to say hi sweetie

she's so bored we're gonna go on a round

quite soon

but this table was actually made by me

and my dad it's the old

kitchen floor actually so we did it


two years ago and i'm actually really

proud about it

it really fits the cabin this is one of

my favorite places

the hammock and then some books to read

to at least

piersmort and down here we have the

crown jewel

what keeps us warm during the winter

because it gets really really cold

and in here we have the kitchen

most of the things in here are actually

renovated because it looks like

when i moved in so i put up some shelves

up here for storage and then

redid the whole floor build the sink

put up some lighting and i even put in

this stove right here

every time we need to make breakfast

lunch or dinner we have to start a fire

but i really love it it's it's a

different taste somehow

so that was downstairs living room in a

kitchen there is upper floor as well

but i'm not gonna show you that today

honestly because it's so

messy so that's gonna be my secret for

now but i would love to know for you

guys what do you think of this format me

showing you around here in the cabin on

what i do on a normal day

just comment down below and leave a like

if you like the video as well that will

really help me out

before it gets too late i'm going to

head out with this for a evening run

she's a sabrina husky so she needs a lot

of exercise

and i do as well so we're gonna head out

and when i get back i'm gonna show you


evening routine

exciting huh


the day has come to an end and now i'm

going to

light some scented candles write some


and then meditate

no that's not happening not at all um i

have my

sweatpants on i'm gonna make some


and then watch a movie cabin style




if you made it all the way here into the

video i'm just assuming that you

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more than you can think and yeah thank

you for watching

and i'll see you next week now i'll be

focusing on my

movie and my popcorn

if you don't mind of course


i actually built this

we call it woodshed and the tree trunks


three trunks i actually build a farm

i actually built this tree tree fancy

and wood shed

focus i actually built this wood