12 Rules to Live a Happy Life

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hey everyone and welcome to top thing

today we're going to learn about 12

rules to live a happy life now let's

begin number 1 pursue the immaterial now

I won't try to convince you that

material possessions are a waste of time

or that they're worthless and

insignificant sometimes material goods

are the most valuable things that we

know they can embody emotions memories

and even people they can remind you of a

time in your life that you'd nearly

forgotten there's nothing wrong with

physical reminders of how you grew into

the person that you are but you can't

expect titles and objects to transform

you into the person you aspire to be

people who dream of success often

fantasize about their material life the

house they live in the car they drive

these luxuries can bring you many things

pleasure thrill self-importance but

they're all temporary as soon as they're

over and the dust is settled you'll feel

empty again it won't be long until

you're dreaming of a new toy to fill

that same hole in your life instead

pursue the kind of happiness that lasts

invest in immaterial treasures like

knowledge passion and companionship real

happiness stems from the breath of your

life not how much it costs number two

welcome wonder as the world becomes more

and more interconnected wonder is a

feeling that you rarely experience why

drive to the Grand Canyon when you can

look at pictures online for a lot of

people especially teenagers and young

adults overexposure has sucked that

childlike sense of excitement out of so

many amazing things think back to the

last time you flew on a plane did you

ever look out the window did you admire

the clouds or smile at how small that

your city looks from thousands of feet

in the air yeah most people don't

they're too wrapped up in their own

lives and habits to notice the little


to live your happiest life let yourself

feel awestruck create opportunities to

be speechless and maybe even a little

scared no matter where you are you're

constantly surrounded by the

extraordinary so take a few minutes each

day to slow down and enjoy the view

number three dispel grudges in life

conflict is inevitable one way or

another you'll run into people who

frustrate you who hurt you and deprive

you of things that you feel you deserve

if you let them those conflicts can

haunt you for years looming over

everything that you do the longer you

hang on to them the more they infect the

healthier happier parts of your life one

malicious person for example can damage

the trust you have in other friends and

family members but there's a big

difference between learning from

conflict and holding a grudge instead of

growing and progressing grudges keep you

from ever moving forward no matter what

conflicts you've experienced you should

practice forgiveness retain each lesson

but let go of that lingering negativity

you'll live a much happier life without


number four expose weakness you are your

biggest critic most of us could list a

dozen things we wish we could change

about ourselves but we don't want

anybody else to know it in fact many of

us surround ourselves with people who

only really know our strengths not only

is this difficult to maintain it's also

extremely lonely you can find happiness

by exposing your flaws unearthing the

weaknesses that every person on the

planet has in spades when you find

someone you can trust don't hesitate to

open up and encourage them to do the


some people think vole 'nor ability

means telling a sob story to get

attention but it's really about

connecting with someone on a deeper

level feeling like there's someone in

the world who accepts who you are

without your social masks as you make

more and more connections you'll grow to

accept yourself to flaws and all

number five manage limits the vast

majority of people don't set aside

enough time for self-care to live a

happier life you have to know your


you can't pursue your goals and make

memories all day every day the truth is

you only have so much energy to give so

when you find yourself running on empty

make time to relax and rejuvenate

try not to overexert yourself if you

don't have to when it comes to physical

and mental health you need to prioritize

yourself make time to diminish stress

check your habits and enjoy your

personal passions without self-care

you'll find yourself feeling drained and

uninterested even if you're doing all

kinds of exciting things you won't have

the energy to invest like you normally

do it's like sabotaging your own

experiences a lack of self-care also

damages your relationships to keep your

friendships strong you need space both

you and your friend should take time


otherwise you'll start to get sick of

each other and the relationship will

suffer in the long run so if you're

feeling exhausted don't pressure

yourself to power through pay attention

to your limits and set aside plenty of

time to recharge your batteries number

six restful empathy loneliness can feel

like an endless maze

the moment you start making progress you

run into a wall and have to start all

over again but a recent study found that

bad sleeping habits make you even

lonelier why because your brain closes

itself off when it's tired it rejects it

puts up emotional walls and it struggles

with empathy so if you want to feel

happier make sure you're getting enough

sleep it's not a foolproof cure but it

will keep your loneliness at bay

number seven surrender control some of

the best things in life happen out of

the blue a complete stranger might

become one of your closest friends you

might accidentally stumble upon an ad

for your dream job the element of

surprise will always play an important

role in your life the most random

experiences can bring more excitement

novelty and happiness than anything you

could ever plan so stop trying to

control every teeny tiny thing that

happens to you some certainty and

stability is nice but too much can trap

you inside a bubble it'll keep you from

stepping outside your comfort zone

instead you should expand your horizons

by leaving room for the unexpected

number eight embrace mistakes being

rights it's overrated it sounds good and

it can make you feel good but embracing

your mistakes is much more important

than being right instead of trying to

one-up everyone get used to being wrong

yeah you should willingly admit when you

don't know something uncertainty isn't

anything to be scared of this change

will make you a more enjoyable person to

talk to while leaving you feeling open

and self assured number 9 practice

patience when you're excited about

achieving a goal or revamping your

self-image the last thing you want to do

is wait it's frustrating to find out

that your dreams are months or even

years away but the best ones usually are

so how do you avoid feeling restless and

unsatisfied it's crucial that you

practice patience on a daily basis that

means learning how to bide your time

without letting your motivation slip the

truth is that a long wait is often

necessary to solidify your ideals you

need to give yourself time to think you

should use that time to consider

different perspectives and how each

decision could impact your lifestyle

patient reflection also weeds out the

good from the bad it distinguishes an

impulsive short lived feeling from your

long-term ambitions so before you make

any big changes in your life slow

yourself down don't rush to the end just

because you're excited you'll make it

there eventually

however you need to lay down the proper

foundation first you need to learn

and prepare that way when you do find

happiness you'll be ready for it

number 10 environmental happiness

surround yourself with friends that

introduce positivity into your life too

many people cling to toxic relationships

and then they wonder why they're

constantly feeling down I can't

overstate how big of an impact your

loved ones have on your mood and mental

state if you're spending time with the

wrong people you have to make a change

it's critical that your friends support

and inspire you and you should do the

same for them happiness is something you

have to find internally but a poor

support system can and will hold you

back number eleven habitual addition if

you want to rid yourself of a bad habit

how should you get started let's say you

spend too much time on social media you

notice that it's making you feel sad and

unmotivated to change your behavior you

might hone in on the exact amount of

time that you waste each day holding

that number in your head your goal might

be to subtract as much social media from

your life as you can but when you cut

something out you don't have anything to

fill the hole it leaves behind it's much

easier to fall back into old habits when

you aren't sure how else to spend your

time to live a happier life you should

add good habits instead of subtracting

bad ones for example if you create more

time for reading you won't have as much

time to spend browsing social media that

way you focus on doing things that make

you happy instead of avoiding things

that don't number 12

lose expectations while anyone can give

back very few people can give without

expecting some sort of reward this

expectation is ingrained within your

biology throughout the evolution of

humanity we've grown through trade and

exchange we'll dedicate time money and

services but only if we receive

something of equal value in other words

you've been conditioned to always expect

something in return

but this expectation ignores the most

significant part of giving back it's not

about what you get it's about making

someone else's life a tiny bit better

easier or happier those altruistic

feelings will stick with you for the

rest of your days so to live a happier

life make a habit of giving without

those expectations hey thank you for

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