Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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I always wanted to have a big family I

have four kids lots of noise and

activity in the house and love and fun

it's that's what life's all about I was

expecting my third Ryan and in the

middle of that I just kept getting a lot

of pain my hands and wrists especially

when I had washed dishes wherever it

hurt it would burn the pain continued

and instead of getting better it was

just getting worse my mom kept pushing

me to go to the doctor and I said now

I'm good I just ignored it and then I

had my fourth child I still hadn't seen

someone and they're two years apart and

then finally I did I went to the doctor

and they did some blood work and that's

when they told me I had rheumatoid

arthritis it really stinks it's pain

every day and it's all throughout the

body it can be anywhere when you have it

after a while you just you do get used

to the pain but it filtrates

your whole day whether you realize it or

not the morning time is the hardest as

far as moving around because I haven't

moved yet one of the first things we do

is my kids eat toast and bagels a lot

and it's very hard to make toast because

they just can't grip the knife I can't

put the butter on I can't open the juice

pour for them and it's just not the

greatest way to start a day sometimes

writing notes for school are kind of a

hassle and you think okay how many notes

would you really have to write but I

write notes several times every week for

something or other and it's very hard to

grip the pen a lot of times so sometimes

I might have the kids even write the

note and then I'll sign it or I'll just

try to even put something at the bottom

saying sorry my handwriting is a little

bad today when I do laundry which is

several times day it's just a lot of

pulling and grabbing with my

is kind of an issue I tend to buy the

smaller bottles of laundry detergent now

because it's not worth it to buy the

bigger ones just taking it out of a

cabinet it's not even that heavy but it

really does affect me sometimes what I'm

driving that can definitely be a chore

as well I pick up the kids a lot because

they do sports and activities at school

doctors appointments there's always

somebody getting a check-up or someone

is sick and doesn't seem like it would

be much but just little things like

opening the door putting my hands around

the steering wheel there's days when my

hands can't even curl like that getting

in and out of the car even is hard

dinner time can also be one of the

hardest times of the day so I am very

unfortunate that my children like pizza

and take-out because they're just so

nice I just can't cook anything I do

it's just with you and it's it's it's

exhausting because you just it tires you

out and you just don't want to have it

anymore to other patients that have

rheumatoid arthritis hang in there it

won't be bad all the time and it's a

learn as you go process every day is

different and I try to take one day at a