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Cleaning my new piercings

It's freezing in New York now. I feel like winter is finally here.

And I am not ready for it...

What the apartment currently looks like...

Dobby destroys his toys...


Woah that's a really bright red

And that's my look for the day!

I was contemplating whether or not if I should even share this with you guys

but I bought these underwear

and they're from a brand called 'Thinx'

I saw a whole bunch of their ads on Instagram and thought I would give them a shot

Their whole brand concept is that you can replace disposable pads, tampons...

I have PCOS so my menstrual cycle has always been very irregular

I'll go through months where I don't have anything and then...

all of a sudden...

one month it just blows up.

I don't know. I thought I'd share that with you guys!

A lot of you guys were curious about what I thought about 'Jot'

They actually sent a bottle to me to try

and you guys know me I'm not a huge coffee drinker

I drink it every now and then when I really need to

But this actually tastes really good! I was actually really surprised.

Just one spoon!

And a little bit of oat milk

And a big glass of water!

Dobby is going to have training any moment now but I'm going to feed him

Dobby is eating Open Farm

This one is in the chicken flavor. I think this may be might be his favorite flavor!


Okay, go!

And then I'm just going to pop it in the freezer!

Esther: That looks pretty fire...

And then there's mine...

That's actually really good.

For a second I was like mmm, I should've got the regular one.

Esther: Regular cream cheese or regular bagel?

Regular cream cheese

And we got coffee~


Esther: Jjan! (Cheers in Korean)

Esther: I'm freaking hungryyyy

I just saw Dara!!


This is a lip oil from YSL

I use this as a lip balm

but it also has a nice natural tint

Today is a quite gloomy day

We're going to Hudson Yards

We parked in a parking garage and guess how much it is?


The most I've ever paid for parking was $20 in LA during KCON.

Today's haul!

I got a Theragun

I have a really bad knot in my shoulder, my neck, and my back

So I thought I would just splurge on one of these instead of getting massages

So far knots, I hear this head attachment is really good

It looks like it would be really painful, but it actually feels really good.

It's frozen now!

It's cold...

Just popping on here real quick! I was editing and I...

Ooo your breath stankyyy

I am editing my video and...

I got a few messages asking when I will be launching my merch

and it will be launched close to Thanksgiving

I will probably be announcing it first on Instagram first so if you don't follow me already... follow me on Instagram!

I'm really excited about it and I hope you're excited about it as well!

This is Dobby's show

Boom boom boom pow!

Boom boom boom pow!