Dr. Oz Shares 7 Secrets To Living Longer | TODAY

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back now with more of our special series

living to 100 this week we've taken to

two places here in the US and around the

world where people are simply living

longer this morning dr. Mehmet Oz host

of the dr. Oz Show is here with 7 great

tips to help get you there not good to

see you morning before we get to your

tips here how much of this is just plain

genetics 2/3 of how you age is your

lifestyle not your genes really

especially by age 50 most of what's

going to happen in your life is going to

make it be altered by the lifestyle tips

and the ones we're going to present

today are the most important but there

are many others that are beneficial but

here's the big story if you can hear my

voice right now and you're healthy you

should be able to live to age 100 and

feel like you're 60 alright let's tell

people how the first thing you say you

want to drink some black tea or coffee

every day turns out that the cafe

actually has a huge benefit number one

source of antioxidants in America is

coffee so you want to get those

antioxidants to help you rejuvenate your

body and keep yourselves how much a day

2 to 3 cups a day you want about 200

milligrams of caffeine so depending how

powerful the cup of coffee is you'll

alter it the nice thing about this

though is you can titrate because cookie

will give you things besides caffeine

that are beneficial as well but in

addition they reducing cancer rates they

help with lots of other things including

keep your brain sharp reducing

Alzheimer's I love cinnamon you say

that's a good thing hugely important

maybe the most important thing I want to

say today is put cinnamon in your coffee

or tea not sugar here's why if you're a

diabetic type 2 diabetic or pre-diabetic

you'll reduce a chance you're becoming

you know suffering high blood sugar by

almost 30% you make cinnamon your main

beverage rather spice in your beverages

it actually helps your liver deal with

insulin more effectively I need more

nuts every day what kind of nuts work

all nuts from trees work but his

breaking news it turns out that peanuts

which are legumes they come under the

ground they work as well people say I

don't want to have that's I'll get fat

not true all the data we have shows the

people we nuts actually lose weight and

reduces mortality rates by 20% if you

have a handful and that's every single

day of the world again these kind of not

honey roasted nuts or things like that

where you put a newly raw nuts that are

authentically and not irradiated get

more purple in your life harvesting the

power of the Sun think about the rainbow

all those colors come in two fruits and

vegetables you want that nutrient source

in your body it can come in the form of

brain berries with like blueberries they

help your brain actually blackberries

red wine counts to blue potatoes

anything with the color blue it's

naturally blue that comes

now look in that way is helpful all

right let's take a little walk now

because that is one of your other tips

you say take a daily walk and then

something interesting on the other side

of this so a million woman's they just

came out from the United Kingdom showed

that women who walk only 10 minutes a

day were able to dramatically reduce

their their mortality right so we're

learning more and more about how little

activity can benefit you but here's the

big deal let the foot up duel with me

let's see how you can do this if you do

the the tree pose you know gave you this

a balance on one leg yeah

why because frailty is the number one

killer of all of us Matt if I get rid of

all the cancer in America we live maybe

three years longer that's it what kills

us is we get so frail we can't weather

the storm of getting a bad diagnosis we

can't get persevere in times of

difficulty and it takes us out if you

actually break your hip 20% chance

you'll be dead that year because what's

really happening is you're so weak your

hip couldn't hold you any Brian all

right let's move on next thing that's

sleep you say get more sleep the reason

I like sleep is because if you can get

one hour more dramatically affects

cancer rates high blood pressure rates

there's a 30% less chance of being

hypertensive if you get one extra hour

of sleep hypertension is number one ager

of all and so you can treat it with

sleep rather than medications why not

try it getting an hour sleep is not easy

you got to work at it but it's worth the

investment sleep single most

underappreciated problem we have in

America not underappreciated around here

doc let's get to the last thing and you

say reach out to one friend a day why is

that going to help me live longer the

human species has weathered storms of

adversity because we talk to each other

we create social networks in and now we

have tools to make it easier I prefer

you go visit someone but you can call

them right now text someone that you

care about build that social framework

it actually reduces death rates 20% if

you can get a team around you and see

that red wine I showed you over there

and what will be for one second we can

be Kathy and Hoda to the wine today all

right so if you take some of the foods

we talked about natural foods beverages

combine them with a little bit of a

conversation that's why these work it

actually allows us to look each other's

eyes you realize that with drops of rain

falling into the ocean of humanity this

is what lets us live longer if you give

you a hard reason to keep beating you'll

live longer

well put and again 2/3 of longevity

lifestyle and diet not genetics Cheers

good to see you and you can catch more

of dr. Oz's advice weekdays on the

dr. Oz Show just check your local