How to Live a More Interesting Life

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hey what's up I am Michelle B and in

this video I want to talk about how to

make your life a more interesting one to

live the older you get and the more

familiar you get with your surroundings

the more familiar you get with your day

to day experiences the more the your day

is kind just start to merge together

your days kind of start to look like a

blur and you can't really run what the

difference was between Monday Tuesday

Wednesday Thursday or Friday when you

think about any activity that you

complete on a consistent and regular

basis so for example your daily commute

to work in your memory your 15-minute

commute which equals 75 minutes a week

is simply one 15-minute commute your

brain sees that activity is there a

repetitive and unimportant that doesn't

really need to store all those memories

of all the times that you took that

15-minute commute and your brain does

the same thing for every other

repetitive consistent thing that you do

in your life in this video I want to

talk about how to have a more

interesting life and also equally

important how to live a more memorable

life so that your life doesn't become

that one big stretchy blur sometimes the

best advice is also the most basic

goodbye so I'm gonna ask you to stick

around for this first one in summary

what I'm trying to say is make plans to

do new things and then stick to those

plans so the other week I was going to

my parents house my parents house is

about an hour drive they live on a

beautiful big piece of land there are

kangaroos hopping everywhere and animals

that look like this that hang around

their house that morning I literally did

not want to leave my house I didn't want

to leave my couch I just wanted to sit

there and I wanted to read a book so

there remainder of the weekend but the

thing is I was the one who actually

initiated the plan and scheduled in the

plan to go to my parents I know that

going and hanging out with my family and

having a laugh and having dinner is

really good for my soul so as I really

reluctantly put together my bag and I

took my sweet time doing it I just kept

on saying to myself the plans that I

dread the most are usually the ones that

I enjoy the most and I've found that to

be a consistent theme for me I recently

read the book off the clock as part of

book club for babes which is a book club

I started some time ago in it that also

talks about having conscious fun so

conscious fun is something like having

Taco Tuesdays or you got all the

ingredients ready for Taco Tuesday you

might your friends over you probably

have to clean the house and they come

over and it's great time conscious fun

is planning a picnic to the beach so you

have to make a whole bunch of free put

in a picnic basket get all your stuff

together probably chuckling some sons

Green take yourself to the beach

conscious fun is finding a new

meditation class near you and taking the

effort to go out of your way to go to

this new meditation class conscious fun

is effortful fun you have to actually

put an effort to create the memories now

I know I have a lot of people in my

audience that are similar to me and you

guys are probably the first people they

would want to stay in and read a book as

opposed to going outside and doing

things but the reality is that if you

want to be able to create memories and

you want to have a string of fun

experiences and live a more interesting

life you need to put in the effort to

have more fun the very simple way that

the author of off-the-clock approaches

this is to plan it in and do it anyways

and this is the approach that I take as

well I like to plan things when I'm at a

high vibe and yes when it comes to the

Wednesday night I'm booked in this new

exercise class I am absolutely dreading

it when I get there I really enjoy it

and when I leave I'm in a better state

of mind than I was when I arrived and I

have new memories memories that are

gonna stick out memories that are going

to blow with all my other memories we

know that I'm an actionable kind of

human so I wanna give you a really

actionable way to approach planning it

in and doing it anyways this is an

activity to add to your weekly review

and if you don't have a weekly review

I'm gonna have a link up here and down

here at the end of my weekly review I

have a checkbox to say are there any

adventures that you can schedule in to

accompany that I have a list of

adventures that I want to go on these

are local simple adventures I think I

talked about this originally in my 8

list to make to make 2018 amazing so

I'll have a link to that video right

here and down there that question has

left me to go to club besides I went

this week it was exactly what you'd

expect it to be it's led to me gifting

my sister two tickets to the drive-in

movies booked in for next weekend is

going to the Brisbane vegan markets I've

already booked in a self-care day where

I'm going to Flora Green House and many

other mini Adventures nothing like

incredibly insane but enough that it

keeps my life interesting the next way

to keep your life more interesting and

more memorable is to learn new things

you might be at home in the same room

that you're in most days eating the same

usually that you eat every day but if

you're learning something new your brain

is not going to mush that memory into

another memory your brain is going to

remember that time because learning

literally lights your brain up and not

only will that make that moment of

learning mobile you're also gonna get

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first 500 people to use the link down

below will get to access Skillshare for

free at for two months we all do a lot

of the same stuff a lot at the time and

some of that stuff unfortunately you

cannot cut out you can't cut out

brushing your teeth you probably can't

cut out that daily commute to work you

can't really cut out work in general

making your life more interesting to you

not to anyone else is not about quitting

your job and traveling the world for a

year even though that is so I'm rebel

and amazing it's about making the life

that you already live more interesting

and more memorable to you so before we

talked about how when you do the same

thing consistently your brain will

basically take all of those things and

just go okay yeah that's boring an

incident for him we don't need 365

memories of that thing I'm just gonna

crunch it all down into one memory so if

you always sit at the back of the bus

and you know talk to anyone said it's a

front of the bus and dad have a chat

with the person to your right if

whenever you meal prep you usually meal

prep in silence or with music behind you

try meal prepping with a focus behind

you if every lunch time you go to the

same spot on your own try that lunch

spot over there but with someone else

it's truly the little changes and the

little variety that you add to your life

that makes it all more memorable that

stops your brain from pushing it all

together into one big blur so take the

normal things that you do and think

about how you can add a little bit

variety into those normal things if

you're seeking to live a life that is

more interesting then you need to

actually figure out what an interesting

day looks like to you if I have a day

where I had public transport on my own

going to a place that I haven't been

before and I meet a new person that I

never met before but doesn't really it's

a wild

that's an interesting day for me Gomi

four branching out of my bubble another

person might look at that day me like

wow I do that every other week that is

not interesting to me on the other hand

someone might look at me making YouTube

videos and be like wow that's an

interesting way to live your life

whereas to me this is very normal and

very standard and doesn't take much

getting out of my bubble to sit in front

of a camera

what is interesting exciting memorable

and breaks things up for you might be

something that's really boring to

another person what's interesting

memorable exciting to them I'd be really

boring to you are general things that

you'll look at a person me like wow

that's interesting that person wrote a

book does keeps a public presentation in

front of lots of people and has traveled

the world but I think it's important to

think on a smaller scale of the smaller

things that make life more interesting

because not everything is on a grand

scale so figure out what those little

things are that just stretch you that a

little bit that you know will make your

day is more memorable and more

interesting the word interesting itself

holds such a different meaning to so

many people that you really need to look

at what the word is and figure out what

it actually means to you before you

start pursuing it the next way to make

your life more interesting is to

actually try the stuff that you learn

about you've clicked on this video so

it's more than likely that you've

clicked on an article that looks like

this oh you've clicked on another video

that looks kind of like this so you've

listened to a podcast like this so maybe

you've read a book like this how much

does the advice and the practical

exercises that you consume information

about do you actually try out trying out

meditation for a month made my whole

life more memorable than going through

the process of the life-changing magic

of tidying off and my 30 days to

simplify challenge literally changed my

life if you're struggling with this it's

likely you're consuming too much

information and you need to cut it down

I'm not saying to unsubscribe to my

youtube channel but instead try choosing

one book to live by for a year or try

doing a life experiment or try following

all the advice that you get in a video

and see how much more interesting your

life will get and my last thought which

is very simple it is just do what you

always do but someone you read your book

but don't read it on the couch go ahead


at the beach plan your next day but

don't do it in your lounge room do it

outside while you watch the sunset

there is really no escaping some of the

things that you always have to do so why

not do them in somewhere new ah don't

forget to check out these skills show

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make sure to catch up I appreciate you

guys so much

subscribe to my channel if you haven't

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