HOW TO BE HAPPY SINGLE | 8 Tips On Being Alone

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hey guys mm-hmm do nail salons thin out

their shellac so that it peels off

within three days I'm like literally

livid I don't want to pee my nails on

every goddamn week this paint peels off

in three days and now my nails look ugly

and to get them redone and I hate

getting my nails this is such a curse

troll problem I need to shut up

in other news also a first-world problem

I'm in line to get a yacht Diu a costume

tickets light what is it infinity

mirrors tickets

I was literally waiting for the

countdown at 9:30 and then as soon as I

hit 10 o'clock and the pre-sale open I

was 6,000 in line what no I've been in

line for two hours and I'm at 4300

anyway okay so today I wanted to do

because Valdez Day is tomorrow and I

wanted to do a video that was like

really different than what you would

normally see on Valentine's Day I feel

like the Lord who will put up with stuff

I'm like relationships or their

boyfriend tags or you know talking about

relationships and I wanted to talk to

you about how to be happy when you're

single because not everyone is in a

relationship and that's totally chill if

you are new here

I'm Allegra nice to meet you but I I was

single I've had boyfriends you know I've

had a few boyfriends but I was single

from 2014 to 2017 2014 2015 2015 20 yeah

2014 or 2017 I was single and I think

this society really you know plays up

relationships and they everyone feels

like you should be in a relationship but

let me tell you and I have a boyfriend

now and I think he's great and I love

him but those three years of my life

that I was single were the best years of

my life because I learned so much about

myself and I built such a great

relationship with myself and I just I

always recommend people to not jump from

man to man or boyfriend a boyfriend or

girlfriend a girlfriend and really take

some time to kind of grow with yourself

so I want to help you maybe get on that


maybe learn something if you have a nice

in the comments but let's just start

okay so number one is start building a

relationship with yourself at this time

in your life it's time to put you first

and really put you in center stage and

take care of yourself something I'll

whistle people is you need to feel whole

all by yourself and no one else should

complete you you should complete

yourself and I think that's I think

maybe a long time ago you know people

were like oh I felt incomplete until you

know I met this person but you need to

you can and you need to feel complete

all by yourself because what are you

gonna bring to the table if you're if

you feel empty dude I mean wait if a

little by yourself is to explore your

personality ask yourself questions

actually take time to reflect which I

feel like a lot of people don't do you

know take time to sit by yourself and

basically talk to yourself in your head

or at love but talk to yourself ask

yourself questions what do you want what

are your desires

who are you what makes you happy what

makes you sad like just basic questions

that I feel like a lot of people don't

take the time to actually ask themselves

or reflect a great other way to do this

is right

write down make a journal write down

your feelings and thoughts of the day

and then take the time to reflect on

those maybe every week or something

number four is what I really started

doing was learn to meditate when it

hitting really helps you become whole

and I do have a whole video on

meditation and how it helped me but I

really attribute a lot of my finding

myself and growing as a human to

meditation and number two so my number

two is I just I really think it's weird

when people say the end of a

relationship is a failure like it blows

my mind the end of a relationship isn't

a failure the end of a relationship is

just life it's just what happens

it's just didn't work out it's all good

it's not I really like I just can't

understand more like oh such a failure

that I didn't work out well it was meant

to not work out and we have to move on

from that he's got

let go the past what will be will be and

focus on today feel what you need to

feel and let it go don't stop yourself

from going through the motions

especially after a breakup feel it out

but you have to let it go and really

move forward and stop dwelling on the

past but I just want to put into your

head at the end of a relationship is not

a failure number three the most fun part

appreciate your freedom this is a great

time where it's just you and you just

get to take care of yourself do whatever

you want do things that you wanted to do

but you know never had the time or

always put aside do anything and

everything that you want to do because

right now you're so free you have no one

to call - that's right word number four

and this game is gonna be a hard one for

people do things alone I love to be

alone but I understand that some people

don't love to be alone but what I can

stress is try to do things alone go to

the movies aspire yourself no one's

gonna judge you no one cares go and

enjoy movie if you want to go to a movie

go shopping go shopping by yourself I

love shopping by myself the best go out

for dinner probably the hardest one that

a lot of people don't do go out for a

meal or lunch go for a meal by yourself

bring a book you know like a newspaper

or just sit here eat your food but do

that by yourself life changing there is

such a beauty in being able to do things

by yourself it's just such a liberating

feeling that you don't to rely on other

people to to do anything I remember when

I was single I actually when I first

started going out if a lot of my

girlfriends weren't at a pre drink or


and it was just guy friends I at the

beginning didn't want to go and want to

show up to the pre drink alone and in

the end I was like hey you got to cut

this out if you want to go out tonight

you want to hang out with your friends

and your girlfriends don't want to come

with you that's fine and he's - and in

the end I ended up going to the free

drinks alone and left about what to me

was a huge accomplishment because it was

such a now I feel totally comfortable

going forever alone but like that was a

really big accomplishment for me because

I didn't feel comfortable before and

then number five is also spend time with

friends and family spend time with

people who bring you joy and laughter

and do fun things and really build

relationships with your friends

that maybe you kind of didn't nurture

when you were in a relationship or they

have been nurturing spend time with

those friends spend time with those


I have spent so much time with all of my

friends when I was single and not

nothing I don't know but I really had so

much time because it was just me and I

didn't have to like you know build a

relationship I really got to like

nurture and build my relationships with

my friends and I think that I really

grew long-lasting life relationships

during the time that I was single number

six is flirt and date the most fun when

you go out flirt with guys or flirt with

girls or just have a fun time don't hold

yourself back go on first dates I was

such a yes-man when I one summer I was

single and I basically said yes to every

first date and I had some good ones and

I had some bad ones and I just had a fun

time but like that's what I was looking

for I was just looking for this fun time

where I could meet new people and go for

drinks and go for dinner and do fun

things and I would just felt very like

free to just be able to and even if I

felt like I didn't really want to go or

I was too nervous I would usually say

yes and just do it it's a life

experience and how can you say no to a

life experience and then at number eight

take all of the things that you learned

while you were single and bring them

into your next relationship be yourself

and be your own independent human even

when you're in a relationship you should

never feel like you need someone or

without someone you wouldn't be able to

go on you want this person you want them

in your life but you don't need them in

your life to survive and I think that's

a really important thing to remember I

can really appreciate this I remember

Joey and I had this conversation pretty

early on in our relationship and I've

known him for five years who were

friends we dated and then we did in and

whatever and now we're in a relationship

but what I told him like what I find so

liberating is I love you and I want to

be with you but I know I don't need you

and if we were to break up or if you

know something happened whatever I would

be sad for sure and I'd be devastated

and I miss him but I know that I have a

the unfulfilled life and I know what

it's like to have happy and fulfilled

life without him so it feels very

comforting I know that seems kind of

weird to some people but it's it is very

comforting to me to know that I'm my own

independent person I'm very fulfilled

and without him I'm also fulfilled and

he feels the same we had this

conversation he feels the exact same he

knows that he could have a happy

fulfilled life and if we did break up

we'd both be devastated and it'd be

really a sad time but we know what it's

like to live without each other and and

that we can be our own independent

humans I really appreciate that in

relationship because no one wants to be

dependent on someone else and dependency

is never attractive so yeah that's it

for my little how to be happy signal

video I hope you guys enjoyed it I

wanted to bring a little you know twist

to Valentine's Day because I know you

know Valentine's Day is tomorrow and so

you'll have a hard time with Valentine's

Day when they're not in a relationship

but I spent three Valentine's Days May

14 me I spent three top Valentine's Days

alone and I had a great time I went out

with my girlfriends one time or twice I

maybe we went out one time we went out

to like a bar one time I went out for

dinner and then the last time I think I

hung out with Shirin and we ate pizza

don't worry it's just a day you should

see it positively like I just love I

used to be cynical and be like I hate

valentines day what a Hallmark holiday

but you know in my adult life when I

would walk on the streets and during

Valentine's Day and see people just

happy and filled with love and buying

flowers for people it was just so sweet

so it's just a day full of love and that

can be love for anyone you could be

loved for your dog

if you want and that's it so thank you

guys so much watching it really preciate

it peace and love love you all bye