The Man Who Lives Without Money (A Different Drummer) | Real Stories

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my name is Daniel suelo and I haven't

earned or spent a single cent in 14

years and I lived totally without money

I've actually been sleeping in caves

longer than I've lived without money

probably since the mid 90s this here is

one of my sleeping places when I had a

job a respectable job in town I decided

I didn't want to pay rent anymore and

live outdoors so I've lived in caves all

up and down these canyons

delicious this here's the kitchen

I've even lizards around here and

grasshoppers and one time I found a

raccoon down at the road freshly killed

and brought him up and cooked it but I

actually don't feel comfortable killing

anything when there's so much getting

thrown away there's like fresh meat

thrown away all the time in the

dumpsters I find that it's really rare

that I get sick when I'm living outdoors

the only times I've gotten sick from

dumpsters as if I've eaten too much

sweets but I've never gotten like

dysentery from a dumpster I've never

like vomited or whatever from a dumpster


I looked around and I just felt like

people seemed unhappier here than they

in Ecuador here everything's just so

manicured and fake

and I go into grocery stores and freak

out there's too many choices

everything's consume consume consume

it was all just too much for me it was

like I can't handle this and my

depression just get felt like it kept

getting worse I didn't see how it could

get any worse but just kept I kept

sinking more and more and thinking more

and more about suicide a lot and I

thought something's wrong

I can't handle being alive anymore it's

just impossible I didn't understand at

first why in the world he wanted to

commit suicide one reason was he was gay

he is gay he's a gay person and he and

he knew that I've always been pretty

strict about morals and all this sort of

thing you know and I think it he was

afraid that the family might disown him

he's the one that way I can't help it

nice I know what and I agree with that I

don't not enjoyed you for that but to me

he'd have to be a virgin about it but

they never got to the point of full

acceptance which I never really expected

so I went back to Moab and resumed my

job at the women's shelter is the

homeless coordinator it was there that I

decided I didn't want to live in a house

that I wanted to live in a cave plus I

was just trying to save money and I

moved into a cave and continued to go to

work and they called me the homeless

homeless coordinator he knows about

Christ in his life you know he never

married and he was helping people and he

never used money and and so I thought

well if that's what he wants to live his

life that's his business

this is what you know well you know this

stuff is going to be thrown away its

wasted now I realize of course they

can't sell it after it's date but

somehow I'll be put into use and so I

I'm all for him going in there and then

the food as long as you don't pick up

something that's been in there and

getting poisoned you know that was moan

and concern but he knows better than

that he knows what to pick he knows

exactly what to choose we discussed the

whole homosexuality thing yeah my dad is

quite open about it and my mom well she

came around to finally he comes around

whenever he can and we just love to have

him here I love you so much and I'm like

nothing like that is gonna separate us

you for this route for a bonus and all

the spiritual physical and that leaves

that we need we just thank you but more

heart is that I finally came to the

place where this is my roots and I have

to accept my roots and I'm not going to

feel a complete human being unless I

embrace the roots that I was trying to


yeah I feel like we should stop worrying

live like birds that's basically a

paraphrase of the Sermon on the Mount

the birds don't worry and they don't

carry around possessions and they don't

worry about money and they get

everything they need I'm employed by the

universe since everywhere I go is the

universe I am always secure