How to Live Life Based on Words Ending in "ty" - A wikiHow Article

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hello everyone and welcome back to the

steel donut my name is Matt and with me

today is Bob hey how's it going and

today we have a wikihow article now Bob

you know me I always have problems I

have problems every day and one of my

biggest every time we do a wiki how it

always starts with you having problem

well why else would I be on wikiHow now

my biggest problem today is I cannot

live a fulfilling life based on the

words t I just can't do it I've never

figure out how weird ending in that yeah

we're ending in t like T why but I

looked up on wikiHow and would you

believe it or not Bob there's an article

for telling me how to live a fulfilling

life Mase nothing worth in pigment in

you lie this is good i'm glad i mean it

just for my problem and you know what

actually I found this article before and

I gotta say it starts off kind of like

they're trying to do honest tips and by

the end of it even though our writers of

this thing or making jokes about it like

even they don't take this one seriously

why would they I don't know why they

wouldn't because this is so serious to

minimize this is a prob that 5490 six

people knew yeah 1,496 people meaning

need to help it eight people help solve

this problem yeah so the description

reads not there are some very important

and significant words which end in T why

none of these words impact your

lifestyle for better or worse no more

than any other words do well that's an

article yeah well there you go how to

live a fulfilling life can't do it can't

do it it's impossible it's important

lives are a myth that's impossible the

trick to having a fulfilling life is how

you use words when conversing with other

and how you live your life I feel like

you're flying others nothing I guess

other oh so this is starting to sound

like switch word stuff yeah I was going

to say other here once it was just like

ghosts that word is missing oh if you

want to look into an apparently fun and

unusual way of living a fulfilling life

try to

steph's focusing on words that ending tu

y well that like man apparently fun like

even they didn't know that it was fun

it's apparent they're telling us and

they're like it airily fun it's all

people i really recommend that you try

this thing I've never done it but I hear

it's pretty good it's like the old

Wikipedia some argue yeah so here I

don't just get you do odds I'll do evens

already so step number one cultivate

ability nurture it with hard work and

use your cup use your capacity fully yes

that mean and apply me Larry it means

they tried to cram the word capacity

into the sentence that's how do I use a

capacity very very good that's not like

a ver but you can't do that you can use

your capacity why don't they just say

like like work at your maximum capacity

yeah work at your maximum capacity or

try to improve I don't know like well

you know what else I need to do and

apply clarity to all you think and do

what a weird way to word both of that

yeah that was not good that's not a very

good start and the pictures are just you

can see the fixtures are just like

photos so it's like nothing nothing

special yeah fond of here yeah I mean

unless somebody has like really

stupid-looking face or hands then we can

just make fun of them for the bodily

features because that's a completely

fair thing because actually using your

capacity fully that's are using our

cousin iya ya and applying clarity till

all you think I should probably be

writing these down a Caleb the ability

the capacity I don't have to write the T

why at the end because you know I know

those aah that's how all the words are

going to end so defining Claire Wray

there we go okay japan it can pass it

and then Oh capacity yeah next up is

number to avoid ambiguity at all costs

by pushing other people out of the way

yeah I don't know what that picture is

supposed to tell us like how is this

ambiguous is like

no no really stop like I don't I don't

want to [ __ ] yeah like back off oh [ __ ]

and look at the next one step number

three counter animosity and hostility

and by the same time why don't we get

cut off the tee wise on the end of the

word let's just cut that off be right we

lead and me okay counter Anna Massey and

hostility yeah much better and

apparently I'm one that by powering up

like Goku I don't know what else she's

doing there well I mean the previously

she was stopping them so now she's gonna

power up and then kick their ass and

knees please I guess you're supposed to

counter it but yeah it was a counter it

with your own hostility with your own

chakra they use chakra a ballsy right

yeah and then lost see uh hostility

animosity is my least favorite anime

animosity was really overrated it was

really operated anyway these py words

are twin brothers look before you leap I

don't see what that has to do with

animosity yeah hi Elodie for that matter

also I mean that's not really relevant

also counter brutality and cruelty i

think you mean brutally I'm sorry

brutality in the cruel yeah just these

are just twin sisters keep your distance

from both how am I supposed to counter

this I stay away from them doesn't wear

annamaya what God what doesn't counter

imply that I have to employ you get in

getting close and kind of reading close

oh yeah Harry yeah but Anna Massey and

in his hostility our brothers and

brutality and cruel are two sisters

that's interesting I didn't know that oh

honey messengers don't the next one

don't rush towards anxiety way to say

that just give me one rush to rinse

anxiety does it really what was waiting

to go today I'm gonna be extra anxious

oh oh my god I was supposed to not be

anxious today ah she husband is wrong

all my life she rushed so hard and

anxiety she hit the [ __ ] wall and

broke her nose dude

get her yes in the grab yeah all right

number five welcome oster with open

austerity know that it's osteria yeah

I'll sterry yeah welcome osteria without

open arms is that so like some EU EU

politics coming in real quick just like

hey you know European austerity that's

that's something that you need to care

about yeah austerity is the sternness or

severity of manner or attitude extreme

kindness or simplicity of style or

appearance and the conditions

characterized by severity sternness or

athletes it's so so instead of being

fun-loving they want me to be Stern yeah

I want you to be Stern like these

flowers look at these flowers aren't

they start yeah that said that the you

see that be or whatever I think that's

it be I'll be like yeah that'd be that'd

be does not [ __ ] around now that B is

the sternness [ __ ] be yeah no

you come at him and he will [ __ ] kill

you you come at that you come at that be

and he will make you rush towards

anxiety yeah exactly that'd be knows how

to avoid ambiguity at all costs so you

better watch it [ __ ] out because he

knows how to counter animosity and

hostility yeah exactly number six

appreciate bow but I appreciate I

appreciate my bow yeah she's the best

and it is in the eye of the beholder how

can I appreciate it if it's like duties

me I've beholder means like that like

you know some things aren't beautiful

yes on people yes some things aren't

beautiful to some people so that's not

really but it is weird right yeah that's

a really weird phrase to tell me to

appreciate beauty with yeah I think you

just say like all things are beautiful

in their own way instead of something

like really weird Conte you know like

something could talking down there like

it's okay beauties me I have to be

holder yeah even if you're ugly as [ __ ]

yeah you might be ugly but you know

beauty's me at least you've got bow yeah

let's just have oh we know what number


new face breathy whoa wait wait what the

hell does that mean well is it what it

means is exercise caution at all times

and face kalami courageous yeah and you

will not be disappointed that's what

else wait brevity is like short yet

right I mean they say yeah brevity is

the soul of wit they say like you know

that's it's about being quickly the good

things but like outside of the context

of wit brevity let me look up the actual

definition of brevity just to be clear

concise and exact use of words in

writing or speech so right now i'm bi

i'm using brevity because I'm being very

exact with my use of the word brevity

and brevity also means shortness of time

they're saying they're using the word

brevity in a completely wrong way it

seems like based maybe work nests of

time may face the exactness of words

well brevity like also means shortness

of time yeah but I mean like neither of

those me a second hiccup make any sense

either way also I like that they said

living living a fulfilling life based on

words ending in to you I but half of

these are things like avoid this thing

that ends in T why I was going to say I

feel like so far I feel like my life

isn't getting any more fulfilling using

these words yeah I feel like I feel like

my English teachers a lot happier with

me though oh yeah well your your

vocabulary is getting better at my

vocabulary yeah because I'm fastest is

wonderful um number eight embrace cherry

and generosity well then I'm still

writing these down cherry

another pair of twin sisters in this

article I see these are twin sisters of

giving and should be encouraged as a way

of being the wave exercising these until

the purpose has passed what that's like

something who wrote this something

something I know my [ __ ] uh fortune

cookie fortune cookie don't work and

Rosie's until purpose has passed what

the heck like so wait are you saying

that like I shouldn't wait until charity

drives are over to give to charity

because that seems obvious I mean like

oh there's a charity drive going on and

I'll just come back when it's closed I

like this number nine because it's a

picture of the goose here if you like it

makes it better that's a swan actually

oh [ __ ] that I say goes I'm in Swan my

[ __ ] Swan [ __ ] you Bob sorry

appreciate chastity this is a virtue of

beyond words and as we all know swans

are the most chaste animal first of all

swans [ __ ] like crazy second of all why

are you injecting your personal opinions

into this hey man some people find

chastity kinky yes yes I do but like I

mean even so like like what what about

like like people [ __ ] like animals like

oh that's fine I don't care who cares

that's nothing to do with I feel like

I'm missing chastity isn't gonna isn't

going to help me it has to do with

living your life based on words ending

in T why it doesn't have anything to do

with leaving a fulfilling life based on

that because that's different for each

present well well that's right you have

max one my bed oh yeah number ten tackle

complicity and a duplicitous these are

some beans to keep away from whatever

the circumstances so like I mean

duplicity is lying right and right if I

remember correctly complicity is like

blame right so like if you're complicit

in something that means that you're the

state of being an accomplice partnership

or involvement in a wrong doing here you

might want to avoid doing that that's

kinda mean this is your tackle tackle so

it's like

live your life based on words ending in

tu I by not following that word not

doing that and not doing what's in that

we're okay okay you gotta live your life

based on words ending in T why except

for these words yeah except for the ones

that we just scattered throughout except

for the ones we tell you not to live

your life based on ya see don't

obviously I don't want you to be

complicity or duplicitous but number

eleven wants you to achieve and

encourage creative or create TV's aren't

that it's incredible to me that they

just want you to achieve it like there's

like there's like a scale normally you

think like oh this person is more

creative less creative no no it's a zero

to one you're either creative or you're

nice it's a binary 0 or binary 0 here oh

no he's not creative like oh he's not

that creative neuro I said he's not

creative no not at all everything is not

a team you like he is not an image name

is Bob yeah he hasn't achieved he hasn't

achieved creativity this demand I mean

cradle minded devotion so encourage your

artist within yeah I like you know for a

second when I first saw this picture I

saw like beads in the foreground and

then like pliers in the back and then

that golden wire or whatever for a

second I thought that was a zip tie and

i was like huh uh I pliers 1 zip ties in

the back and yes I was very plain

there's like wire cutters and zip ties

Jesus yeah like a felony that's scary no

but you gotta achieve creativity so now

yeah I guess number 12 reflect on Dex

Terry what the [ __ ] do that that are

loving a fulfilling life it's not even

like try to achieve this one would have

been like try to achieve Dexter and left

by I one could have been an Internet I

just think about it give due respect to

those who have it but don't be envious

it looks like wow that guy can juggle

huh I was gonna say unless by reflect on

dexterity they mean like a level up my

D&D character I mean yeah I got a level

up that dexterity right why do you keep

putting coins in dexterity you're a


oh you're never gonna you [ __ ] I

need all the dexterity I could get yeah

except know you've got like a three in

wisdom what's wrong with you I think

that's goddamn beige ever oh you can't

do any rituals you are not helping the

party my 30 in dexterity is perfect for

all of my roomies Jesus authority in

dexterity medic foot when I blow my

first time I had a friend who dumped all

his points into strengths because he was

a warrior and his character with like

threes and everything in like a 22 in

strength and I was like okay you've got

a reroll you've got to [ __ ] reroute

I'm not gonna let you do this life that

was like his level one character like

what I play shadowrun and I put all my

points in driving we never drove

anywhere see I played I played wasteland

2 and I put all my points and toaster

repair and they never panned out for me

oh this one's mine always react with

dignity when your friends make fun of

you for pretty 30 points and 20 30

points and dirty with their [ __ ]

wizard this is a shield that guards you

whatever the odds but some of them have

to shoot you remember to react with

dignity yeah are you like they're like

giving all your [ __ ] money and you're

just like dignified about anything you

just pull out your wallet and you say

take it mm-hmm and then they shoot you

and you just bounces right off yeah it

bounces right off it'll garden whatever

the odds yeah or i guess i reacting with

dignity might be like i won't i won't

give in to a coward who has to use a gun

like I don't know like something like

that and then he treats you and then you

just like Superman yeah it likes you for

josh's on your eyeball like in Superman

that happens number man I believe so

yeah jeez uh it was pretty stupid number

14 carry on with your sense of do let me

just write that gun do but only is this

a sort of alphabetical order we were in

the seas like creativity and seven now

we're into these hang on we're dexterity


duty yay google quarter they just

googled a list of words that's ending

t/y and groped steps based on each one

that's what it looks like that's pretty

lazy carry on with a sense of do it's a

gem to be polished from time to time

that's a weird way to look at video the

weirdest way to look at duty yeah an

uncomfortable look at duty yeah well you

know what I love here's something me and

you do all the time practice honest I'm

sorry honest honest I'm just being

honest haanji hang on it applies in the

best eternal way like does that mean

what is an eternal way that sounds like

sometimes driver survived it that's a

more lab that's the more switch word

[ __ ] dude she looks like she's suffering

a heart attack no she something she

looks like to me like she looks like

she's like in love she's like oh my

heart yeah I get yeah I mean of course

it would look like that to me I'm yeah

yeah well you're practicing honest I'm

all practicing honest I'm trying to 16

act with Hugh Millie Lowell modest a

modes and Fedele be judicious as to whom

you're loyal to and keep your modesty

hey you didn't you didn't italicized

that one hey yes that's why we needed a

nice car I could tell me there's a flaw

in this article somewhere and I mean I'm

not saying it directly like I wouldn't

put it in those words but I might be

suggesting something similar modes I'm

still writing these down finally what

happened so they just remembered the

word fidelity because it was like

alphabetical until now and then fidelity

came in okay you got a quelle it's all

in alphabetical the first word oh okay

yeah but look LM F anyways be judicious

as to whom your loyalty and

your modesty at a level that still

retains your self-respect isn't that the

whole point of honesty right now I'm not

want to get it you could be modest to

the point of just hating yourself like

you're like hey that's a pretty good

that's pretty good drawing you did and

I'm just like I suck like I mean that's

sort of modest but it's taken to a

[ __ ] extreme I guess I don't know oh

my god number 17 yeah number 17 don't be

ness nos yeah don't be not yeah I like

him as a rapper but don't be him don't

be him I was about to make that joke

[ __ ] be a run on your material want it

you want to still make the joke can I

make the joke you can make the journey

I'm gonna make the jetpack he's a good

rapper but don't be him yeah yeah

exactly I mean it so and you just don't

want to be not yeah you don't enough

this label can spoil your image had any

talking i don't know i'm sorry i'm so

very good label yes I don't remember

what label dosn't side you let me go

look that up real quick nas label uh not

just signed to he's currently with oh

gosh I gotta go look I think he's

currently with no he's not was def gym

anymore I don't think of it maybe mass

appeal I don't know is he signed a

nobody right now i don't know i don't

know i'm looking on in 2010 yeah i think

he still finds two to def jam probably

be there yeah depth I don't know they

have a providing game yeah and def Jay

had a pretty good fighting game series

and you know what that label didn't

doesn't spoil his image def jam is

pretty reputable yeah anyways ah number

18 be my your needs will be universally

recognized unless no one notices you

yeah also I like my there they did when

big uous to be good like you could be

mighty envy

person oh yeah for sure I mean you could

be like Buffett [ __ ] and just punched

the hell out of everybody yeah you could

be you could be like a mighty ruler

instant peasants to their unjustice

unwanted con job to death yeah I'm just

death so subtle trying to say yeah yeah

so I'm not really sure all that

automatically equates to a good thing

well I wasn't sure how I wasn't sure how

a lot of these like dexterity we keep

talking about the 20 and dexterity is

what my wizard needs yeah because then

he can jump off wall yeah cuz then you

get up off walls because he doesn't have

enough magic to do it okay just remember

guys it's like how many tell it how many

offers if there's one thing to take away

from this article guys always make sure

you give your witty and your Wizards a

30 in dexterity and I all right I'd like

to cast I'd like the cast IC IC rayon on

the Goblin great but your your your

intelligence modifier is negative 6 so

you do no damage ready to go I'd like to

jump off that wall but not at the gal

but I just like to be easy got it you

didn't even have to do a cook it's like

a quick check I'm like you give any on

that do you see on that is 50 yeah the

DC on that is 15 but you've got a 27 so

it's fine yeah well you know what else I

Wizards to do my wizard should practice

sympathy but be careful not to pit pit

he just pi just by we had not applied

hinged with sarcasm so don't what did he

anybody wait ever so don't pity like

yeah what do you mean pity which can be

tint you mean people accidentally tinge

their pity with sarcasm never pity

anybody while we're at it I've every

feel sympathy just don't go yeah that's

my personal advice or empathy no yeah

feel that either and always give your

wizard of 30 in dexterity okay if we

react would sends a sensitivity when the

moment demands sorry when the moment

demands it be sensitive to others needs

but don't pity but otherwise cold and

heartless yeah otherwise cold and

heartless otherwise [ __ ] their [ __ ] up

yeah and then finally like I don't know

yeah well not really the last one number

25 live live in simplicity spread the

word that it works and keeps your mind

clear appear we want me to spread the

word is this a [ __ ] pyramid scheme

this is either a pyramid scheme or some

kind of weird cult the cult of T why oh

man do the call to my sound like a

perfect villain for like a a sci-fi

novel gmat story or yeah I also get a

call dude no could you imagine off could

you imagine if a HP Lovecraft wrote

about the cult of T why that'd be pretty

fun I mean if HP Lovecraft wrote about

any kind of called like he usually did

usually turned out pretty good anyway

the next one is a sea koala koala yeah

quali Quah Leah over quanti maintain

quality and don't allow it to suffer at

any time you missed another italic it

should be colleagues with a talent like

that again I don't know like what am I

going into factory work the [ __ ] let me

ask oh wait what the hell is this number

22 I'm glad I got to read this one cuz

I'm an atheist number 22 enhance your

spirituality I'm sorry spirituality deal

with your faith deal with your faith and

inner convictions make loving you need

to enhance your a field I mean that's

not my spirituality like I don't have

spirituality no you need to enhance your

atheism dude that's your spirituality

then how does that even make sense it's

not a spirituality anything deal with

your face and inner conviction you to

love the handle you just leave word your

way into the vortex hear Bach deal with

my face be a deal with your fake yeah

Dagon a thing you have to deal with like

Oh guys I've got my face acting up again

[ __ ]

face and this is coming from the

Christian number 23 avoid to pity prone

is QE mmm and veiny yeah they know no

age color or race hang on they know no

age color or race barriers and they harm

your relations with others promiscuity

harms relations with others I'm sorry no

it doesn't once again you're injecting

weird politics into this writer of this

film excuse girl there's people you're

all alone you remember how people who

are promiscuous it tends to have sex

with people know that harms the

relations yeah you know what harms you

know if I were at it guys don't [ __ ]

have you never had sex I mean remember

chatting you know the 40 year old virgin

of origin virgin you know the for this

version what are your three mucker the

40 year old vortigaunt from half-life 2

Yeah Yeahs he's the 40 year old virgin

but I was going to say you know the 40

year old virgin went up that

[ __ ] becomes a 60 year old

version never have kids yeah I'm gonna

get nomination James for hire we believe

in you yeah and don't [ __ ] still writing

up sex ever all right number 24 practice

Tennessee like Benny Benassi this will

reward you provided you have the

patience to guide it God tenacity what

the heck does that mean I thought

tenacity was I mean I guess if you're

just oh look what is unguided tenacity

look like like tenacity is usually like

just dedication to an idea to a cause

whatever right like I'm trying to do

something like a d right like you've got

to have a tenacious d yeah like a

tenacious d but then what is an unguided

tenacity look like is it just like

that's one that's why I'm trying to do

something a little by little I these

getting more and more you're losing your

grip but no this is what it's like an

unguided tenacious d is like your it's

going in right and but you're not you

don't have your hand on it to guide it

so it just it just misses the

that's an unguided tenacious d that's

not good here yeah you know in those rap

songs were like Conde talks about how

the girls trying to jerk him that's an

unguided tenacious d oh really okay yeah

it's unguided like like she's trying but

she can oh you know cuz he's not there

to guide it yeah I guess yeah while

we're at it what I was going to say

while we're at it what is with rap songs

specifically Kanye West rap songs and

I'm talking about a girl trying to jerk

him even how is she only trying this is

a common problem for him how is she

feeling like Maddox met you on what you

misunderstand you have a normal shaped

penis we don't know what Kanye's peanut

looks like it could be incredibly

weirdly shaved every time I hear that I

just imagine like they're in the car

right and she's reaching for like a

handy and he's like jerking his pelvis

all around like okay to not know is

she's she's just trying to figure out

where to grab hold because it's like

your dick looks like a like a like a rod

and his looks like a stapler or

something and she's like I don't know

where I'm supposed to grab it looks like

a concept do ya yeah it just looks like

it doesn't look like a bowl it looks

like the idea of a bowl she's looking

everything going I didn't realize there

was a physical manifestation of the idea

of a bowl and she and he's just like

she's trying to jerk me off and I'm like

Kanye he's having a hard time kanya

maybe you should get that checked out

like seriously that doesn't sound

healthy Kanye yeah I know what Kanye

should do Kanye should embrace uni and

diversity mm-hmm these are two opposites

are they opposite the kind of opposites

in the sense like you know you and I are

diverse because we have our differences

but unity because we're the same but

like at you I'm just trying to can you

could have they're just trying to clear

a diverse amount of people unified yeah

that's why they're saying these are

opposites but oh I don't know that just

I don't they never struck me as

opposites that's just me though you know

what do I know these are two opposites

but they can be good friends with a

little help from San

I sanity coolest yeah also I like how it

sound like they fit that in at the end

seriously Alec Alec oh it's just embrace

unity and diversity we have a picture of

what appears to be not a very diverse

group up there yeah that's that's I mean

it might be diverse compared to like be

the group of people who are who are

reading this article or rot the group of

people that wrote this article yeah

they're like oh man I've never seen a

black person before like wait you're

telling me there's an a not entire other

continent south of Europe what what

you're telling that telling me that's

the cradle of the human species no way I

thought everybody came from white

America well I like how I google search

this image and the first thing i got was

positive and reflective lifestyles on

wikiHow the category that's not yeah

well here's the last tip and I really

like this last tip take every ever every

but take every opportunity to exercise

objectivity and have some maturity which

will hopefully allow you to recognize

the complexity of real life and ignore

the shitty [ __ ] advice from people I

administrating their development

development in feel inferior inferiority

I don't know I had so much trouble with

that and the general infectivity of

their suggestions did they really just

watch kitty yeah the shitty advice I

swear imma wikihow article yeah and this

hasn't been updated in over a year no

one's the owner of shitty advice this

entire [ __ ] article so you would you

like me to go back through all the words

that can I wrote down smokeless look at

the tips first okay yeah let's do keep

your breath fresh and minty Wow pocket

stupid that's enjoy snacks that are

nutty rather than chocolatey wow you

consider consider life in the city as

opposed to the country that's awesome

[ __ ] stupid it's handed always have a

pen and paper in close proximity oh it

will be reaching for that one

that one's not that one's not wrong

though I mean I have pen and paper right

here that's why I was writing down all

these words for these war games too

right after the tips electricity is

dangerous and sentences with high levels

of radioactivity or toxic imagine the

people who wrote the tips and warnings

did not give a [ __ ] oh look shows of

these dangers power so let me Dad

remember that turn your power in your

house off yeah turn off on the computer

yeah the computer is killing you get out

get out out live in a forest within

Aires where there is no electricity yeah

electricians are so people avoid them at

all costs they work magic yeah well I

black magic Sonny would write you go let

me let me try to let me try to go

through these okay so remember you're

supposed to live by all of these unless

except for the ones that you're not

supposed to live by ability capacity

clarity ambiguity animosity hostility

brutality cruelty anxiety austerity

beauty brevity calamity charity

generosity chasity complicity duplicity

creativity dexterity dignity duty

honesty humility loyalty modesty

fidelity nasty mighty pity sensitivity

simplicity quality quantity spirituality

stupidity promiscuity vanity tonight

validity yes unity diversity sanity

opportunity objectivity maturity

complexity shity shity shity inferiority

and infect Iffat e well you know what I

have to say to that Bob what holy

calamity screaming sanity holing up

economies another great fan of me break

you know I I think that pretty much sums

it up so thanks for watching and if you

enjoyed please feel free to check out

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