"How to FIND Fulfillment in LIFE!" - One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

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I talked to so many smart fantastic

ambitious idealistic hard-working kids

and there right out of college there in

their entry-level jobs and I'll ask them

how is it going and they'll say I think

I'm gonna quit and I'm like why they say

to me I'm not making an impact I'm like

you know you've been here eight months

right they treat the sense of

fulfillment or even love like it's a

scavenger hunt like it's something you

look for my millennial friends they've

gone through so many jobs they're either

getting fired I mean it was mutual or

they're quitting because they're not

making an impact or they're not finding

anything they're looking for they're not

feeling fulfilled as if it's a scavenger

hunt love a job you find joy from is not

something you discover it's not like I

found love here it is I found a job I

love that's not how it works both of

those things require hard work you are

in love because you work very hard every

single day of your life to stay in love

you find a job that brings you ultimate

joy because you work hard every single

day to serve those around you and you

maintain that joy it's not a discovery

but the problem is this sense of

impatience it's as if an entire

generation is standing at the foot of a

mountain they know exactly what they

want they can see the summit what they

can't see is the mountain this large a

movable object that doesn't mean you

have to do your time that's not what I'm

talking about take a helicopter climb I

don't care but there's still a mountain

life career fulfillment relationships

our journeys the problem is this entire

generation has an institutionalized

sense of impatience and do they have the

patience to go on the journey to

maintain love to feel fulfilled or do

they just quit and on to the next dump

and on to the next ghost and on to the

next by the way ghosting means the lack

of skill to have a confrontation

you date somebody for six months eight

months and then just stop replying just

delete them from everything

now for the person who is doing the

ghosting oh that's certainly easier than

a confrontation with the person on the

receiving end of the ghost thing it's

like there's a death there's suddenly

shun there's panic they call out their

warning they call out their word they

think it's you they think it's them do

you have any idea the destruction that

we reap on people by ghosting them and

then because there's the lack of social

skills to call out and ask for help they

internalize and it makes them feel awful

to the point at the worst they will kill

themselves slightly one level down

they'll get depressed but the lowest

level that we can hope for is they will

go through life and I'm not talking

about ghosting I'm talking an entire

generation that if we don't fix this

we'll go through life where everything's

just fine my friendships are fine my

work is fine you know same old same old

nothing's ever amazing and the scavenger

hunt continues we're taking a generation

that is lower self-esteem we're taking a

generation that has a lack of cocka

cocka mechanisms to deal with stress

we're capable dealing with a generation

that wants all those things fixed


and we're placing them in work

environments that values money more than

people do know that most of the business

philosophies most of the business

theories that we embrace and see a

standard today are not standard they're

theories left over from the 80s and 90s

the concept of shareholder supremacy was

a theory proposed in the late 1970s it

was popularized in the 80s and eighties

the concept of using mass layoffs to

balance the books did not exist in the

United States prior to the 1980s it did

not exist it became popular in the 80s

and 90s the 80s and 90s were boom years

anyone could make money relative peace a

kinder gentler cold war and so all of

the business theories that were put

forth were very very selfish and all

about enriching ourselves and they

worked for those times but these times

are different these are not peaceful

times these are not boom years this is

there's globalization than the internet


now made everything vastly more

complicated and those theories do not

work anymore

worse they're having side effects it's

really bad because what we do is we

destroy corporate cultures the idea of

using mass layoffs can you imagine

sending someone home and saying I'm

sorry I can no longer provide for our

family because the company missed its

arbitrary projections this year that's

what we're doing that's like a coach

prioritizing the needs of the fans over

the needs of the players hoping to build

a great team it doesn't work we

dismantled things like the

glass-steagall Act glass-steagall was

passed after the Great Depression to

prevent another Great Depression from

happening it was dismantled in the 80s

and the 90s in the name of profit okay

do you know how many stock market

crashes we had between the Great

Depression and the dismantling of

glass-steagall the answer is zero and

since they dismantled glass-steagall we

had 87 the dot-com crash 2008 we've had

three stock market crashes because we've


the safety mechanisms that prevent stock

market crashes from happening all in the

name of individual advancement and

profit and these are the corporate

cultures we've built corporate cultures

that value numbers over people and they

are not standard business practices they

are new and they are broken and they are

dangerous and we're asking a young

wonderful ambitious amazing generation

that needs us to work in these

environments whether we like it or not

we have to take responsibility for that

bad hand that you've been dealt it is up

to the companies to create an

environment in which you can build your

self-confidence it is up to the

companies to create an environment in

which you can learn coping mechanisms

and learn how to build strong close

relationships with people with whom you

work that you will eventually love and

sacrifice to see that they gain

environments that we will learn the

patience and the hard work that it takes

to find fulfilment in our lives to find

a sense of purpose a sense of joy yes

it's all fine and good that my

generation and older generations say to

you things like well you're the Future

Leaders we're the leaders now we're the

ones in control over the corporate

environments now and we're making your

lives worse I don't want you to jump

from job to job to job to job you will

never find what you're looking for it's

not a scavenger hunt I don't want you to

go from relationship to relationship to

relationship what I want you to do is

stand up and demand that the places in

which you work lead you properly nobody

wants to wake up in the morning and be

managed we want to wake up in the

morning and be led and we have a total

leadership crisis in America politics is

just the mirror reflection we get the

politicians we deserve we're the divided

ones we're the selfish ones we're the

broken ones

we're the ones who would sooner

sacrifice somebody else so that we may

gain it's us and until we're willing to

do the hard work of repairing the world

around us our country our politics our

businesses will not fix if you had to

think of one word that's most important

to you or that sums you up or that would

be like a little beacon hey believe

nation if you want to know what the most

important one word is for Tony Robbins

Gary Vaynerchuk Oprah Winfrey

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